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As Pugachev helped Batyrkhan Shukenov – Dni.Ru

With a light hand Diva gifted musician from Kazakhstan, the first lead singer of A ‘ STUDIO Batyrkhan Shukenov became a popular artist in Russia. National glory has come to the team after participating in the “Christmas meetings” of Alla Pugacheva.

Alla Pugacheva and Batyrkhan Shukenov. Photo:

Batyrkhan Shukenov A’STUDIO founded in 1988. Many people still sing hits of “Unloved” and “Julia”. As soon as he heard of the collective work, Alla Pugacheva became patronize musicians and invited them to take part in the “Christmas meetings”. It was at the invitation of Diva Shukenov and his team moved from Kazakhstan to Moscow. She could see in the lead singer of this singer who opened with it and shone on the stage.

in each interview thanking Pugachev Batyrkhan for help . Many warm words he devoted to Alla personal blog on the official website where fans periodically talked about events in his creative life.

“The other day there was a long-awaited meeting with a very close and dear person, who played in my life as and the fate of so many people a huge role. This person – Alla Pugacheva. Once it is put on the long and difficult road of show business I was in a group A’STUDIO. She treated us like my own mother at the beginning of Career , – fondly recalled meeting with Diva Batyrkhan. – And for further creative life, I always felt her attention and kindness. In the past we were able to see each other more often. But today’s pace of life has made our meetings more rare and welcome to me. Who else but Alla with all sincerity praise, criticize, give wise and practical advice in show business and in everyday life? (hereinafter, the author’s spelling and punctuation preserved. – Comm. Ed.) “.


The artist has gone from A’STUDIO in solo sailing, was a guest on the radio “Alla” – on the transfer of “Visiting Ala.” “She came in and …… As if we did not leave all this time! It was as before enchanting, in a related interest and caring, fascinating, direct and frank! – wrote with admiration of his patron Shukenov. – We talked for several hours about everything. About music, about life, about love. We remember the past, talking about the present and the future. I was very glad that Alla praised my new song “Beware, my dear girl,” and offered to call the new album as well. Very sharp, curious and frank conversation turned Diva Oleg Tolstov and Ruslan Magomedov of the “pitfalls” of show business. To me it was important to hear it from the approval Pugacheva about what I do in my solo career right now. And I heard it! “

In 2010 came out Batyrkhan solo album called, as Allah wishes,” Beware, my dear girl! “. A few months before this event singer met Dni.Ru and talked to him about everything – about the life, works, and Diva, so dear to his heart.

“Alla Borisovna we had a month ago, broadcast on the radio “Alla”. We have long had not seen her. We called up, but just have not had meetings. I am glad that we have it is still warm, very good friendly relations, – confessed to Dnyam.Ru Batyrkhan. – I have a deep respect for this great woman. I am glad that it refers to me as a loved one. She worries about what is happening in my personal life and creative destiny . And I am very grateful to her for what she can take the time and give me good advice. Alla in great shape, it is very clearly understands that now we need the music, what trends. And thanks to her for what could find the time to invite me. For me, this conversation gave a very good basis to go further “.

During that conversation Shukenov said many kind words about the other colleagues from the world of music. We publish an exclusive interview fragments without cuts.

Who else of domestic show business make friends?

We are old friends with Volodya Presnyakov , our fraternal friendship. With Valery Meladze we know for a long time, since the days when he had not even worked in Moscow. I am very happy with his success. Kostya and Valera for me – an example of successful alliance in show business: in the works to create stunningly beautiful melodies and commercial sense to be successful. Perhaps, like tandem in show business does not exist. It is a vivid example of the talent and punching power, faith in yourself. I really respect them.

Respect Lenya Agutin , who goes his own way, writes great music. Yes, a lot of musicians, worthy of respect. There are people who with particular warmth to me. Well, it’s in my life. But talk calmly, not in a hurry, it is impossible. The life we ​​have such a very difficult – all in the filming, recordings, tours, flights, transfers …

How do you assess the success had come to replace the soloist Keti Topuria A’STUDIO?

I am very pleased that there was Katie, who has a very interesting voice. She – a very interesting and incredibly charismatic, spontaneous and open. Borja (Baigali) Serkebayev – a person who has a unique ability to make the rules that are given at the moment. He can very easily change the style of music, and he always manages to find a clear, concise solution to find a song that becomes popular, and make arrangements in the spirit of the time. It’s a professional. For me it was a school, 13 years old, I sang in a group A’STUDIO, and what we did was honest, sincere. And what they’re doing right now, I really like.

Let us recall the death Batyrkhan Shukenov learned on the night of April 29. In Moscow the same day held a farewell to the actor, who died of a heart attack in the City Clinical Hospital Botkin. The body of the star will be transported to Kazakhstan. The funeral of singer and composer will take place on May 1 in Alma-Ata. “Farewell to Shukenov be held May 1 at 10:00 in the Kazakh State Philharmonic Society named after Zhambyl”, – informs the municipal department of culture.

According to the Moscow reporter who visited the farewell to Shukenov, Alla Pugacheva at memorial service not arrived, as is now the children of Israel . Instead, it was the Director of the singer Elena Chuprakova, transmitted the funeral wreath and condolences to family members Batyrkhan and his family.


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