Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yarmolnik: anti-Semitism on the “Russia-1″ made himself a channel – BBC Russian

  • 23 April 2015


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Management program in a private conversation, the actor said that he understands the position

Actor Leonid Yarmolnik, who left the studio channel “Russia-1″ after the anti-Semitic outburst during recording talk show, believes that this situation has admitted the channel management.

The incident occurred on Wednesday during program “Live” with Boris Korchevnikovym, whose release was dedicated to the so-called doghanteram, killing of stray dogs. In the studio was invited representatives of this movement Gennady Osovitsky, as well as several celebrities, including Yarmolnik and Joseph Kobzon.

As you can see in the video program, Osovitsky leaned to the actor and something he said softly, and then Yarmolnik told the audience: “This man between replicas know what I say? That I was driving home promised! That is the level of debate that man!”

According to Yarmolnik, he was going to talk about the need to adopt a law on the protection of animals, and he was not warned that in the studio will doghanter. However Osovitskogo, which planted between Yarmolnik and Kobzon, the show became “finest hour” and a way to attract more people to their activities, said Yarmolnik Bi-bi-si.

“After recording, I spoke with the producer of the program, with the editor. They like me are well aware, but they do their job, because to make money when there is a rating, is a scandal. I went from this scandal, because it is beneath my dignity. This is not right. Of course, blame the channel immorality spreads “- said the actor.

In the press service of the RTR refused to comment on the incident.

Star Hour

As Yarmolnik told BBC BBC doghanter also told him: “But you do have to go on the other side of the Jordan River”.

“He sits here between healthy and Yarmolnik Kobzon, looking at him the entire country. A wonderful guy that plus the entire anti-Semite – said Yarmolnik. – If we talk about anti-Semitism, then I was a little concerned: all my life I have lived in this country, and I am a Russian artist. And it sits ignorance, rudeness – how can I carry on a conversation with this person? “.

As the Yarmolnik leadership program must have at least warn the participants about who they want to provide the air.

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Doghantery say that protect citizens from stray animals, but in reality often die from the poison homepage Dog

Actor actively lobbying for a law on the protection of animals, which have repeatedly been rejected, and takes part in protests against doghanterov. According to him, people who kill homeless animals, do it out of cruelty, which can be redirected and people.

“As long as it stays out of sight of law enforcement and legislation. We’ll go so far as permitted in its sole discretion to kill dogs and cats to people who enjoy it, “- he said.

In turn doghantery claim that their activities – response to the inability of municipal authorities to solve the problem of stray animals. Their main methods – shooting and poisoning by medical means. Bane often eat domestic dogs – in response to this doghantery require that the owners put on muzzles pets and not let them off the leash.

Attention to the program about doghanterah attracted record journalist radio “Freedom” Elena Rykovtseva. In it she expressed surprise that no one in the studio, including the facilitator did not react when Yarmolnik reported replica Osovitskogo. “Just think anti-Semitic attack. That is still a sensation, “- she commented ironically the incident.

About a year TV channel” Russia-24 “at the center of a scandal after leading Evelyn Zakamskaya broadcast said that Jewish organizations through their actions” hastening ” Holocaust.


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