Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In Germany, the famous actor died Gennadi Vengerov –

On Thursday, April 22 in Germany at the age of 55 years died a famous actor Gennadi Vengerov, according to NEWSru Israel .

3 April 2015 the actor, who lived recently in Germany on his page on the social networking Facebook announced that he was sick with lung cancer in the terminal stage.

The family of the actor published on his page in Facebook farewell record in three languages ​​(Russian, English and German): “Actor Gennadi Vengerov this morning, unfortunately, left this world. The curtain dropped … … Intermission recent months since diagnosis in September, he struggled with lung cancer and bone metastases. He lived for art and left behind in this world, hundreds of movies, thousands of synchronization and endless joy! He so many left this world behind, that much has not even aired! This wisdom was more important to him: LYUBOB – this is the most important thing in life. And so this, we appeal to you, he wanted you to know that he loved you all. He wanted us to be, and you kept it a Facebook page in memory of him. We will update this page and upload it here new and archived projects. What projects were with him you loved? Write us about it here! We in turn, would like to read here about your favorite moments and meetings with him! We also ask for your understanding that we can not respond individually to each written by a man. Abusive comments, as in the past, we will delete it. Thank you very much for your support and prayers during the last months. We hope that you will respect our right to privacy. Please refrain from questions of journalists “.

Gennadi Vengerov Aronovich born August 27, 1959 in Vitebsk (Byelorussian SSR). After the Architectural and Civil Engineering and the short period of the civil engineer began his artistic career as a speaker Vitebsk regional radio. He played in the National Theatre DC Railway Vitebsk. In 1980, the actor was invited to the professional stage – in the Belarusian Academic Drama Theatre named after Yakub Kolas.

After the service in the Soviet Army in 1983 enrolled in the School -Studio at the Moscow Art Theatre. While still in the 4 th year in 1986, along with his fellow student Mikhail Efremov created theater “Contemporary-2″. In 1989 he was invited to join the Academic Mayakovsky Theater.

His professional career in Germany Gennadi Vengerov continued in 1990 as a radio announcer, “Deutsche Welle” and actor Dusseldorf Drama Theatre. From 1995 to 2000 – the actor Bochum Drama Theatre.

Since 2004, once again actively acted in Russian cinema and television projects, participated in theater productions in Moscow, voiced documentaries and feature films, commercials. In 2009, led the transfer of “Men stories with Gennadi Vengerov” on REN-TV.

During his artistic career Gennadi Vengerov has starred in over 130 films and television shows in Russia, the USA, the UK, Austria and Germany. Fame and recognition of the viewers in Russia earned him the role of a blacksmith Vulcan (TV series “The Fighter”) and Major Volkov (TV series “Chas Volkova”).

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