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Twilight of the Gods. As an “Islamic state” destroys the history of mankind – Arguments and Facts


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Guardian Angel could not resist the fanatics


The terrorist group “Islamic State”, whose activities are prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation, is the systematic destruction of fallen under the control of its monuments of ancient human history.


Guide UNESCO appealed to assemble an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with the situation in a controlled militants “IG” Iraqi city of Mosul.


Members of the terrorist group circulated on the Internet a video in which chronicled the destruction of monuments of pre-Islamic culture, is in the museum of Mosul.


Ancient statues were thrown from their pedestals, destroyed using sledgehammers and hammers.


Mosul about 2,700 years old, and all human activity in the area began at least 8,000 years ago. Mosul was founded on the banks of the Tigris River, opposite Nineveh – the ancient capital of the Assyrian state.


Around Mosul for many years conducted archaeological excavations, and many found curiosities age of a few thousand years were kept in the town museum.


Among the unique historical monuments destroyed by militants “IG”, and was the Sumerian sculpture Shedu – winged bull with a human face. In the mythology of Mesopotamia he symbolizes the guardian angel. Scientists call this sculpture irreparable loss.

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Manuscripts burn


After the seizure of Mosul in June 2014. militants started destroying everything that does not correspond, in their view, the canons of Islam. Already in the first month of his stay in the city they burned the church of III century. Were blown up and the “wrong” in the interpretation of “IG” mosques, in particular, a medieval mosque of the prophet Dzhirdzhisa (George).


A few days before the destruction of the statues militants blew up a library of Mosul. In the courtyard of the library was constructed a huge fire, which had burned about 10,000 rare books that make up the cultural heritage of Iraq. In addition to the books may have been destroyed, and other valuable items stored in the library of Mosul – in particular, the ancient astrolabe and hourglass.


Some commentators do not exclude that part of the valuable books were not destroyed and stolen to be sold to private collectors – Adventure “IG” do not disdain and similar income. Earlier in the “black market” has already appeared archaeological artifacts stolen from the museum, caught in the territories controlled by the “IG».


UNESCO hopes that the intervention of the UN Security Council, will facilitate the destruction of monuments of the ancient history of mankind.


The path of “Taliban»


The group “Islamic State” is not a pioneer in the field of modern vandalism. In 2001, the movement “Taliban”, controlled at that time most of the territory of Afghanistan, decided to destroy the famous monument of pre-Islamic culture of the country – two rock-cut sculptures of giant Buddha, located in the province of Bamiyan.


The sculptures created in III – V centuries, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are declared by the Taliban pagan idols to be destroyed.


Despite the protests of the international community, in March 2001, was a large-scale operation to destroy the statues. At first, they were subjected to anti-aircraft guns shooting and artillery, which greatly damaged the statue, but not destroyed. Later, the Taliban have placed anti-tank mines on the bottom of the niche so that when the fragments of rock fell from artillery fire, the statue would have received additional destruction of mines. Then, laid explosives into the holes in the statues. The face of one of the statues destroyed the missile strike.


As for Iraq, the historical monuments there are destroying not only the Islamic fundamentalists, but the US Army.


In 2009, UNESCO published a report stating that the ruins of ancient Babylon severely damaged during the war in Iraq. In 2003-2004 Babylon have been used by the US Army and its allies as a military camp for 2,000 people, which caused the monument to the history of a severe and largely irreversible damage.


Returning to the situation in Mosul, we must recognize that the world community has no effective leverage on Islamic fundamentalists, in order to stop the destruction of the cultural heritage of mankind. We can only wait for the release of Mosul and then calculate the amount of damage that can not be measured in money.


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