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In “Teatr.doc” were searched after the screening of Independence – BFM.Ru

In the cultural institution visited by representatives of the Ministry of Culture

Employees of the Ministry of Culture warned Elena Grameen, head of the Moscow “Teatra.doc” about the inadmissibility of showing films without rolling license. It is reported by TASS referring to the representative office.

The theater was searched. The police sealed it. As it became known earlier, “Teatr.doc was interrupted film about the events on the Maidan. This was done due to a call about a bomb. See also: to abandon the house. Theatre.doc left without placing

«Representatives of the Ministry of Culture came to the theater at the invitation of law enforcement officers to check the rolling certificate from the organizers of the event, which is on the site of the theater was called” screening of the film “- said in the ministry. If we follow the words of its employees, “the organizers could not in place to give any explanation”, and then was drawn up an administrative offense.

Today, Dec. 31, Grameen was summoned to the Ministry of Culture. As it turned out, “it warned about the inadmissibility of such violations in the future».


New Year’s Eve at the bottom: the Black and Okhotsk seas established holiday tree –

Magadan rescuers New Year’s Eve decided to spend an unusual action – set a festive Christmas tree at the bottom of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Immersed to a depth of about 10 meters into the icy water, divers dropped a little “green beauty” on a stand in the depths of the bay Nagaeva.

According to site rescuers Magadan branch of the Far Eastern regional search and rescue team of Emergency Situations, “Christmas tree installed three divers – Stanislav Sofich, Vladimir Klimenko and Nikolai EVSIKOV.”

According to reports, an unusual action was carried out in 20-degree cold. To a depth of daredevils have fallen in special equipment. “The tree rescuers established in honor of their professional holiday, which is celebrated on December 27 and the upcoming New Year,” – noted in the press office.

Note that the share of Magadan rescuers not too original – in at least two regions of the divers did the same. For example, these do snorkellers from Novorossiysk and Ust-Labinsk. Video of the descent into the water with tree published channel LifeNews . Dressed Christmas tree on the shore of the Black Sea, and then set it on the bottom. Around the tree divers staged dance and opened a bottle of champagne under water.

Before that similar action had divers Khabarovsk. They dressed up a Christmas tree, which was under water at a depth of six meters at the bottom of the pool, where the training of rescuers. As the RIA “Novosti” , one of the rescuers on top diving suit wearing a suit of Santa Claus.

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Fifteenth film first son. Ryazan saw the film by Sergei Bodrov “Seventh Son” two days before the premiere – RYBINSKonLine

It happened finally what all actors of the national cinema were waiting impatiently. Guests of the event were able to see the new film by Sergei Bodrov Sr. “The Seventh Son” two days before the premiere, which is scheduled for January 1, 2015.

The story in the film “The Seventh Son” goes about a young man who became the seventh the son of a seventh son.

This is the story of favorites, which is designed to witch hunts. This film will be a real balm for the soul for those who really loves quality fantasy. Earlier critics perceived with surprise choice of the director of the film on the children’s book “The Apprentice witch”, given that Bodrov was known for his works on the historical drama or ribbons.


“Theatre.doc”: police interrupted screening of the film about Ukraine – BBC Russian

  • December 31, 2014


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The audience managed to see only the first few minutes of the film, after which the police showed up at the theater

Police and officials of the Ministry of Culture interrupted documentary film about the events on the Maidan in Moscow “Teatr.doc” on Tuesday night, according to the management of the theater.

The film was stopped four minutes after it began – as stated by the police, based on the signal of the mortgaged building an explosive device.

“After they rewrote all the participants, about the bomb they forgot and the Ministry of Culture brave officers were sitting in the room and allegedly mined together with our technician watched the movie “- told BBC BBC director of the theater Elena Gremina.

Grameen summoned on Wednesday at the Ministry of Culture, which accused the show film without rolling identity.

“Representatives of the Ministry drew up a report on administrative offense. Director of the theater Elena Gremina today was invited to the Ministry of Culture, where she cautioned against such violations in the future, “- said the Ministry of Culture, in response to a request Bi-bi-si.

In this case, the head itself” Teatra.doc “said the incident” an attempt to intimidate “and states that for a single club show, held free to discuss, rolling certificate is not necessary.

” Innocent movie “

Police arrested playwrights Kurochkin and Vsevolod Lisowski, as well as the technical director Stanislav Gubin, allows you to display the movie.

According to Gremina, police, first claimed the alleged explosive device in the building, later reported finding “signs extremism. “However, at the police station this accusation they will not be met and talked about the lack of rental license. Later, the detainees were released.

