Monday, February 23, 2015

In Los Angeles hosted the 87th Academy Awards. – Ekho Moskvy radio station

 Contrary to expectations, “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev was left without a gold statuette. Best Foreign Language Film was recognized Tape Polish director Paul Pawlikowski “Ida”. Creator karitny admitted that Oscar for his big surprise.

Well, the best film of the year was “Bёrdman” Alejandro Inarritu. During the awards director said that for his achievements in cinema should thank his people.

The winner in the category “Best Actress” was Julianne Moore, for the painting “Still Alice”. “Cinema should attract people’s attention to important issues,” – says the actress.

artists Best male actor Eddie Redmayn recognized for his film “Stephen Hawking’s Universe”. This tape is dedicated to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients. This is the actor recalled during the ceremony.

Rezultatey Oscar reflect the reality of our world, – says film critic Andrew Plakhov.

The award ceremony was “Oscar” was broadcast in more than one hundred countries around the world . Happened in the theater “Dolby” in Los Angeles has become a topic of much discussion in the social networks.

It is a long ceremony with restrained ambiguous, strange and unexpected jokes, embellished some memorable emotional speeches. So in a few words could convey what wrote about Oscar last night – as it should be in social networks, in a spirit of irony harsh and relentless criticism. As for the jokes, then there has got everything – and leading Neil Patrick Harris, and those who represented the winners, the winners themselves, and even the audience. Harris, it seems, will long remember his first words at the ceremony, in which some viewers heard racist jokes: “Tonight we celebrate the best and most whites, sorry, brilliant in Hollywood.” End quote. British The Daily Mail, after some users, drew attention to the behavior of the master during the awarding documentary filmmaker Dunns Perry. After she said that to dedicate this victory to his son, who committed suicide, Neil Patrick Harris spent laureate jokes about her dress, and a few minutes later appeared on the scene in his shorts, – a parody of one of the scenes of the film “Berdmen.” Another of his joke – about the difficulty in pronouncing the name of Briton David Oyelouo, who played Martin Luther King Jr. in the movie “Selma”, – he met the actor very eloquent grimace and memorable gesture, they say, not very well turned out. Critics Patrick Harris began to use these images for the characterization of the entire ceremony. They drew attention to John Travolta, who used the appearance before the cameras to suddenly kiss a few actresses – including Scarlett Johansson.

exploded twitter feminist performance Patricia Arquette, owner of “Oscar” for Best Supporting Actress in the movie “Adolescence.” Words that women who gave birth to all taxpayers and citizens of the world, fought for equality for others and themselves now have to acquire their rights – have caused outrage because the actress separated from feminist, quote, “people of color and gay, for which we fought so that they fought for us “.. intolerance seemed to many users of social networking and a joke actor Sean Penn – before presenting the award to his friend, director Alejandro Gonzalez Mexican Inyaritu. It was a short question, and I quote: “And who only gave this son of a bitch Green Card?” Sam Inyaritu shortly thereafter was marked by unusual comparison that the creator of the film “Birdman” used to explain why actors sometimes have to be to lead the country: “Fear – a condom life, it prevents you from enjoying what is happening. ” Birdman victory – both key categories – sparked outrage from conservative-minded Americans – fans patriotic war movie “Sniper”.

«Maybe he had not received special recognition in the land of Hollywood, but he got a lot of the people that must be respected, the American people” – leads the “Guardian” words by John Oliver. There were also claims of a purely technical nature, the most significant of which concerns the film “Vanished” – during the ceremony was disclosed this final films, which is based on the unpredictable plot twists.

The Russian “First Channel” promised to show a shortened version of the award ceremony “Oscar” is already short after 12 at night.


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