Thursday, April 16, 2015

In Kyrgyzstan, after Russia and Belarus removed from the rolled film “Number 44″ – Kommersant

In Kyrgyzstan, was removed from the rental movie “The Number 44″, which was previously removed from the program shows in Russia and Belarus, reports “Interfax” in the network of cinemas “cinematics”. “Yes, we have been changes in the program, the film” Number 44 “is not will be released in connection with the fact that such a decision was taken by the Ministry of Culture,” – leads the agency interlocutor.

April 15 CEO Belarusian UE “Kinovideoprokat” Vasily Koktysh said that the film “Number 44,” removed from the rental by the decision of Russian distributors.

Earlier it was reported that the film company” Central Partnership “took off hire Hollywood movie” The Number 44 “, which focuses on investigating a series of murders in the USSR in the 1950s. “Following the press view Ministry of Culture received questions concerning the content of the film, especially the distortion of historical facts and original interpretations of events before, during and after the Great Patriotic War, as well as images and characters of Soviet citizens that historical epoch”, – Culture Ministry said in a statement.

In the movie “The Number 44″ action takes place in 1953. Leo Demidov, whose role went to Tom Hardy, survived famine and works in the KGB. Due to the failure to deal with his own wife sent to the city Vol’sk serve in the militia. In the process, it is possible to calculate the maniac who killed 44 children. At the same time he has to save his life by his former colleagues.

The film was supposed to come out in the world and Russian rolling on April 17.

For more information about the film, read the material “b” “Orc is inappropriate here».


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