Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kyrgyzstan has banned the controversial “Number 44″ – Dni.Ru

Countries continue to refuse to hire a Hollywood thriller ” Number 44 “. On the morning of April 16 the film was banned in Belarus, and later took a similar decision and the Kyrgyz authorities.

Stills from” Number 44 “

According to the Kyrgyz cinema network” cinematics “ban on the demonstration of the film introduced the Ministry of Culture of the country. “Yes, we have been changes in the program, film” Number 44 “is not will be released in connection with the fact that such a decision was taken by the Ministry of Culture “, – quotes “Interfax” representative “cinematics”. According to him, as soon as the corresponding changes will be made to schedule showings.

In turn, an expert on marketing and PR network of cinemas “cinematics” Ibrayeva Asel said Dnyam.Ru , that ban on renting movies in this cinema chain comes from the film’s distributor – the company “Central Partnership”, and not from the Ministry of Culture. In this case, on the eve of the film was in announcements Kyrgyz cinema.

Note that on April 15 Russian cultural agency, together with the company “Central Partnership” issued a statement that the film “Number 44″ is banned for rental in our country, as pattern historically unreliable, and events described in it in the years before, during and after the Great Patriotic War distorted .

The head of the Ministry of Culture Vladimir Medina said that in this tape, “our country is shown as Mordor: a physically and morally inferior subhuman, a bloody mess in the frame of some orcs and ghouls.” According to him, these films do not have to go to Russia in a mass rolling, earning a domestic audience – in the year of the 70th anniversary of the Victory, nor ever was. Opinion Editorial Dney.Ru about painting “Number 44″ can be read here.


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