Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Died a famous film director Bakhtiyor Khudoinazarov – Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine

         Cinematographer suffered a serious illness.

 On Tuesday, April 21 in Berlin on 50 th year of life, died a famous Russian film director Bakhtiyor Khudoinazarov. For 25-year career in the film he directed five feature films, one documentary and two of the series, but has received numerous awards both in Russia and abroad.

 Cinematographer suffered a serious illness, but exactly how is not izvestno.V due to illness in recent years Bahtier Khudoinazarov lived in Berlin.

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 Bakhtiar Khudoinazarov born May 29, 1965 in Dushanbe. After leaving school he worked as a journalist in radio and television, as well as an assistant at the studio “Tajikfilm.” In 1989 he graduated from VGIK in Moscow (workshop Igor Talankin).

 His first feature film, “Bro”, was released in 1991 and won several awards at international festivals. The second picture – “Kosh ba kosh” – received the “Silver Lion” at the Venice Film Festival in 1993.

 For these films followed tragicomedy “Luna Papa” Chulpan Khamatova starring. The film was produced with the participation of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Russia received the award “Nika” awards at festivals in Tokyo and Minsk.

 The painting “Chic” was recognized as one of the best Russian films in 2003. Grand Prix “Kinotavr”, “Nika” Award, the Grand Prix of the festival “Moscow Premiere”, two prizes of the Tokyo Film Festival – Here is a list of awards, which received a “Chic”.

 Serial “Tanker” Tango “and” Heterosexual major Sokolova “enjoyed success both with the audience and the critics.

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  Star TV series “The Matrix” has died of a brain hemorrhage

 Canadian actor Jonathan Crombie died of a brain hemorrhage. According to the portal CBC News, the man died on Wednesday, April 15, in New York, but it has become known only now.

 Known Canadian actor was 48 years.

 - He was funny and sweet, loved playing, loved comedy, singing and dancing. As a child he loved Broadway shows and all that is connected with them, constantly sang and danced in the living room – recalls the actor’s sister Kerry Crombie.

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