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“The Dawns Here Are Quiet” … from betrayal – a REGNUM

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Dmitry Tretyakov, Eugene Krestin

The trailer of the new film “The Dawns Here Are Quiet” … We were disgusted, sad and painful. It seems that someone has committed a sacrilegious act in relation to the shrine



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Karl Marx

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April 30 in all theaters of the country should be the premiere of a new adaptation of the novel by Boris Vasilyev “The Dawns Here Are Quiet” directed by Renata Davletyarova. Therefore, in recent days, coming in every cinema, is difficult to dodge the acquaintance with a stunning two-minute commercials that the new film. And just turning on the TV, you can enjoy it (video) 30-second versions. It is this “trailer” we want to talk. In particular, because he fulfilled his function in full – in the film, we did not go.

We were disgusted, sad and painful. It seems that someone has committed a sacrilegious act in relation to the shrine. Committed and asks everyone to admire the result, and even the money to pay for it.

The ads are designed to entice the viewer, showing something significant for him: some of the content or subject of the painting. By the way, this in itself is somewhat undermines the possibility of a direct clash with the film as a real object – because the viewer think he’s something about the film knows his reaction predugotovlena on particularly sensitive places tight defense. However it is possible to suggest that advertising has nothing to do with the advertised object. This sure anyone who tries to mend a broken robot with the help of sport chocolate bar or understand love through a relationship with a hamburger. Trailer Davletyarova inevitably perceived by us through the association with the film Rostotsky 1972. Movies, included in many lists of “Best Film”, from domestic and foreign critics, magazines and spectators. Movies, collision with which can not go unnoticed to the viewer – it becomes a transforming event! At least they might be – the film is aimed at. After the “view” classic film difficult for us to remain the same: there is an opportunity to redefine the concept themselves. In a nutshell, the film – a work of art in all possible ways. Naturally, the trailer in this sense – the art, it can also be a reason for the change, the difference between the film and the roller – in performance and direction of these changes.

The question is – does the director, famous for his trilogy ” Love-carrot “moral right to retake a recognized masterpiece? Our answer to this question is clear – of course it does. Especially if he has something to say. But is it? And if he manages to demonstrate this in the framework of the trailer? It seems that the team Davletyarova (and the new film he also producer) poses a potentially “noble” goal – a masterpiece fit for a modern way of perception, to make it accessible to the “new” to modern audiences. But this is just as possible as to convey to the listener oratorios of Bach, performing them at the children’s xylophone. However, and it is necessary to be able to play.

is found in the trailer of art tools and techniques not only demonstrate a profound and sincere misunderstanding of the director of the material with which he had to work, but in and of themselves performed at the level of more than mediocre. For example, performing the role of Zhenya Zhenya Malakhov Komelkova reading a text about the death of his entire family with deep indifference, it seems that she reads a list of their “competence” in the interview: “All of the guns laid and I still see – and this hard experience ready to apply the office manager in your corporation. ” And the general impression of a cottage industry.

Everything is nedodumali and undone. From the technical details – for example, serious doubt is the possibility of explosion of colorful wooden observation tower from getting into the shell of the tank. And finishing the work with the actors – and girls, and the hero Peter Fedorov very well maintained, healthy and well-fattened, it seems that there is no life (and even more uniting peoples) covers the tragedy has not shaken their childhood innocence.

27 year-old at the time of the shooting Andrei Martynov – who plays Foreman Vaskova Rostotsky in the picture, in the frame looked not just a shabby life and grief – it seemed that he was at least 35-40 years and it is good anti-aircraft gunner in the fathers, but not in the brothers. In the trailer for the film who plays Davletyarova Vaskova Pyotr Fyodorov, who is now 33 years old, looks like neobstrelyanny 25-year-old young man who does not know where to put myself down the line.

In general, the complexity and metaphorical way of loading foreman Fedota Evgrafovich Vaskova (which father and brother, and a warrior, and a professional and a man, and the Russian people bear with his essence, etc.) is reduced in the trailer to the flat definition of “brave soldiers».

But , it’s not the simplification of the fact that it is impossible to simplify. The case – a radical change in the concept. The trailer was created by a very different cinematic canons than Rostotsky film – the classic canons of the American action movie.

A simple conversion into two-minute clip reveals six-automatic machine guns, four explosions, as mentioned above (and not having any at all to the plot) tank meets four times. What to say about running around, fighting and mounting pumped “stress” due to a very fast frame rates, in which many unknown Fast and bright movement. Home appeals to a culture of endless entertainment. Culture, where the movie – a background for devouring badeek with popcorn and corn chips dishes. And what the film – this is secondary. No matter: the death, life and love, tragedy, whether or about the heroism of thought – the main thing that it was “cool.” The film Rostotsky walking with travel guitars youth faced with the reality of trauma that forms our cultural space – and the songs grow silent, smiles went to parties. For a ball and ubiquitous entertainment with injuries of this magnitude are not compatible in principle. Or should not be being combined. From the repeated viewing of the trailer gets the feeling that his rented people bumping into the forest mass grave and deployed directly on it with a barbeque grill. They sit next to the names of commercials fallen “girls”, sipping beer and etched jokes about anti-aircraft gunner and Fritz.

The essence of our aversion causing substitution that since the trailer from the viewpoint expressive means is composed of a purely American elements (klipovoy entertainment), it is those meanings conductor, to promote that these means of expression were constructed. And they have been designed to support the export version of the propaganda of fascism, requiring him whom he enslaves, ready to laugh and have fun and feel unprepared tragic hard feelings. Disgusting that at least the anti-fascist “The Dawns Here Are Quiet” Vasilyev and Rostotsky Davletyarova mindlessly turned into a conductor of that neither is this modern fascism.


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