Friday, February 27, 2015

The tragedy of all mankind: scientists stunned provocative destruction of the museum in Mosul –

Despite the fact that terrorists destroyed monuments in Mosul do not have time to get into the UNESCO World Heritage List, the destruction of their experts call an irreparable loss and tragedy for all humanity.

Markus Hilgert , Director of the Museum of Western Asia (museums Pergamon), Berlin: “This is a huge irreparable loss not only for science but also for the cultural heritage and identity of Iraq. I think, first of all, this is a provocation in relation to the Western understanding of the culture, because all the destruction ?? is not only a part of the history of Iraq, it is still the world heritage. Secondly, on their part is a deliberate dissociation from the pre-Islamic heritage, to show that began a new vremyaischislenie. What I saw was a shock for me. I think this is an attack on all of humanity belonging values ​​that we maintain and study ».

Alexander Sedov , General Director of the State Museum of Oriental Art:” In Bomiane were destroyed Buddhist statues, which roughly fifteen hundred years, and in Mosul killed more ancient artifacts, but it does not matter. And in fact, in both cases are masterpieces, ancient monuments, which can not be restored, which we unfortunately lost ».

Michael Piotrowski , General Director of the State Hermitage” We must, finally, after all, to understand what’s going on such extremism in this form, when the most, maybe even the normal things reach the extreme, when it is necessary to cut to the quick. And I hope that everyone will understand it, because it seems this world does not understand. In this case, clearly destroyed the statue, about which it was believed that they offend the feelings of Muslim believers ».

shocked the world videos LIH gunmen posted on the Internet on the night of February 27th. Less than a week after they blew up the central library of Mosul and made bonfires of the most valuable manuscripts, both in the same Mosul they defeated Historical Museum. Sledgehammers and hammers they are crushing priceless statues and bas-reliefs methodically and with obvious pleasure.

UNESCO has already urged to convene an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the issue of protection of cultural heritage in Iraq.


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