Thursday, April 23, 2015

Medina: Vengerov was a great artist and a bright man – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, April 23 – RIA Novosti. Actor Gennadi Vengerov, who died on the 56th year of his life, was a wonderful actor and incredibly courageous, spiritually strong person, said Culture Minister Vladimir Medina.

On Wednesday, late in the evening it became known that in Germany died Soviet, Russian and German film and theater actor Gennadi Vengerov. This was reported by his friends and family on social networks.

“Do not become Gennadi Vengerov. Wonderful actor and incredibly courageous man. It is impossible to list all of his creative achievements. Gennady Aronovich was successful in all areas of its business, demand in around the world, “- said in a telegram to the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Medina noted that such a bright and spiritually strong person as Gennadi Vengerov could for many years to give people their talent. “Unfortunately, this did not happen. But he had a lot to do. And he left as nobly as he lived and worked. I offer my condolences to all the family, friends and colleagues of Gennadiy Vengerov. Memory Eternal!” – The minister of culture.

Previously, in early April, Wenger on his page on Facebook wrote that he had diagnosed “lung cancer with bone metastases, ” and wrote a farewell letter.

” My friends and sofeysbuchnye lifetime – go – of course it is a pity, but for some reason does not particularly hurt – I lived at break: 140 paintings, thousands ozvuchek documentary, advertising and corporate cinema give the feeling of being filled with creative … like my friendship, camaraderie, my family and most close – my wonderful family. Film is always terminated at the most interesting place … ” – wrote the actor in his farewell address to his colleagues and close friends.

Gennadi Vengerov played in more than 100 motion pictures and participated in numerous theatrical productions. Wide fame came to an actor after performing roles in the films “Enemy at the Gates ” and” Deja Vu ”.


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