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Bloggers of the murder Nemtsov: “it is a challenge for all of us” – BBC Russian

  • February 28, 2015


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Boris Nemtsov was shot and killed on Saturday night in the Greater Moscow River bridge near the Kremlin

The murder of an opposition politician Boris Nemtsov Russian society is divided into supporters of the “theory of provocation”, which told the Russian authorities, and those who believe that a crime in one degree or another is guilty of the current political regime.

Users of social networks during the past days trying to understand what happened, put forward their own versions and just remembered Boris Nemtsov.

“He who rides a white car, and not somewhere else, but almost to the Red Square – to kill a former member of the Russian government, the face of the opposition – a lantern and video cameras near the Kremlin … – and killing is removed on a white car, holding a political demonstration, “- wrote in the” Facebook “political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky.

According to him, the murder – an appeal to the country and the authorities.

“Words are cast into bullets”

Many commentators, refraining from specific charges, see the cause of the death of Boris Nemtsov in the atmosphere that is created in the country of the current government.

“If the federal TV channels continuous river pours raving about the fifth column (which, incidentally, has launched in the course of Putin himself) … if the leader of the opposition at any time to bring to justice or just sit in the bullpen … – it is not very important to Putin personally gave the order … or put someone who believes Putin “wimp”, incapable of decisive action is not … “- says economist Sergei Aleksashenko.

He called the killing of opposition “the harsh truth of today’s Russia”.

“When a society such degree of hatred, ideological war with” liberastov “and could not result in anything else,” – says journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak.

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Boris Nemtsov was a vocal critic of President Putin and participated in the organization of many protests

The same idea develops journalist Ivan Vlasov: in his opinion, the supporters and opponents of the current government and its policies have a common enemy – the hatred. “If you do not win hatred – perish or friend another, or within yourself or as Nemtsov, really “.

The film critic Anton Dolin said that the death Nemtsov involved everyone who helped turn the word” democracy “and” liberal “in curses.

“The words are cast into bullets, my friends. In Russia, then certainly, “- wrote in the Dales” Facebook “.

” Electroshock opposition “

At the same time a considerable number of commentators hold “theory of provocation”, which, in particular, on the night of the assassination policy spokesman of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov.

Do you know what the worst thing in the murder Nemtsov in Russia? They chose the most moderate and balanced policy oppotsizionnogo.

Eugene Vorobiev, Polish analyst

“They shot Nemtsov. All this looks like a sacred victim near the Kremlin before the march of the opposition. How to Boeing for the next arrival on the EP, “- wrote in the” Twitter “singer Oleg Gazmanov.

” The unfortunate Nemtsov was sacrificed number march “Spring” – right under the date “all neatly.” His body – as electroshock to revitalize the opposition. “To come out”, “to anger”, – says Dmitry Olshansky blogger.

Another blogger Denis Tukmanov calls the incident “murder for export.” As evidence, he cites the crime scene – the center of Moscow – and the very figure Nemtsov, who, in his opinion, is not in itself capable of “placing on the Russian” Maidan “Millions of the crowd.” “But perfectly fit into the news for CNN and the BBC:” The well-known opposition and Putin’s personal enemy shot near the Kremlin “.

” Damn, someone they mean? Whose provocation and against whom ?, – writes journalist Darya Danilova. – Kremlin against the opposition and “Spring”? Yes it will spur even more split, and even more people will bring to the street. Opposition to the Kremlin? This is a series of “Mafia killed her to throw arrows”? Nonsense “.

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Many remember Nemtsov as an honest and charming man

The journalist Maxim Kononenko also doubts this theory: “When the beat Kashin, I called Deme Kudryavtsev – like how I can help – and he told me a wise thing: you do realize that with his manner and the terms of this communication could would be anyone. That’s the same way with Boris Nemtsov. It could be anyone, and the reason could be anything “.

However, he categorically rejected the version of the involvement of the authorities.” I do not remember that power has ever run into Boris Nemtsov. He does not interfere completely “- wrote Kononenko in the” Facebook “.

