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«All light invisible to us,” the women of South Carolina and Pope Pius XI and Mussolini: the United States announced the winners of the Pulitzer Prize, the most prestigious award in American journalism and literature.

Pulitzer Prize is divided into three parts. The first award for non-fiction, including separately for the history books. In the second – for fiction, poetry and drama. The third – and it is perhaps the main – for achievements in the field of journalism.

It was noted in their most prestigious nomination “For service to the community,” which was the winner of the newspaper The Post and Courierre from Charleston, South Carolina,

for material “Till death do us part” of high violent deaths of women in the state.

Among the contenders for victory were also journalists from The Boston Globe series of articles about the terrible conditions in which students live in Massachusetts, as well as the publication of The Wall Street Journal with the material “Deadly Medicine” about the risks faced by women because of their prescription drugs and give them surgery. It is worth noting that in the “Journalistic investigation» The Wall Street Journal won

Materials «Medicare without a mask,” which revealed the practice of one of the major health insurance systems in the US . In this edition of the nomination shared the award with Eric Lipton of The New York Times: he wrote a series of stories about “how lobbyists are treated congressmen and prosecutors and make justice a servant of the wealthy and with constraints,” the organizing committee said in a statement.

In the field of literature Pulitzer did not change the habit of rewarding and loudly sounded sensational novels. At this time

winner was Anthony Doerr’s novel “The whole light invisible to us»,

characters who were German boy and a blind girl from France, surviving during the Second World War. The boy becomes a radio engineer and radio becomes a metaphor for their special relationship. The author wrote this novel ten years. Last year, the book was included The New York Times list of the best novels of the year. Russian translation of the book was released by the publishing house “ABC”.

Among the nominees in this category for this award were the book “Let me be perfectly frank with you,” Richard Ford, whose action takes place immediately after the hurricane “Sandy” and “Account Moore” Laila Lalami, on the contrary, sending the reader in the past – in the XVI century, when landed in Florida, one of the first Spanish expeditions. And “Lovely, dark and deep” well-known American writer Joyce Carol Oates – built as a cycle of short stories book about people “of different social status, language and intelligence.”

Among the poets winner was Gregory Pardlo on a set of four books of poetry, which, in the opinion of the jury, “clean and heard the voice of a man full of thoughts of the XXI century.” Over the past 15 years, the black poet honored 13 times literary awards. His rivals were Alan Shapiro American Asian Arthur Sze.

In the field of drama winner was the play “between Riverside and Crazy” Stephen Adly Guirgis – a black comedy about eviction from his home of a retired police officer.

Among the nominees were “Marjorie Prime” Jordan Harrison and “father returned home from the war. Parts 1, 2, 3 “Susan Loki Perks – a lot of work for the theater of slavery during the American Civil War.

For historical work was awarded the Elizabeth A. Fenn for the book “Meetings in the Heart of the World: The Story of Mandan tribe” of the Mandan Indian tribe living in the state of Dakota.

In addition, the award in the category “Biographies” was the work of David Coetzer “Dad and Mussolini: The Secret History of Pius XI and the rise of fascism in Europe”, built on the principle of double biography.

In it the author used only recently become available documents from the Vatican archives. In the category of “non-fiction” was won by environmental study “The Sixth Sense: the unnatural history” Elizabeth Colbert examining the detrimental effect of human behavior on the environment and its diversity.

Pulitzer Prize ceremony is held every year at Columbia University, the jury selects the winners on 21 nominations. Last year, the prize for journalistic achievement section of the newspaper The Washington Post and The New York Times for a series of articles based on the data of Edward Snowden.

In the humanitarian block the main prize – the art of the novel – received Donna Tartt and her latest book, “Goldfinch».

Among the playwrights was marked by a young author Annie Baker with the play «Flick», have already been translated into Russian under the title “kinoshki.” Among the poets of the “Pulitzer” this year was awarded the American Indian origin Vijay Seshadri.

Pulitzer Prize awarded in the United States since 1903. Its size for each of the winners of the $ 10 thousand. Over the years, it awarded writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Saul Bellow, Margaret Mitchell, John Steinbeck, William Faulkner and others.


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