” The film was completely innocent, as it turned out. Even people from the department of “E” told our lawyers, I did not find any extremism, which is the same as that shown on television, “- says Gremina.

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Despite the “signal bomb” instead of evacuating the police started to record passport data present (photo – screenshot from the video Askold Kurova)

The painting “Stronger than guns” creative association # BABYLON’13, which in late 2013 sormirovali 10 Ukrainian filmmakers to create a “chronicle of civil protest “.

” The film shows the evolution of Ukrainian realities: from spontaneous attempts to capture the Presidential Administration on December 1 to bloody battles on the ruins of the Donetsk airport “- said in the description of the film.

During the show in “Teatr.doc” viewers saw only the first few minutes of the film, which begins with the famous televised ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, during which he broke the handle.

The film was free, but the theater was a box raise money in support of filmmakers from Crimea Oleg Sentsova, which is in Moscow jail.

Earlier in December in Moscow showed several documentaries about the topic change of power in Ukraine. Fashion Almanac young directors “Euromaidan. Rough cut” and the painting “Maidan” Sergei Loznitsa held during the festival “Artdokfest” without incident.

The Ministry of Culture BBC BBC announced that its representatives came to the theater “at the invitation of law enforcement officers to check the rolling certificate from the organizers of the event”.

“The organizers could not in place to give any explanation,” – added to the Ministry of Culture, explaining the need to call the theater management the next day.

Rolling license?

Claiming that rolling license to show the film was not necessary, Gremina refers to media manager Helen Lapin, occupy, including positions in the Ministry of culture.

When the film show once, free of charge and in a format of club show, no rolling identity – traditional practices, quotes Lapin head “Teatra.doc”.

According to Gremina, display documentaries with discussions prescribed in the statute of the theater. Besides, nowadays even impossible to prove that they planned to show the entire movie, she added.

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“It looks as though there have passed the stage of some animals,” – said the head Theatre Elena Gremina

Head Theatre argues that went out of the room, where it talked employees Ministry of Culture, slamming the door.

“I thought I was made a courtesy, when I came. I thought that these people will regret and apologize [for damages], but in the end was a man who was rude to me and said: “Admit it, you want to show the entire movie.” In addition to the threats they were nothing to show, “- she said.

In this case, the Ministry of Culture said in a statement that the agency staff only limited to warning of” the inadmissibility of violations in the future “.

“trampled props”

As the Gremina, the police not only sealed the premises, and welded shut the door to the theater. However, they did not notice another entrance, which is why the staff of the theater could later get into the room and take a picture of scattered things.

“When I arrived, I saw a complete rout. Break down the door, open the safe, scattered documents trampled props. And it is not called “search” and “inspection of the scene.” Supposedly when they receive information that a bomb, then they have the right to do it all “, – the head of the theater.

As mark in the theater management, inventory has been expanded in the box and prepared to move. In October, Moscow authorities decided to terminate the lease agreement with the theater room in the basement of an apartment building in Trekhprudny Lane, and the theater is going to move into the mansion of the XVIII century between the metro station “Red Gate” and “Bauman”.

“I ask – where the notion of where seizure protocol? muddy answer me that everything would be then – described in the “Facebook” situation artistic director Michael intoxication. – And what about the bomb, evacuation, etc. – the question. moo. Apparently, this topic has disappeared. ”

According to Gremina pulled up to the scene lawyers said that the police acted relatively gently.

“What do you mean, you have to thank that the warning was so soft” – quoted by them director of the theater. – I do not want to accept that it’s okay. This is pure arbitrariness. We are not to blame, they did not find anything “.


Ministry of Culture Theatre.doc warned about the inadmissibility of film screenings without rolling certificates – Bulletin

The Ministry of Culture has warned the artistic director of the Moscow Teatra.doc Elena Grameen on the inadmissibility of film screenings without rolling license. It is reported by TASS referring to the press service of the Ministry of Culture. December 30 representatives of the Office arrived at the theater « at the invitation of law enforcement officers to check the rolling certificate from the organizers of the event, which is on the site of the theater was named « screening of the film.” At the site of the organizers of the show could not give any expl anation, said the press service. In fact the report was drawn up an administrative offense, and Grameen invited to the ministry.