” The authorities of years left unpunished attacks and threats against Nemtsov, – said in the “Twitter” human rights activist Paul Pins. – It is ammonia and nets created the conditions for a Makarov pistol “.

” It is not in Russia back in the 90s, this world is not returned from the 40s, “- wrote in his microblog Ashot Gabrelyanov.


Foreign journalists and observers also reacted to the death of the Russian opposition.

“You know what the worst thing in the Nemtsov’s murder in Russia? They chose the most moderate and balanced opposition politician “- wrote in the” Twitter “analyst Yevgeny Vorobyov from Poland.

This is a staunch fighter with violence and lawlessness. irreparable loss.

Mikhail Kasyanov, co-chairman of “RPR-Parnassus”

“If you plan to kill someone, you are, of course, choose a place without security and surveillance, such as right next to the Kremlin,” – says the Swedish blogger Anders Östlund.

” until I can prove otherwise, I’m just going to assume that the same ghost super-hired killer removed Nisman and Nemtsov, “- says an American professor Daniel Drezner.

Dutch journalist Olaf Koons recalls:” Boris Nemtsov was a great sense of humor, his laugh every time rolled across his chest. Honest, charming man. That is what they are most afraid of “.

” I – the Germans “

” He was killed by my friend and colleague Boris Nemtsov. This massacre of staunch fighter with lawlessness. Irreparable loss. Grieve. The killer will be found, “reacted to the death of politics, former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov.

Deputy Director of Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in” Facebook “Nemtsov called the killing a tragedy and” challenge for all of us “,” Never knew him, nor when he was in power, or when left in opposition. But today, I – the Germans “.

” It was a noisy, honest, cheerful and sincere. I can not imagine how I wake up tomorrow with the idea that Nemtsov no longer call that here somewhere near him there, “- wrote in the night of the murder journalist Ilya Barabanov.


In Britain, the students do not read Tolkien: books out of the top 20 best-sellers – Information portal 2×

Of the top 20 best-selling product in the UK disappeared writer John Tolkien. Over the last six years, “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” annually is among the ten most widely read works of British schoolchildren.

The annual survey, “What are you reading children?” Held in Britain and found that in the first place for readability among children of middle-aged and older is a book by John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars”. They are followed by “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Susan Collins and “divergents” Veronica Roth writes, “to».

A total of more than 500 participated thousands of children – it students in 2700 schools in the UK.

Earlier, the director of “The Hobbit” was a star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame» in Hollywood. New Zealand director Peter Jackson is known for his trilogy created by Tolkien’s books John “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.” Experts recognized three of the film “The Hobbit” main event film of the XXI century.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Tolkien left the British top 20 children’s bestseller – Turkey Tourism News

Consistently popular for many years in British children and adolescents work of fiction by John Tolkien’s Middle-earth left on the list of the most popular books among schoolchildren, – writes The Guardian referring to the results of the annual survey «What Kids Are Reading?» (Read What children? ).


The researchers said that the results of the last the survey revealed a list of 20 of the most popular books in the UK students, but in this list are no works of JRR Tolkien. Analysts say that the peak of popularity of the works of the legendary science fiction has to exit the Hollywood trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” Peter Jackson, then traced a continuous decline.

Meanwhile, the researchers fully admit that a series of big-budget films about teenage hobby can revive interest in the work of John Tolkien.

This statement is indirectly confirmed by the results of a survey of high school students in Britain, showed that the first three positions are occupied by just recently shielded book. It is “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Susan Collins and “divergents” writer Veronica Roth, who took the first, second and third place respectively in popularity.

Let’s add that among the younger students School unrivaled novel “Demon dentist” David Uolliamsa. The second and third positions are “Tom Gates: My dizzying world” Liz Pichon and JK Rowling with her best-selling “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets».


