Wednesday, February 25, 2015

“Spirit of Fire” seared “Flowers” – Kommersant


in Khanty-Mansiysk ended XIII Film Festival “Spirit of Fire”. The main prize “Golden Taiga” received the tape “Flowers” Spanish directors Hon Haran and Hosa Marie Goenago.

The film “Flowers” – the future winner – was shown at the opening Festival and was immediately recognized as one of the favorites. And – a rare event – the love of “color” to combine many viewers with an international jury headed by Russian director Alexei Fedorchenko. The picture tells the story of three women whose lives were extinguished again revived emotions thanks to several bouquets of flowers. “Silver Taiga” was awarded the French film “The young poet,” directed by Damien Manivelya, “Bronze taiga” – the Hungarian film “inexplicably” Gabor Reis. Special prize of the jury went to the Ethiopian crime thriller “Oblivion.” And the president of the festival Sergei Solovyov gave his prize “Class correction” Ivan Tverdovskogo. Prize named after Alexander Abdulov for the execution of the best male lead actor was awarded Egor roots (the film “Brothers B”). Best female roles were two – prizes were given to Alexander Bortich and Marina Vasilyeva, played in the film Nigina Sayfullaevoy “What’s My Name».

The competition debuts Russian People’s Choice Award received “Complete conversion “directed by Philippe Korshunov. Written and creative producer Paul Sanaa, representing the film at the festival, said that the original picture was conceived as a thriller, but due to funding problems was transformed into a comedy. In rolling the tape with the eloquent title “complete conversion” will be released on March 19.

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