Wednesday, April 15, 2015

American blockbuster “The Number 44″ will not be shown in Russia because of the distortion of history –

Today it has become clear completely ?? “Kin will not be.” Posters removed, schedules in theaters rewrite. “Number 44″ in the Russian hire will not work.

Commercial component was significant, recognized the company’s CEO, Paul Stepanov distributors. And of course ?? starring Garry Oldman, Tom Hardy, Vincent Cassel, producer ?? Ridley Scott. On Web sites, moviegoers expected rating “high”. But at the last moment with a picture display is removed.

Paul Stepanov , General Director of “” Central Partnership “: On the one hand, yes, a work of art, the world’s best-selling book, but on the other hand doubts about the sacred feelings and our veterans, and our parents, grandparents and fathers, who then lived, because the action takes place in ’53 ».

The picture throws the viewer in different historical periods and events. From famine thirties, here we learn about the orphanage impoverished childhood protagonist Leo Demidov. Through World War II, a graduate of the children’s home here Demidov has already become a legend. Until the last years of repression of Stalin’s life, which make the hero almost in an “enemy of the people.” But the filmmakers already dark years of Soviet history turned out absolutely monstrous.

These doubts plagued Russian distributors at the outset of the film, when in 2013 the company bought the package scenario applications from manufacturers. And until recently, all attempted to negotiate with the filmmakers and the balance between the creative idea and historical facts.

fiction picture seemed to distributors too artistic. Historical facts, even the most unpleasant, of course, has not been canceled. Only distort the facts is also not worth it to war heroes do not become looters.


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