UNSC equated to attacks by Islamists destruction of cultural property – Kommersant

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UN Security Council condemned the destruction of the group “Islamic State” (IG) of monuments and objects of historical, cultural and religious values, placing these actions in a number of terrorist acts. This is stated in the adopted on February 27 evening statement, council members, reports Tass. “The members of the UN Security Council strongly condemned the continued barbaric acts of terrorism in Iraq, the IG committed, including the seizure of 100 representatives of the Sunni tribe near the town of Tikrit on February 25, burning 45 Iraqis in Al-Baghdadi February 17 daily attacks on civilians in Baghdad and and purposeful destruction of irreplaceable objects of religious and cultural values ​​in the museum Mosul and burning of thousands of books and rare manuscripts from the library of Mosul, “- said in a statement.



The tragedy of all mankind: scientists stunned provocative destruction of the museum in Mosul –

Despite the fact that terrorists destroyed monuments in Mosul do not have time to get into the UNESCO World Heritage List, the destruction of their experts call an irreparable loss and tragedy for all humanity.

Markus Hilgert , Director of the Museum of Western Asia (museums Pergamon), Berlin: “This is a huge irreparable loss not only for science but also for the cultural heritage and identity of Iraq. I think, first of all, this is a provocation in relation to the Western understanding of the culture, because all the destruction ?? is not only a part of the history of Iraq, it is still the world heritage. Secondly, on their part is a deliberate dissociation from the pre-Islamic heritage, to show that began a new vremyaischislenie. What I saw was a shock for me. I think this is an attack on all of humanity belonging values ​​that we maintain and study ».

Alexander Sedov , General Director of the State Museum of Oriental Art:” In Bomiane were destroyed Buddhist statues, which roughly fifteen hundred years, and in Mosul killed more ancient artifacts, but it does not matter. And in fact, in both cases are masterpieces, ancient monuments, which can not be restored, which we unfortunately lost ».

Michael Piotrowski , General Director of the State Hermitage” We must, finally, after all, to understand what’s going on such extremism in this form, when the most, maybe even the normal things reach the extreme, when it is necessary to cut to the quick. And I hope that everyone will understand it, because it seems this world does not understand. In this case, clearly destroyed the statue, about which it was believed that they offend the feelings of Muslim believers ».

shocked the world videos LIH gunmen posted on the Internet on the night of February 27th. Less than a week after they blew up the central library of Mosul and made bonfires of the most valuable manuscripts, both in the same Mosul they defeated Historical Museum. Sledgehammers and hammers they are crushing priceless statues and bas-reliefs methodically and with obvious pleasure.

UNESCO has already urged to convene an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the issue of protection of cultural heritage in Iraq.


UNESCO requires an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the preservation of cultural heritage in Iraq – Channel One

The reason for this was the attack by militants of the terrorist group “Islamic State” on famous historical museum in the Iraqi city of Mosul and the barbaric destruction of exhibits .

The reason for this was the attack by militants of the terrorist group “Islamic State” on famous historical museum in the Iraqi city of Mosul and the barbaric destruction of exhibits.

The terrorists recording posted on the Internet on how they are using sledgehammers and hammers to straighten out with statues and bas-reliefs dating back more than three thousand years. Barbarians deprived humanity priceless monuments Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian cultures. But according to the Iraqi authorities, in the museum were only copies. They claim that all the originals were taken to the capital and hidden back in 2003, immediately after the start of the country’s US military operation “Iraqi Freedom.”

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UNESCO sent a letter to the ICC about the destruction of cultural heritage in Iraq – RIA Novosti

PARIS, Feb. 27 – RIA Novosti, Viktor Ivanov. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova has sent to the International Criminal Court (ICC) message with a call to consider the destruction of the militants of the radical Islamist group “Islamic State” cultural heritage in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

“We expect (the events in Mosul) followed by reaction of the International Criminal Court. This is important as it will mobilize most of the international community” – quoted Side Agence France-Presse. Head of UNESCO noted that already has sent a letter to the prosecutor of the ICC.

