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Triumph “Oscar” became a Mexican Alejandro Gonzalez Inyaritu – RIA Novosti

WASHINGTON, Feb. 23 – RIA Novosti, Maria Chaplygin. movie “Berdmen” Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inyaritu became a triumph of the American “Oscar”, received the award for the screenplay, directing, cinematography and best film .

US kinoakademikov awarded on Sunday in Hollywood major film awards, at the 87th award ceremony “Oscar”.

“Today we celebrate the best and most beautiful in the sense beleyshih!” – So began the ceremony pun its host Nick Patrick Harris.

The fact that among the 20 contenders for the acting awards were not provided with any actor of Asian, African or Latin origin, has caused confusion and resentment. Film fans felt that the last time this happened back in 1998. On the eve of the awards social network users called for a boycott and not to watch the ceremony.

academics themselves, 93% of which – white, for his choice of nominees were not justified, and the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of the USA – Cheryl Boone Isaacs African-American woman – recalled the scene that filmmakers’ responsibility to make sure that every vote heard “.

At the same time, a film about the struggle of black people of America for their rights,” Selma “, stated in the nomination” Best Film of the Year “, was left without the main award.

Her received a picture of “Berdmen” Inyaritu. Announcing the winner, actor Sean Penn said: “Who gave him the green card (residence permit in the US)?”

“Selma” won a single award at the ceremony – for the best original song Glory.

meet the expectations

In general, the ceremony was smooth and predictable, leading only once appeared on stage in underwear and socks, prompting smiles and cheers in the hall.

Predictably reward for doing the best roles second plan received JK Simmons (“Obsession”) and Patricia Arquette (“Adolescence”). The actress brought only victory picture, to claim victory in six categories, including the title of “best picture” of the year.

Do not bring surprises and award for “Best Actress” it, as predicted by critics, was Julianne Moore for her role as Dr. Alice in the film “Still Alice”. “Oscar” for best actor Eddie Redmayne won for his role as scientist Stephen Hawking in the film “Stephen Hawking’s Universe” (The Theory of Everything). For a young actor it was the first nomination for “Oscar”.

The best film of the year was the picture of expected Mexican director Inyaritu “Berdmen.” Inyaritu three times up on stage theater “Dolby” – he also received the “Oscar” for best director and original screenplay.

His film tragicomedy tells about the fate of the once famous actor, who is preparing to play a role in the Broadway production, was submitted for the award in nine nominations and won four of them. Operator of this painting by Emanuel Lubezki kinoakademiki US awarded for the second time in a row, last year he won the “Oscar” in the same category for his film “Gravity”.

An equal number of statuettes earned picture directed by Wes Anderson’s “Hotel” Grand Budapest ” . She has been featured in four categories: for the costumes, makeup, music and staging.

Expected surprises

Contrary to expectations, the Russian audience, the film by Andrei Zvyagintsev “Leviathan” has not brought the “Oscar” of Russia . The winner of the award for “Best Foreign Language Film” won a picture of the Polish director Pavel Pawlikowski “Ida.” The history of the Holocaust, as predicted by Russian and American film critics, was understandable and timely.

 Edward Snowden. Archival photo

© AP Photo

won the award for” Best Documentary “won director Laura Poitras work” Citizen of four “( CITIZENFOUR) of former CIA officer Edward Snowden.

The most unpredictable of this year’s award for “Best Animated Feature”. Despite the fact that academics are not included in the number of applicants for the award in this category “Lego. The film “, he was not forgotten: master of ceremonies handed a copy of statuettes” Oscar “, collected from the designer” Lego “, the famous TV presenter Oprah Winfrey. Victory in this category, contrary to predictions, won the cartoon” City of Heroes “(Big Hero 6) Walt created Disney Animation Studios.

Home Annual National Film Awards USA – “Oscar” – awarded by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. statuette – the figure knight holding a sword in front of him and standing on a reel of film, five spokes which symbolize the five the very first guild Academy: actors, directors, producers, screenwriters and Cine.

Currently, the “Oscars” are awarded in 24 categories.


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