Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dying young people against Tolkien – BBC

British students no longer read Tolkien’s Middle-earth, preferring magical hobbit dystopia “The Hunger Games” and “divergents».

Books John Tolkien fantasy classic first dropped out of the rankings the most popular children’s books in Britain, which is made for six years. Before “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” constantly appeared in the top 10 preferences English children of middle-aged and older.

Researchers from the company Renaissance Learning, made a rating of “what to read children» (What Kids Are Reading), studied literary tastes over half a million children in 2,700 schools in England. This study is conducted annually under the guidance of Professor Scottish University of Dundee J. Topping China.

«Tolkien remains popular among some students, but his book is not gained enough votes to enter into the overall top -20 “- says a representative of the results of research.

In the release also noted that the peak of popularity of Tolkien’s work came at the time of release of Peter Jackson’s movie trilogy” The Lord of the Rings “, and on children’s preferences in the future may influence and a three-part “The Hobbit”, which ended in December 2014.

Instead of Tolkien’s most sought-after author was an American writer and videobloger John Green, reports The Guardian. It was named Green the newspaper Wall Street Journal, for example, binds offensive “golden era of modern realistic teen fiction after more than a decade of domination books about the young wizard, sparkling vampires and dystopia».

His novel “The Fault in Our Stars”, released in 2012, is a grim romance teenagers slowly dying of cancer.

The book was forbidden in schools of American Riverside County in California for being too dramatic and speculation on the topic of death. However, this did not prevent the film company 20th Century Fox film “The Fault in Our Stars” – a film based on the book was released in rental Green spring of last year.

Following the Green in the ranking of preferences seniors are dystopia “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” The second part of the trilogy by Susan Collins, and “divergents” Veronica Roth, her first book of the trilogy. Both series also have been put on the screen, but if in the “Hunger Games” came three films (the premiere of the second part, “Jay peresmeshnitsy” is scheduled for autumn 2015), the “divergents” is just beginning – filmed only the first book, and the rest (” insurgents “and” Elligent “) while waiting in the wings.

It is noteworthy that in” The Fault in Our Stars “and” divergents “starring Shailene Woodley.

primary school students, according to research, prefer the book “The Demon-dentist” actor David Uolliamsa. In second place in primary school children located Liz Pichon comic “Tom Gates: My dizzying world”, and the third – “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” by JK Rowling.

«Students first five classes prefer more complex books than typical of their age – said Keith Topping. – Over time, this trend, unfortunately, is changing towards more simple books ».


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