Before the Internet there was a video in which militants destroyed sculptures pre-Islamic era, preserved in the museum of the city of Mosul in northern Iraq. Shortly thereafter, UNESCO has called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on the issue of preservation of cultural heritage in Iraq.

The wide expansion of the IG, seized a large territory of Iraq and Syria, has become one of the world’s major problems in 2014. The grouping, numbering, according to the CIA, about 30 thousand militants declared in the occupied territories, and the caliphate seeks to further expand its acquisitions.

united front against the IG is not: besides coalition with the group fighting government troops and Syria Iraq and the Iraqi and Syrian Kurds. As a result of the fighting several thousand civilians were killed and hundreds of thousands became refugees and several thousand more are being held hostage by the IG. United States, with the support of a number of allied countries from September 23 began to be applied on the positions of the IG in Syria air strikes since August similar operation takes place in Iraq. In this case, the US aircraft involved without the permission of the Syrian authorities.


Twilight of the Gods. As an “Islamic state” destroys the history of mankind – Arguments and Facts


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Guardian Angel could not resist the fanatics


The terrorist group “Islamic State”, whose activities are prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation, is the systematic destruction of fallen under the control of its monuments of ancient human history.


Guide UNESCO appealed to assemble an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with the situation in a controlled militants “IG” Iraqi city of Mosul.


Members of the terrorist group circulated on the Internet a video in which chronicled the destruction of monuments of pre-Islamic culture, is in the museum of Mosul.


Ancient statues were thrown from their pedestals, destroyed using sledgehammers and hammers.


Mosul about 2,700 years old, and all human activity in the area began at least 8,000 years ago. Mosul was founded on the banks of the Tigris River, opposite Nineveh – the ancient capital of the Assyrian state.


Around Mosul for many years conducted archaeological excavations, and many found curiosities age of a few thousand years were kept in the town museum.


Among the unique historical monuments destroyed by militants “IG”, and was the Sumerian sculpture Shedu – winged bull with a human face. In the mythology of Mesopotamia he symbolizes the guardian angel. Scientists call this sculpture irreparable loss.

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Manuscripts burn


After the seizure of Mosul in June 2014. militants started destroying everything that does not correspond, in their view, the canons of Islam. Already in the first month of his stay in the city they burned the church of III century. Were blown up and the “wrong” in the interpretation of “IG” mosques, in particular, a medieval mosque of the prophet Dzhirdzhisa (George).


A few days before the destruction of the statues militants blew up a library of Mosul. In the courtyard of the library was constructed a huge fire, which had burned about 10,000 rare books that make up the cultural heritage of Iraq. In addition to the books may have been destroyed, and other valuable items stored in the library of Mosul – in particular, the ancient astrolabe and hourglass.


Some commentators do not exclude that part of the valuable books were not destroyed and stolen to be sold to private collectors – Adventure “IG” do not disdain and similar income. Earlier in the “black market” has already appeared archaeological artifacts stolen from the museum, caught in the territories controlled by the “IG».


UNESCO hopes that the intervention of the UN Security Council, will facilitate the destruction of monuments of the ancient history of mankind.


The path of “Taliban»


The group “Islamic State” is not a pioneer in the field of modern vandalism. In 2001, the movement “Taliban”, controlled at that time most of the territory of Afghanistan, decided to destroy the famous monument of pre-Islamic culture of the country – two rock-cut sculptures of giant Buddha, located in the province of Bamiyan.


The sculptures created in III – V centuries, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are declared by the Taliban pagan idols to be destroyed.


Despite the protests of the international community, in March 2001, was a large-scale operation to destroy the statues. At first, they were subjected to anti-aircraft guns shooting and artillery, which greatly damaged the statue, but not destroyed. Later, the Taliban have placed anti-tank mines on the bottom of the niche so that when the fragments of rock fell from artillery fire, the statue would have received additional destruction of mines. Then, laid explosives into the holes in the statues. The face of one of the statues destroyed the missile strike.


As for Iraq, the historical monuments there are destroying not only the Islamic fundamentalists, but the US Army.


