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“Golden Mask” ended with the triumph of Perm – Bulletin

awards ceremony, which took place on the stage of the Musical Theatre. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, it was not without a bit of permitted Fronde. Before you hand over to director Michael Talhaymeru Prize for the staging of “Tartuffe”, marked as the best foreign performance, the actress Ingeborg Dapkunayte make excursions into history, saying that Moliere at the time it was forbidden to not only play, but even to read, but today it all Still relevant, relevant times attempts to use religious sentiments for selfish purposes. Culture Minister Vladimir Medina (he left a reward for supporting the arts company “Severstal” and Voronezh Governor Alexei Gordeev) was greeted with whistles and mismanagement was not directly driven from the scene just because with him came a hostage of any innocent actress Daria Moroz. However, in the middle of his speech the Minister from the far end of the hall there was a cry of “Tannhauser Return!”, Which was supported by long applause. The Minister has kept his composure and even tried to laugh it off. But also in thanksgiving speeches sounded by some recipients thought that amid the general confusion of the jury “Golden Mask” – one of the last bastions of common sense.

Opera and Musical

In fact, this year the jury again shown an sanity and professionalism – in any case, the jury musical theater, which was headed by the director Andrejs Žagars. It is unfortunate that many great operas were left without awards – but too good to be Permian “Queen of the Indians.” Five “masks” – for the best performance, best director Peter Sellars, the best conductor’s job Teodor Currentzis, Best Actress Hope Kucher. And in confirmation of quality – independent of the jury award of criticism. Perm Theater did a phenomenal job on the whole and genuine meaning and feelings. Set of awards, a kind of Grand Prix – the play is clearly recognized as the best in the Russian theater season in general, not only in the opera.

Badge of Honor

Among the winners of the “Golden Mask – 2015″ is also a prominent German director Peter Stein. He was awarded not for the production of “Aida” at the Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, which remained in the contest without prizes, and honorable in the nomination “For outstanding contribution to the development of theatrical art.” In this category also awarded Maya Plisetskaya, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and other artists of the older generation.

The jury is still marked “Don Carlos” Bolshoi Theatre (Dmitry Beloselsky awarded for Best Actor – King Philip) and Dido «New Opera” (special prize Conductor Dmitry Volosnikova and ensemble).

The controversial decision was neprisuzhdenie prize in the nomination composer. The jury delivered it turned into a situation to choose between two extremes – a minimalist Michael Nyman (Dido), or avant-garde Dmitry Kurland (“Nosferatu”) – and chose to award no issue. Decision, met with hostility by many, objectively, neither living British classic, nor our young leader at this time did not create something artistic unconditional – which is especially felt on the background of “Queen of the Indians.”

There have been years when no “masks” were the whole category, such as “musical.” This year everything is in order: St. Petersburg won “Chaplin” (the best performance, best actress Maria Lagatskaya-Zimin, best actor Evgeny Zaytsev), although the best director in the genre named Vladimir Pankov (“Machine”, “Gogol center”), and special prize of the jury also awarded the play “8 Women” (Permian “Theatre-theater”), in the same performance marked the best works of the artist and costume designer for the musical theater – Victor and Irene Shilkrot Belousov.

Ballet and Dance

Bright Prime in choreography last season was a little, but real events – just few and far between. And that is between them, almost being exchanged for anything minor, the jury has divided its rewards. It’s “The Taming of the Shrew” Bolshoi Theatre “Tsvetodelika” Ekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre and “Exhibit. Awakening “, presented Alexandrinsky theater. Work fantastic Frenchman Jean-Christophe Maillot, which for the first time in decades, managed to tear away from his home Ballets de Monte-Carlo for a few months in Moscow and the creation of original productions for the Bolshoi Theatre, presented modern classical ballet on the rise – slim, sleek, dramaturgic virtuosity deliciously difficult to execute and absorbs the viewer like a funnel. He went to the main ballet award – for the best ballet, as well as two “Masks” for Best Actress (Catherine Krysanova) and male (Vladislav Lantratov) role. But here’s the best choreographer recognized classics of the world does not – and it’s a sensation – and Vyacheslav Samodurov, three years in a row coming up with a game leg untranslatable to Yekaterinburg Theater troupe, she has already won a place among the leading Russian ballet companies. By combining a “Tsvetodelike” Tchaikovsky, Poulenc and Pärt, choreographer again given the opportunity to demonstrate himself Orchestra under Paul Klinicheva, which was awarded as the best conductor in the ballet.

«exhibit. Awakening “Anna Abalikhina also unlikely event will be one of the season – this is the unique rare case when a national contemporary dance does not have to apologize for what he has got us into the territory illegally, a few decades later than began to develop in America and Europe. Abalikhina introduced performance-performance, in which the idea and choreographic form meet today’s best examples of the genre, and they are connected with the superb performance of the whole team – from artists to artists around the world (Eugene Afonin, Sergey Vasiliev), recognized as the best in musical theater.

Drama, doll experiment

The jury’s theater, which was chaired by Anatoly Smelyanskiy, three of the four awards given puppet theater – for the best work of the director, actor and artist – Eugene collected performance Ibragimov, “When I am little again,” but the prize for the best performance got “Kukkafe” Shakespeare “Ilya Epelbaum and Maya Krasnopolskaya, head of the famous theater” Shadow “.

Now the drama. Good news: the best female role has been recognized five-hour block execution young actress Ksenia Orlova (“Nemesis 12″ Klim) and the award for Best Actor Igor took Mirkurbanov, who played the devil and Fyodor Pavlovich in “The Brothers Karamazov” by Konstantin Bogomolov. This is a victory not only the artists, but also the new director of thinking, since experiments Bogomolov and Climate primarily affect the actor’s name. So-so news: outstanding jury’s decision on this end.

The best dramatic performances great form recognized as “The Cherry Orchard” by Lev Dodin – this is certainly a decent job awarded simply for their professionalism, because we can not talk about any exceptional role in the theatrical process. The winner in the small form a bold, but not flawless production Giuliano di Capua “Life for the Tsar”. The prize for Best Director for the third time got Yuri Butusov (“Three Sisters”), and Best Art Direction recognized scenography Maria Tregubova (“Alice”), for which the current award also was the third.

It’s a shame that the award did not get the Group anniversary year – the team that during the season staged performances and exhibitions held for the 50th anniversary of the Taganka Theater. The contest “Experiment” it was a curious spectacle documentary Seeds Alexander’s “presence”, dedicated to Yuri Lyubimov’s masterpiece “The Good Person of Szechwan” – won nevertheless staging Svetlana Zemlyakova “Peter and Fevronia.” In addition, Alexander fought (unsuccessfully) for directing prize. The new strategy is to work with the budgetary area, non-standard approaches to documentary material, the level of statements – all of these reasons were not enough for the Special Jury Prize, which theoretically could award the project as a whole (the owners of this prize became Novosibirsk actor Laurence Sorokin, who played in the play “The Kreutzer Sonata “Voronezh and play” City Day “Mikhail Bychkov).


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