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Bloggers of the murder Nemtsov: “it is a challenge for all of us” – BBC Russian

  • February 28, 2015


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Boris Nemtsov was shot and killed on Saturday night in the Greater Moscow River bridge near the Kremlin

The murder of an opposition politician Boris Nemtsov Russian society is divided into supporters of the “theory of provocation”, which told the Russian authorities, and those who believe that a crime in one degree or another is guilty of the current political regime.

Users of social networks during the past days trying to understand what happened, put forward their own versions and just remembered Boris Nemtsov.

“He who rides a white car, and not somewhere else, but almost to the Red Square – to kill a former member of the Russian government, the face of the opposition – a lantern and video cameras near the Kremlin … – and killing is removed on a white car, holding a political demonstration, “- wrote in the” Facebook “political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky.

According to him, the murder – an appeal to the country and the authorities.

“Words are cast into bullets”

Many commentators, refraining from specific charges, see the cause of the death of Boris Nemtsov in the atmosphere that is created in the country of the current government.

“If the federal TV channels continuous river pours raving about the fifth column (which, incidentally, has launched in the course of Putin himself) … if the leader of the opposition at any time to bring to justice or just sit in the bullpen … – it is not very important to Putin personally gave the order … or put someone who believes Putin “wimp”, incapable of decisive action is not … “- says economist Sergei Aleksashenko.

He called the killing of opposition “the harsh truth of today’s Russia”.

“When a society such degree of hatred, ideological war with” liberastov “and could not result in anything else,” – says journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak.

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Boris Nemtsov was a vocal critic of President Putin and participated in the organization of many protests

The same idea develops journalist Ivan Vlasov: in his opinion, the supporters and opponents of the current government and its policies have a common enemy – the hatred. “If you do not win hatred – perish or friend another, or within yourself or as Nemtsov, really “.

The film critic Anton Dolin said that the death Nemtsov involved everyone who helped turn the word” democracy “and” liberal “in curses.

“The words are cast into bullets, my friends. In Russia, then certainly, “- wrote in the Dales” Facebook “.

” Electroshock opposition “

At the same time a considerable number of commentators hold “theory of provocation”, which, in particular, on the night of the assassination policy spokesman of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov.

Do you know what the worst thing in the murder Nemtsov in Russia? They chose the most moderate and balanced policy oppotsizionnogo.

Eugene Vorobiev, Polish analyst

“They shot Nemtsov. All this looks like a sacred victim near the Kremlin before the march of the opposition. How to Boeing for the next arrival on the EP, “- wrote in the” Twitter “singer Oleg Gazmanov.

” The unfortunate Nemtsov was sacrificed number march “Spring” – right under the date “all neatly.” His body – as electroshock to revitalize the opposition. “To come out”, “to anger”, – says Dmitry Olshansky blogger.

Another blogger Denis Tukmanov calls the incident “murder for export.” As evidence, he cites the crime scene – the center of Moscow – and the very figure Nemtsov, who, in his opinion, is not in itself capable of “placing on the Russian” Maidan “Millions of the crowd.” “But perfectly fit into the news for CNN and the BBC:” The well-known opposition and Putin’s personal enemy shot near the Kremlin “.

” Damn, someone they mean? Whose provocation and against whom ?, – writes journalist Darya Danilova. – Kremlin against the opposition and “Spring”? Yes it will spur even more split, and even more people will bring to the street. Opposition to the Kremlin? This is a series of “Mafia killed her to throw arrows”? Nonsense “.

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Many remember Nemtsov as an honest and charming man

The journalist Maxim Kononenko also doubts this theory: “When the beat Kashin, I called Deme Kudryavtsev – like how I can help – and he told me a wise thing: you do realize that with his manner and the terms of this communication could would be anyone. That’s the same way with Boris Nemtsov. It could be anyone, and the reason could be anything “.

However, he categorically rejected the version of the involvement of the authorities.” I do not remember that power has ever run into Boris Nemtsov. He does not interfere completely “- wrote Kononenko in the” Facebook “.

” The authorities of years left unpunished attacks and threats against Nemtsov, – said in the “Twitter” human rights activist Paul Pins. – It is ammonia and nets created the conditions for a Makarov pistol “.

” It is not in Russia back in the 90s, this world is not returned from the 40s, “- wrote in his microblog Ashot Gabrelyanov.


Foreign journalists and observers also reacted to the death of the Russian opposition.

“You know what the worst thing in the Nemtsov’s murder in Russia? They chose the most moderate and balanced opposition politician “- wrote in the” Twitter “analyst Yevgeny Vorobyov from Poland.

This is a staunch fighter with violence and lawlessness. irreparable loss.

Mikhail Kasyanov, co-chairman of “RPR-Parnassus”

“If you plan to kill someone, you are, of course, choose a place without security and surveillance, such as right next to the Kremlin,” – says the Swedish blogger Anders Östlund.

” until I can prove otherwise, I’m just going to assume that the same ghost super-hired killer removed Nisman and Nemtsov, “- says an American professor Daniel Drezner.

Dutch journalist Olaf Koons recalls:” Boris Nemtsov was a great sense of humor, his laugh every time rolled across his chest. Honest, charming man. That is what they are most afraid of “.

” I – the Germans “

” He was killed by my friend and colleague Boris Nemtsov. This massacre of staunch fighter with lawlessness. Irreparable loss. Grieve. The killer will be found, “reacted to the death of politics, former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov.

Deputy Director of Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in” Facebook “Nemtsov called the killing a tragedy and” challenge for all of us “,” Never knew him, nor when he was in power, or when left in opposition. But today, I – the Germans “.

” It was a noisy, honest, cheerful and sincere. I can not imagine how I wake up tomorrow with the idea that Nemtsov no longer call that here somewhere near him there, “- wrote in the night of the murder journalist Ilya Barabanov.


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