In 2009, UNESCO published a report stating that the ruins of ancient Babylon severely damaged during the war in Iraq. In 2003-2004 Babylon have been used by the US Army and its allies as a military camp for 2,000 people, which caused the monument to the history of a severe and largely irreversible damage.


Returning to the situation in Mosul, we must recognize that the world community has no effective leverage on Islamic fundamentalists, in order to stop the destruction of the cultural heritage of mankind. We can only wait for the release of Mosul and then calculate the amount of damage that can not be measured in money.


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Bolshoi Theatre is dedicated play “Queen of Spades” 175th anniversary of Tchaikovsky – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, February 27 – RIA Novosti. The Bolshoi Theatre (Bolshoi Theatre) is an opera “Queen of Spades” by Tchaikovsky on the eve of the 175th anniversary of the Russian musical genius. In creating the play was involved “mighty handful” as a part of the world-famous director Lev Dodin, the famous musician Michail Jurowski and an outstanding set designer David Borovsky. The premiere will take place on the historical stage of the Bolshoi Theater on February 27, RIA Novosti reported the press service of the theater.

Opera debut in the Big

Lev Dodin, putting long opera performances abroad for the first time in this as speak at home. Dodin cooperates with such theaters as La Scala, Vienna, and Paris Opera, Theatre du Chatelet, a Florentine Comunale. The director will debut at the Grand Opera with “Queen of Spades”, which he set in Amsterdam, Paris, at the festival “Maggio Musicale Fiorentino”. And from the day of its premiere, and it is 17 years old, lives an active production stage of life.

“This is a joint result of these revisions, – said earlier RIA Novosti Dodin. – I’ve been working on this work of genius, since 1998, and then often returned to the “Queen of Spades.” The main thing, of course, remained the same, and some internal moves have changed something clarified “.

And the show at the Grand, according Dodin will not be a mere repetition of previous – Moscow “Queen of Spades” must be born again.

The history of the disease

Dodin believes that the “Queen of Spades” – “one of the most tragic … works by Tchaikovsky, a work of mystical and, in any case, the metaphysical “.

” We are trying to treat it as a work of history of the disease – not so much clinical as psychological, metaphysical or rather, because passion, tearing human – it is a passion to win in life one moment at one blow. But it is an illusion that has plagued us all and which, I think, is subject to all the world. No one wants to process all want results. And this, unfortunately, almost always leads to self-destruction, because life can not win “- quoted from an interview in Paris Dodin” Russian idea “the press service of the Bolshoi Theater.

Mighty Handful

Setting in the Great – the first creative meeting with Mikhail Jurowski Dodin – head of the famous musical dynasty. His sons – Vladimir and Dmitry – already conducted a performance of “The Queen of Spades” at the Paris Opera.

Michail Jurowski bind Bolshoi Theatre with long-standing relationship: here he was a child came to his father’s ballet “Scarlet Sails” in the Great was the conductor’s podium before his departure to Germany (in 1989). In recent years, cooperation with the Bolshoi Theatre resumed: led by Yurovsky back on historical scene “The Fiery Angel” by Prokofiev, and this season the conductor performed with the symphony orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre.

The scenery for the play created a legendary theater artist David Borovsky (1934-2006). During his life, the set designer has designed over 150 productions worked with directors such as Yuri Lyubimov, Oleg Yefremov, Anatoly Efros, Lev Dodin. In Moscow production as an issuer of the artist made his son Alexander Borovsky.

The author of costumes – Chloe Obolensky, who is active in drama and musical theater as well as in the movies. For the Lighting meets Jean Kalman – Lighting of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The cast

The main role will act first and permanent German Dodin – People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Galuzin Recognized as one of the best performers of the party in the world. In the game, Lisa – Evelyn Dobracheva – a graduate of Berlin University of the Arts to them. H. Eisler. In the role of the Countess engaged three singers: the soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre Larisa Diadkova, guest soloist with the Bolshoi Elena Zaremba and soloist of the Bolshoi Irina Dolzhenko. The party Eletsky act opera soloist Stanislav Kuflyuk Krakow and Tomsk sings Alexander Kasyanov, made a successful debut in 2014 in the opera “The Tsar’s Bride”.


