Sunday, April 26, 2015

“Total dictation” – put an absolute anti-record 273 errors in 283 words – RosRegistr

An unusual record managed to establish one of the participants of “total dictation” from the Urals. The audit work it became clear that the test allowed 273 error. High rate of anti-record looks even unrealistic, given the fact that in the dictation was 282 word.

«Antirekordsmen” can not worry about their “popularity. “Total dictation” adheres to the principle of anonymity and its data will not be communicated to the media or other inquisitive.

Commenting on the results of the inspection dictation Babikova said: “Mistakes were so many people that it seemed, was writing a red pen and blue we checked. We even suggested that Russian for it is not a native language ».

Xenia Semeniuk, one of the organizers of the rally in the Urals region provide statistics on writing dictation. In writing the text of the work involved 1,854 man. The maximum score and an “excellent” managed to get to 21 participants.

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