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Batyrkhan Shukenov: “The main thing – that the soul is dried up” – TVNZ

Kazakh Batyrkhan Shukenov singer, who became famous as part of the “A’studio”, the last 15 years painstakingly built a solo career. And actively acted on Russian television: in 2014, the project won the “Live Sound” (Russia 1), and this year has successfully performed in the show reincarnations “One to one” (on the same channel). We predicted that he will become a major contender for victory, so talk with the artist about a month ago. It turned out that this conversation was the last interview of the singer – the night before his heart stopped.

– When you first came to the project “as is” to show you the most difficult?

– Reincarnation implies acting ability. For me as a musician it is the most difficult. Sing or portray the artist – not so difficult. But the show features, habits and specifics of gait, the internal state of man – this is the area of ​​excellence.

– Why do you?

– not for medals, not for show. For me personally – is immersion in the world of undiscovered possibilities. This will help me in the future, in the stage work. I remember the days when he worked at the Theatre of song Pugacheva in the group “A-Studio”. We went to a great team in the country. The final concert Alla. So for us it was a powerful school. Each song – a little performance was. So it is on this show. For me it is important to thoroughly and profoundly live every song, then my concerts has qualitatively changed.

– But “one to one” – is, above all, make-up. And even if the most talented makeup artist clothed you in the image of Louis Armstrong, still we can see that it’s you. It does not bother you?

– The change in appearance is attended several teams. One prepares a silicone mask. Second – grimiruetsya. Third – prepares suit. Their consistency and determines whether or not an image of. East face difficult to change, but I think we managed to do something special, for example, when creating an image Cesaria Evora. People looked at me and could not find out! Here it means “hit the image.” And sometimes as a way of Yuri Mikhailovich Antonov – were not included. The wig was a red color. Anthony was the Asian type (laughs).

– As a mom refers to your work on “a hair’s breadth»?

– first she was shocked. His son in such a way never seen before. But then accustomed. She began to wonder – what will happen next, what will be the images. The project is much debated among my relatives. They called up, thrown photographs.

– In 2000, you left “A’studio.” Since then, the creative act under the name Batyr write solo albums and a joint composition. Who do you see at the concerts? Do not yearn for the work of the group?

– Frankly, I’m not interested right now to remember that time. It was a wonderful time, we have created a great powerful songs. But it’s over. I live in the present. To me it comes to concerts intelligent, beautiful audience that loves melodious music. And most importantly – different generations! There are 50-year-old students, the young people have with their children. People who listened to “A’Ctudio” have not disappeared. And that’s good.

– Your son is interested in music?

– Yes, Maksut very good credentials. He is very good at dancing, singing, he has a good ear. At his age, I was not like hearing, I do not sing. He is now 13.

– Sam tries to write?

– Maksut listens attentively to all the music that sounds around and make their collections. Then he puts me. When we go to the game – he plays football – he puts his collections. Excellent radio, I tell you!

– He lives in Russia?

– No, there – over the hill – in the US (laughs). Who cares …

– Two years ago, you turned 50. You notice that become another?

– I would be very sad if I realize that I do not change. We are now to talk to you, and within an hour I’ll be others. So it should be. Only in this case the person develops, moving forward, is progressing. I think the most important thing – that the soul does not withered. We should always try to be in the spiritual work on themselves. This is directly related to the work. The audience is very thin feels, what his thoughts actor goes on stage, he wants to say. My energy, the mood then is transmitted to the listener. Status inner experience affects the quality of work. And no matter what happens, the main thing – to make conclusions, to ask for forgiveness and to forgive. And with a light heart to go on.


  What we remembered Batyr Shukenov

 Smart, talented, with a great sense of humor. Death Batyr Shukenov shocked the entire Russian show business and became an irreplaceable loss for the thousands of fans. Under his song “Julia” and “Soldier of Love,” fell in love and parted his soft manner of performance won over, and as they say on the site right now readers «goes with him and our youth.” (Details)


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