Dying young people against Tolkien – BBC

British students no longer read Tolkien’s Middle-earth, preferring magical hobbit dystopia “The Hunger Games” and “divergents».

Books John Tolkien fantasy classic first dropped out of the rankings the most popular children’s books in Britain, which is made for six years. Before “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” constantly appeared in the top 10 preferences English children of middle-aged and older.

Researchers from the company Renaissance Learning, made a rating of “what to read children» (What Kids Are Reading), studied literary tastes over half a million children in 2,700 schools in England. This study is conducted annually under the guidance of Professor Scottish University of Dundee J. Topping China.

«Tolkien remains popular among some students, but his book is not gained enough votes to enter into the overall top -20 “- says a representative of the results of research.

In the release also noted that the peak of popularity of Tolkien’s work came at the time of release of Peter Jackson’s movie trilogy” The Lord of the Rings “, and on children’s preferences in the future may influence and a three-part “The Hobbit”, which ended in December 2014.

Instead of Tolkien’s most sought-after author was an American writer and videobloger John Green, reports The Guardian. It was named Green the newspaper Wall Street Journal, for example, binds offensive “golden era of modern realistic teen fiction after more than a decade of domination books about the young wizard, sparkling vampires and dystopia».

His novel “The Fault in Our Stars”, released in 2012, is a grim romance teenagers slowly dying of cancer.

The book was forbidden in schools of American Riverside County in California for being too dramatic and speculation on the topic of death. However, this did not prevent the film company 20th Century Fox film “The Fault in Our Stars” – a film based on the book was released in rental Green spring of last year.

Following the Green in the ranking of preferences seniors are dystopia “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” The second part of the trilogy by Susan Collins, and “divergents” Veronica Roth, her first book of the trilogy. Both series also have been put on the screen, but if in the “Hunger Games” came three films (the premiere of the second part, “Jay peresmeshnitsy” is scheduled for autumn 2015), the “divergents” is just beginning – filmed only the first book, and the rest (” insurgents “and” Elligent “) while waiting in the wings.

It is noteworthy that in” The Fault in Our Stars “and” divergents “starring Shailene Woodley.

primary school students, according to research, prefer the book “The Demon-dentist” actor David Uolliamsa. In second place in primary school children located Liz Pichon comic “Tom Gates: My dizzying world”, and the third – “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” by JK Rowling.

«Students first five classes prefer more complex books than typical of their age – said Keith Topping. – Over time, this trend, unfortunately, is changing towards more simple books ».


Banksy painted a kitten in Gaza – BBC Russian

  • February 26, 2015


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British street artist Banksy went to Gaza, where he created a few drawings: cat playing with valves, tower and carousel mournful figure instantly became hits on the internet.

According to a video report on the visit, published on the official website of the artist, his outing came in the “remote from the tourist routes” territory, which is a network of illegal tunnels.

The settlement, which visited Banksy, surrounded by a wall with barbed wire on three parties.

“The locals like it here so that they will not leave. Because they do not give “- Banksy says.

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The artist recalls that in the summer of last year, the Israeli special operation destroyed 18 thousand. residential houses in the sector, and has since cement is not available in Gaza for construction.

“This cat says to the world that it lacks joy in life. Cat found with which to play. What’s wrong with our children? “- Says a Palestinian Briton shot on video.

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“If we wash our hands in the conflict strengths and weaknesses, we automatically take the side of power – in the conflict no neutral party” – wrote on one of the artist dilapidated walls.

The operation in Gaza, the Israeli army has been criticized among human rights defenders in connection with the deaths of civilians.

According to the Israeli leadership in the military command had no other choice but to respond to the Hamas threat and take control of weapons delivery channels.

In the fall of several European countries formally recognized the Palestinian Authority, which caused a storm of criticism from Israel.

