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“Red bracelets” and 5 films “Movement” – BBC

series about teenagers in the hospital, a film about trying to make a million, a picture of a terminally ill girl and asking, Who Lives well – “Times” brings culminated in Omsk 3 th National Film Debuts “Movement».

In Omsk finished third festival debuts “Movement”. A few days authoritative jury and simple spectators watched the film 41, and Sunday, April 26, “Movement” award winners: Grand Prix won the series Natalia Meschaninova and Oksana Bychkova “Red bracelets”, and awards and mentions were awarded documentary Oleg Mavromatti, picture of a terminally ill girl and other tapes. “Times” tells about the pictures that form a portrait of Russian cinema of the sample in 2015.

«Red bracelets»

The new project Natalia Meschaninova (one of postanovschitsy “Schools” and author of last year’s domestic indie hit “Combine” Hope “) and Oksana Bychkova (” Peter FM “,” Another Year “) immediately after the show on the” movement “has become a universal favorite. This is a remake of the very fresh Catalan series about teenagers he met in the hospital – the original, in general, the approach to youth podzatertomu genre cinema. On the “movement” within the full length of the contest were shown the first two of a dozen series. In addition to young artists in the employment picture Anna Mikhalkov, Daria Moroz and Yevgeny Tsyganov.

«How to raise a million. Confessions @ s dart »

The new film Klim Shipenko (” Unforgiven “,” Likes dislikes “) develops fashionable lately genre of business thriller in the spirit of” Duhless “or” The Wolf of Wall Street. ” Speech in the “Confessions” is about a young man to discover ways to earn alternative that passed in his native provincial town. Starting with earnings on porn sites, the hero is rapidly climbing the business ladder, and on the horizon, as it happens in such controversial from the moral point of view of history, looms a painful fall. Starring Star “Graduation” Victor chest, the rest – Love Tolkalina, Vitaly Kishchenko and mascot Russian independent cinema Mikhail Efremov, who played as much of the mayor. “Confessions of s @ dart” was awarded a special jury mention actors.

«Secrets city Ain»

Detective series continues to experiment with the television movie Nicholas Homeriki left without prizes, but, certainly deserves mention. This picture is in vosmiseriynogo of traits that are found in the next still waters, which is so rich in Russian province. On the outskirts of town found the body of a teenager, the first suspect is Moscow towner, but gradually it turns out that those wishing to deprive Man of life was much more.

«# komunarusizhithorosho»

Of course, one of the brightest Documentary Competition, awarded a special mention of the jury – the story of the preparations for the staging of “Gogol center” play by Nekrasov’s poem “Who Lives good.” In order to adequately transfer the classic text in the current circumstances, the actors go on an expedition in the Yaroslavl region, to see how it sounds today, the answer to the perennial question “To live a fun, carefree in Russia?”. Even if the performance of Kirill Serebrennikov and will not be released, the picture itself justifies the plan with interest.

«Fools do not belong here»

The film consists entirely of found on the Internet video, made by the famous artist Oleg actionist Mavromatti who remained in the memory of Russians thanks to the campaign “Do not Believe Your Eyes” in which he was crucified on the territory of the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture of the Institute of Cultural Studies. In the new film Mavromatti explores topical issues of procrastination and propaganda at the same time trying to remind myself more or less wide audience.

«At Your Fingertips»

There is a silver lining: who lost work after closing “Week with Marianna Maksimovskaya” journalist Roman Super completed his debut documentary devoted to the fate of the girl suffering from a syndrome of butterflies – a disease due to which any touch her skin gets heroine wounds. The picture won the Audience Award and the award for Best Actress. Talk about the artistic merits, as always in the films on this topic, it is difficult: the incredible and at the same time the real story in this case completely covers all the talk about the art of cinema.


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