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Dreams of Al Pacino. From “The Godfather” to exemplary family man – Arguments and Facts

He was not handsome, besides short, Daffy, freedom, impatient instructions from the outside, but what about the women love it so far. And this despite the fact that Al Pacino 25 April already 75 years old! Who else of the men in this age can boast?


He was always confident in their exclusivity. And it’s no wonder: Alfredo Pacino, who was born in New York, was the only child of Italian Americans Roses and Sal Pacino , and, of course, it took care to ugliness. After his parents’ divorce when for raising the boy took grandmother, and he did not give a step to step without strict view adult relatives. So much so, that Alfredo was not allowed to go for a walk on the street with the other kids. And so to the school. While there may not be that extreme care, he would never have become a famous actor Al Pacino. Seeing that the boy bored at home, my mother sometimes drove her son to the cinema. But when a total of 8 years of parental care has subsided, it became clear that still waters run deep scary. Little boy escaped from his grandmother’s wing, he immediately tried alcohol, cigarettes and began to smoke marijuana. However, filmography, he has not forgotten. Cinema became Alfredo main dream. At first he wanted to see each new, just released film, and then decided that easily could have played in some Hollywood films.



But it was easy to think, and to make it was not so easy. The school did not finish my studies Alfredo – was expelled for academic failure. For several years he tried to enter the theater school and they worked for several years – that the cleaner, the messenger, the biletёrom. In the end, he still got his – Alfredo Pacino took in an acting studio Charlie Lofton , is famous for the fact that there were trained actors in the system Stanislavsky .


Alfredo quickly achieved success on stage, but it was not enough. Young man lured movie. One of the first bands – “The Panic in Needle Park” – the great success of its creators did not bring, but by some miracle it looked Francis Ford Coppola . From that moment the director was convinced that he had found the main character for a role in his new film “The Godfather.” How was it flattering for the novice actor! More great importance for the choice of Coppola bought Pacino when he learned who refused him for the director. The list of outsiders were Robert De Niro , Martin Sheen , Robert Redford and Warren Beatty .


For the role of Michael Corleone Al Pacino was nominated for “Oscar” as the actor who played the best supporting actress. The definition of “Actress” so hurt young Pacino, he ignored the ceremony and pointedly refused to attend the ceremony. Moreover, he did not fail to express their negativity about the fact that the main role for the best Oscar committee advanced Marlon Brando for the role of Don Corleone. Al Pacino did not understand why this injustice left – because he has screen time was no less than that of Brando. Brando, incidentally, is still awarded the “Oscar” for this role, but he also boycotted the ceremony and refused figurines, however, he did it for another reason – so he protested against discrimination of indigenous peoples of America.



But despite the resentment, Al Pacino was well aware that “The Godfather” became his calling card and pass at the same great movie, which he once dreamed of sitting next to his mother in a movie theater. On in his life had many offers, a huge number of roles, though not all of them were accepted by the public to cheer. But there was another picture that at the mention of the name of Al Pacino remember everything, especially the fairer sex – this is the movie “Scent of a Woman.” Al Pacino, reading the script, agreed to play the blind without any coaxing. Especially for the role, he enrolled in tango (since this dance has become a favorite for him), and also visited the school for the blind.


Once the screens “Scent of a Woman” Al Pacino “called them” sex symbol of Hollywood. He just waved. Yes, he twisted in his life than a novel, his relationship did not hold for longer than 5 years, he never promised nothing to women he met, but it was a sex symbol he himself never considered. Rather, he was simply “a captain in the free floating.” None of his beloved Al Pacino never made suggestions. “Most likely, I will never marry. I just do not like the idea of ​​marriage, “- he answered questions from journalists at the immodest. He never married nor his girlfriend Jan Tarrant , who bore him a daughter, no matter Beverly D’Angelo , who gave him twins, a boy and a girl.


Proceedings of children Al Pacino also initially perceived hostility. And when the children were born, each time ordered DNA expertise. But when the examination has confirmed that this is still his native blood, Al Pacino turned into a very loving and caring father in the world. “Children – it is the best thing that happened to me in my life” – admitted as a actor. Today, when Al Pacino is already 75, it is not so often in films, and those films in which he appeared in recent years, critics ran down to the nines. Therefore, Al Pacino has focused all his attention on the family, he said that in order to spend time with her daughters and son, even ready to give up the million fee.


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