“The states of Europe claim that they are on the Protection of the great principles of liberty, equality and fraternity. Alas, nothing can be so far from reality. I often hear, as European leaders proclaim Israel’s right to secure borders. That’s very nice, but I have to say – there is about as much sense as if I’ve been proclaimed the right of, say, Sweden to exist within secure borders “- criticized the EU Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor.

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Madonna fell off the stage at a concert in London – Summary Ukrainian and World News

56-year-old singer Madonna embarrass the awards ceremony «Brit Awards» in London. Performed the song «Living For Love», the pop diva fell down the stairs and for a few moments interrupted speech. Later actress explained, which is why there was an unpleasant incident.

In the story, performances, one of the dancers during the concert had to pull off Madonna’s long cloak. When the guy started to carry out its mission, actress lost her balance and fell from the stairs. After the fall of Madonna singing stopped, but recovered quickly and continued pesnyu.Posle ceremony in Instagram Madonna explained what happened on stage. The Star reported that it was in a manner not hurt herself and did not hurt, and absurd case – a consequence of too tight gown, which the dancer could not remove the slight movement ruki.Tekst: A. Zamyatin – News Ukraine and the World


DNR headquarters: the militia does not have data on the challenge of arms Kiev – RIA Novosti

DONETSK, February 26 – RIA Novosti. The militia DNR do not yet have data on early withdrawal Ukrainian security forces of heavy weapons from the line of contact in the Donbas, told RIA Novosti deputy commander of the militia headquarters DNR Edward Basurin.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported that the security forces on Thursday will begin withdrawal of heavy weapons from the demarcation line in the Donbass only under the supervision of the OSCE.

“We do not have data on the early withdrawal of weapons, but I think there will be after 17:00 (hours), “- said Basurin.

The government of Ukraine began in April last year in the Donbass military operation against the coup d’etat of dissatisfied people in the region. According to the latest UN victims of the conflict have become almost 5.7 thousand civilians. The problem of settling the Ukrainian crisis is discussed at the talks in various formats, such as during the meetings of the contact group in Minsk with the mediation of Russia and the OSCE. The next meeting of the contact group on February 12 ended with a full response to the Minsk Agreement, involving, in particular, the cease-fire in the Donbas from February 15, the withdrawal of heavy weapons and the establishment of safety zones. Shortly after the announcement of a truce in the Donbass resumed shooting, sides accuse each other of violating the “silent mode” and state that are only returned fire. Kiev considers the appeal to the UN and the EU on the introduction of Donbass peacekeepers.

What is agreed at the talks in Minsk

Negotiations “Norman four” held on February 12, passed amid a sharp deterioration of the situation in the Donbass provoked Ukrainian security forces that progressively forces began to storm the position militias. Following the meeting, the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany adopted a series of measures, involving, in particular, the cease-fire in the Donbas from February 15, the withdrawal of heavy weapons and the establishment of safety zones. Read the full text of & gt; & gt;

How is the Minsk agreement

The declared ceasefire, according to the parties to the conflict and observers observed throughout the contact line, except Debaltseve. Under this city, according to militia, the so-called boiler were about three thousand Ukrainian security services, while in Kiev denied environments. The last few days in the area Debaltseve, one of the largest transportation hubs in Ukraine, were clashes with security forces militias. Developments – in the plot RIA Novosti & gt; & gt;


James Marsh: Stephen Hawking came to the set night – Russian newspaper

On the 87th awards ceremony of the American Academy actor Eddie Redmayne won the “Oscar” in the category “Best Actor” for his work in the film “Stephen Hawking’s Universe”. 26 February this film presented at the “Oscars” in five categories, out in cinemas in Russia.

Director James Marsh this picture – and “Oscar winner”. Back in 2008, he was awarded the prize for a documentary “Man on Wire”. The film “Stephen Hawking’s Universe” (“The Theory of Everything”) Marsh took the book Jane Wilde “Journey to Infinity: My Life with Stephen”.