Putting Teatra.doc sealed after the search →

On December 30 Tryokhprudny planned to show Ukrainian documentary film « Stronger than arms” about the events on the Maidan. Gremina said « Interfax” that during the show came to the hall and the police had to evacuate, citing the call of the pledged bomb in the building. In the room also came representatives of the Ministry of Culture, which has required it to explain why the show is held foreign film, which does not permit rolling, artistic director added. She was of the opinion that under the law the theater is entitled to a show.


Teatra.doc room sealed after a search – Lists

In the room Teatra.doc on the night of December 31, police conducted a Search, and then sealed the building. This is « Interfax” said the director and artistic director Elena Gremina. Tuesday night Theatre.doc going to spend the last event indoors in Trekhprudny Lane before eviction. Theatre evicted at the request of the Department of property of Moscow due to unauthorized alterations, he found new premises, has signed a lease and it was going to move.

On December 30 Tryokhprudny planned to show Ukrainian documentary « Stronger than arms” about the events on the Maidan. Gremina said « Interfax” that during the show came to the hall and the police had to evacuate, referring to a call about a bomb planted in the building . In the room also came representatives of the Ministry of Culture, which has required it to explain why the show is held foreign film, which does not permit rolling, artistic director added. She believes that by law, the theater has the right to a show. December 31, it shall submit to the Ministry of Culture of the documents confirming this right.

After the evacuation of the premises of the theater was searched. According Gremina was seized projector, a computer and a screen that shows a movie. Teatra.doc playwright Maxim Kurochkin, director Vsevolod Lisowski and technical director Stanislav Gubin were arrested and taken to the police department « Presnenskiy.” December 31, they were released without charge, according to 1 « ATS-info “. According to the portal, they are searched and interrogated about the purpose of your stay in the theater room.


Oliver Stone making a documentary about the intervention of the CIA in the overthrow of Yanukovych – Moskovsky Komsomolets

The author of the legendary “Platoon” has already visited Moscow and interviewed former Ukrainian President

Today, at 10:20, Views: 2082

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone, author of the legendary paintings “Scarface” and “Platoon” has decided to reveal the truth of exile Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine. This is a documentary in which sound very candid interview with former Ukrainian leader, and former senior security officials. Stone said he wanted to show a story that is not known in the West, namely that in the Ukrainian events attended a third party.

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Photo: AP

Oliver Stone.

The World and Russian audience knows these sensational pictures of Stone as “Scarface” (“Scarface” , 1983), “ARM” (“Platoon”, 1996). However, the Oscar-winning director known and movies on sensitive political topics. So at different times of the heroes of his film credits were President Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush. According to RIA “Novosti”, now the director started a documentary film about the Independence and the overthrow of the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. About Russian leader Vladimir Putin to shoot a feature film, he does not plan to, but I would like to interview him, “to show the view that Americans do not want to hear” – Stone said.

As for Yanukovych, something with it Hollywood director has already met in Russia in the framework of a documentary in English.

“I talked four hours Viktor Yanukovych in Moscow, discussing the new documentary in English, which is engaged in the production of Ukrainians” – said the director. He also said that the film will be presented details of the removal from power of Yanukovych.

Stone convinced that for the February events in Ukraine and the overthrow of Yanukovych’s worth a third party and this he explores in his film.

“The truth is not told in the West. This is a distortion of history, which is repeated, as it was in the days before the invasion of Iraq. I believe that the West will know the truth, and I hope that this will happen in time to leave further madness, “- said Stone.

The film will also feature Some representatives of law enforcement agencies at the time.

According to Stone, the killings on Independence guilty “party members”, which were introduced in the center of the city, with the assistance of the West.

“There are a lot of witnesses including Yanukovych and representatives of law enforcement authorities, who believe that these foreign elements were introduced pro-Western factions – not without the intervention of the CIA, “- said the director.

He also said that he had received indications that the Ukrainian” radicals -neonatsisty “prepared numerous attempts on Yanukovych during his escape from the country.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The network were previously unknown photos of Angelina Jolie – BBC

The Internet got photos of Angelina Jolie, who were shot in 1995, just when the band released the movie “Hackers” with her in the lead role. Photos, the author of which was a photographer Marcel Indyk, was made specifically for the promotional campaign ribbons, but for some unknown reason this survey were not published anywhere.

December 30, 2014, 14:04 |


In Moscow “Teatr.doc” was searched. According to the portal “ATS-Info”, arrested three people – Ekho Moskvy radio station

In the theater seized the equipment that was used for the screening of a documentary about the events on the Maidan. This was “Echo of Moscow” said artistic director Michael intoxication. According to him, the police did not report the reason for their actions. Earlier
show visitors were evacuated because of the allegedly planted a bomb in the building. A day before security officials asked “Theatre.doc” to cancel the demonstration movie.


