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“Number 44″ is not a ride – Kommersant

“Central Partnership”, the Russian distributor of the US-British thriller “Number 44″ about the search for a serial killer Stalin era, he changed his mind to release the film on the day before the premiere . His decision could become a precedent: for the first time in the modern history of Russian film film speaks of the theater because of “distortion of historical facts” discovered in the course of viewing paintings with representatives of the Ministry of Culture. At this distributor and cinemas could lose $ 1.5-2.5 million.

The withdrawal application for a certificate for rolling the film “Number 44″ announced yesterday joint statement “Central Partnership” and the Ministry of Culture, referring to “distortion of historical facts” and original interpretation of the events in the film. Tuesday was the final viewing of the film with a distributor, the Ministry of Culture, experts and the media, as a result of which the parties agreed that “this kind of movie rentals on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Victory is unacceptable.” Later in the day the head of the Ministry of Culture Vladimir Medina personally criticized the picture. “No country, and Mordor, with physically and mentally inferior subhuman, a bloody mess in the frame of some orcs and ghouls – that in a country for the film from the 30′s to 50′s of the twentieth century,” – said the Minister for site office. The parties do not refer to any of the reasons of failure in rolling certificate provided by the law “On State Support of Cinematography” – a violation of the law on countering terrorism and extremism, the promotion of pornography and violence or the presence of foul language.

“Number 44″ made by American Summit Entertainment and Worldview Entertainment and Scott Free Production British producer Ridley Scott. The film tells the story of the search for a serial killer postwar Stalinist era. In this earlier “Weekend” noted “exclusivity” of the plot of the film in the context of the existing political tensions: the main character – a Soviet investigator – shows positive, even though he is opposed to the system, but in the finals receives the recognition and promotion. Thus, Major Demidov by Tom Hardy is actually the first time “rehabilitate” the KGB in a Hollywood movie, film critic summed edition.

The premiere was scheduled for today. According to the “Bulletin of the Booker” release in Russia was planned for 520 screens, about the same number of cinemas planning to show the picture in the United States. Starting fees in the Russian edition is estimated at 25 million rubles. (About $ 500 thousand.) In the first weekend. analyst Sergei Lavrov fees estimates losses “Central Partnership” from $ 1.5 million to $ 2.5 million. “The officials issued a certificate rolling, and then the film banned. Distributors and cinemas are suffering huge losses,” – he said. In “Central Partnership” agree with this assessment box office.

The decision to withdraw the film distributor was independent, does not doubt the general director of “Karo Premiere” Alexei Ryazantsev. Conflict with the Ministry of Culture, the company was not, “but the fact that the Ministry of protectionist refers to memorable dates, and so well known,” he says. In January, Mr. Medina said that in the case of coincidence of dates goes to rent large Russian and foreign releases Ministry is ready to cancel the license of a foreign film rolling and change the day of his release. Shortly thereafter, distributor Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing revised release date blockbuster “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.” The film will be released on April 23 instead of April 30 and will not compete with a remake of the movie “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”. Removing the “Number 44″ “cleared the way” for the movie “Territory” and “Mama Daraga!” Shot with the support of a movie, but the main audience will continue to watch “Fast and Furious 7″, adds Mr. Lavrov.

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