The action takes place in the early 60s at Cambridge University, where a student met the future famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane Wilde. In the film tells of the struggle with ALS Hawking, who led the young scientist to paralysis. The doctors said that he left to live no more than two years, but Stephen Hawking – one of the most famous contemporary theoretical physicists – proved the opposite. In an interview with director James Marsh told how Eddie Redmayne worked on quite a challenging role.

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How did you come for this project that attracted you to it?

James Marsh: The script was already written – at least its first version when I suddenly doubted my abilities. I know who Stephen Hawking, and was not sure if I could make this film. But when I read into the text suddenly realized that it – not a biopic, but rather an intriguing portrait of Hawking’s first marriage. When I finished reading the script, I realized that the emotional component – the heart of the history of relations between the two people. And the marriage itself, and those who pressured him, and third parties, which they seemed to help a pair of very good intentions – this is the drama. After that I started to work. In the process sucked and actors, and I felt their necessity to elaborate more about the characters.

In what way? Please add the number of scenes?

James Marsh: Not only. When they are in the process of creating the role of fighting for their characters – especially Eddie Redmayne, I had to help them sort out the details and ideas. For example, we were in the script stage, which is not quite true talked about progressive disability. And Eddie told me that he saw a very different behavior when he came to this clinic. As for Felicity (Felicity Jones plays in the film’s first wife Hawking – Note. SA. ) – it could some details to find Jane, and we just had to include them in the architecture of the script.

What was the most important thing for you when you were casting?

James Marsh: When I heard about the film and about the role of Stephen Hawking then immediately wondered who could play her. I figured. it would be nice to find someone in Britain. In the UK, a lot of good actors, but Eddie Redmayne – it was my personal choice. He was the first actor, I “saw” in the role. And during the first meeting, I was convinced that he has the courage and talent to play it. As for Felicity, I knew her previous acting work, and they have always intrigued me. She quickly agreed to cooperate – a bold actress.

What do you mean, speaking of the courage and fortitude Eddie Redmayne?

James Marsh: He knew what was coming, that this role will take months and months rather difficult physical and psychological preparation.

Both – and Eddie, and Felicity – known theater actors.

James Marsh: It was important to me. Eddie Redmayne beautiful theater. His training allows him to play the entire scene without interruption into small pieces. I wanted to get actors who can play an important stage completely and perfectly thus interact with each other – in this respect theatrical context was very helpful and Eddie, and Felicity. And it is good that they had played together in the theater – night after night. This made it possible to achieve the interaction between the characters, to which we have sought in the picture.

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Stephen and Jane were present on the set?

James Marsh: They divorced, as you know, so I had to go to them individually. I liked the female point of view, which is strong in itself, and it is important in this story. And then – it’s a memoir Jane. I met with her, and spent some time with Jane in Cambridge, trying to look at all of her eyes. By Stephen Hawking I came much later, asking for blessings to continue work on the film. He gave it to us, but without much enthusiasm. He did not mind, but not the light of joy. There was no such: “It’s great that you’re doing a film about my personal life and my marriage.” But he agreed with the script, and one day decided to come here to shoot at night …

How it was ?

James Marsh: Jane has also been on our site, but at other times. And when Stephen arrived, it was like that, like a spaceship is landing. With him were four or five people, and the lights shone his wheelchair somehow mysterious. It was quite a moment for Eddie. But I feel now that it was a challenge, as a test, after which they both passed. still think that Steven loved being there. When we came to the end of production, were in the process of editing, then showed him the film. It was a very exciting moment. It was difficult to discern whether he likes it or not. But I felt that he had received a his approval. In his own words: “What I saw in your film, it is generally true.” Finally, he offered us a voice in the final part of the film. From this final was even better.

Have you watched the BBC television movie about the life of Stephen Hawking with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role?

James Marsh: I purposely did not watch it. Decided that for me it will not be useful. Sometimes when you try to create their own interpretation of a story, not in your best interest to see a different view of the same things.

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