Monday, April 20, 2015

Alexander Lukashenko will not remain on the May 9 parade in Moscow – TVNZ

On Saturday, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told reporters that he would not attend the May 9 Victory Day parade in Moscow. And what happened! Dozens of agencies, the media and hundreds of thousands of people are not seen to be sympathetic to any of Belarus and Russia, nor to Lukashenko and Putin started strongly inflate and exaggerate this topic. Moreover, in two aspects, on the one hand, to Moscow will not come another European leaders, on the other – that Lukashenko, say, for the sake of the West ignored Putin. The purpose of such an attack is quite obvious: if you do not embroil the presidents (of course, do so in a primitive impossible), then try to sow discord between people and cause distrust of each other. And do not hesitate to distort and frankly. For example, using titles such as “Lukashenko did not arrive in Moscow».

And that actually said Lukashenko?

– Probably, May 7-8, we can with delegations from Belarus to visit Moscow demonstrate our unity with the Russian people and others. Perhaps, laid wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, how we do it. May 8 there will be activities for the EAEC, CIS, CSTO, so I, of course, I can not take part in it. I will try to May 8, even at night, go home, – said Alexander G. reporters after worked at a volunteer, where his team had put 10 cubic meters of concrete in the construction of a children’s polyclinic. – In Belarus, according to the constitution, except in chief, no one can take the hits. Therefore parade or will not, or will be. If you have a president – will be a parade. We May 9 will have your same parade in Moscow.

That is not “will not come,” and not be able to stay. Agree, a big difference.

At the same time, Lukashenko said he did not understand those who have decided not to go to Moscow in defiance of Russia: “For various reasons, certain leaders of the state may refuse to come on this day Moscow for the celebration. For example, if they have the appropriate home celebration. We will be happy that with us the Victory Day is celebrated in other countries. If it is in terms of attacks against Russia and not only against Russia, but against the Soviet people and the peoples of Eastern Europe, which we released, attack against them, then it is wrong ».

Why look for a black cat in a dark room, where there is none? Indeed, Minsk celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Victory at the same time as Moscow. And why did the head of state must give up not only his army, but his veterans to visit another, even brotherly neighboring country? After all, even to the next anniversary of the current veterans alive, unfortunately, remain even less. By the way, Lukashenka hardly appeared in Moscow for the Victory Parade, taking them in Minsk, almost all previous years. You can think of except in 2005, when he then attend the parade in Moscow by plane flew immediately to Minsk to take hits in Belarus. But for this he had to endure while your event.

Let’s not overlook the fact that the fall in Belarus to hold next presidential elections, Lukashenko and his decision had already knocked out of the future arguments from the hands of their competitors .

In any case, the speculation on this subject, at least, meaningless and useless, and, as a maximum, dishonest.


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