The UAE has banned the display of drama Ridley Scott’s “Exodus, Kings and Gods” – RIA Novosti

Dubai, December 30 – RIA Novosti, Anna Chernova-Saliychuk. UAE authorities banned the display of the biblical drama directed by Ridley Scott’s “Exodus: kings and gods” because it contained “erroneous information” about Islam and other religions, said on Tuesday the UAE media. Earlier, a similar decision was taken by the authorities of Morocco and Egypt.

Permission to rent the movie in the UAE has not been issued by the National Media Council, which is responsible for the licensing of all film production.

“We can not show this film because the script contains many errors. Information about Islam and other religions are wrong,” R 11; said the representative of the Board of Ubaid al-Jumaa Lim (Juma Obeid Al Leem).

According to him, the producers and distributors of the film were asked to cut objectionable scenes for the show in the UAE, but they refused. The biggest objections authorities caused the manner in which the film is shown Moses (Musa), considered one of the prophets in Islam.

Cinemas UAE were informed of the ban on showing films in early December. They were required to remove all advertising materials mentioning the movie.

The film is dedicated to the legendary Ridley Scott exodus of Jews from Egypt, led by the Prophet Moses. Earlier, 77-year-old British director made such historical dramas as “1492: Conquest of Paradise,” “Gladiator” and “Kingdom of Heaven”.


Died very elderly owner of “Oscar” Luise Rainer – Interfax



Moscow. December 30. INTERFAX.RU – In London, at the age of 104 years died an American actress Luise Rainer, who was the owner of an elderly Award “Oscar”, reports the Associated Press.

Rainer died of pneumonia. 12 January actress would have turned 105 years old.

Luise Rainer was the first actress received two “Oscar” and the first who was awarded this award two years in a row. She received an Academy Award for Best Actress in the film in 1936, “The Great Ziegfeld” and a year later won the same award for her role in the film “Good Earth”.

After the death of Rainer most elderly owners of living ” Oscar “Olivia de Havilland left. In July 2014 she was 98 years.


In London, died winner of two “Oscars” actress Luise Rainer – Kommersant

 - & Gt;

The famous Hollywood actress, winner of two film awards “Oscar” Luise Rainer died in London today from pneumonia at the age of 104 years, According to December 30 TASS. The star of “Golden Age” of Hollywood was the oldest winner of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts. Rainer, who starred in such films as “The Great Zigfild” (1936) and “Blessed Land” (1937), the first ever received “Oscar” twice in a row. According to the only daughter of film star Francesca, her mother “was one of those people who, having seen once, never forgotten».







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Theatre.doc. A new life in the new year – Radio Liberty

January 29 non-state actors in Moscow Teatra.doc last came on the scene in the room in Trekhprudny Lane. Yule representation they said goodbye to the ground, where he worked for 12 years. However, the theater does not cease to exist. He rented a new building, which already passed Saturday, which was attended and dokovtsy, and volunteers. Begin life in a new place had to clear the room. Trash was so much that needed an impressive container.

On his page on facebook Head Theatre Elena Gremina reports: “In response to the endless questions, as well as for the past contract – one room, we do not “give” themselves looking for, with the help of our viewers found themselves, rented themselves – as you can, in fact, anyone will pay themselves “.

His modest habitable basement documentary theater plays, which is often referred to as abbreviated Theatre.doc leaves not voluntarily. In the fall accidentally learned that, it appears, in May the Department of city property in Moscow has decided not to renew with the independent theater lease. The reasons for initially just silent, then referred to some unconvincing circumstances. As if something is wrong with the redevelopment.

For regular visitors Doc (and he has a core of loyal viewers) no doubts: the authorities simply decided lime theater, whose repertoire, for example, dedicated to the deceased in Moscow jail lawyer Sergei Magnitsky play “18 Hour” or posing with the speaker called “BerlusPutin.” Even when it became aware of the impending trouble when negotiations were held about the possibility still continue to lease the theater continued to bend his line: theatrical reading of the play held prisoner Lefortovo Oleg Sentsova “Numbers”, expressed in relation to the Ukrainian director and playwright solidarity.

The terms of employment premises in Trekhprudny Lane expire on the last day of 2014. When any unsuspecting creative team was under threat of becoming homeless, had to urgently look for a new site. One option is followed by another, and then, finally, says Elena Gremina, the choice fell on the area of ​​the square with a cheerful name Razguliay:

– 25 December I signed a lease. We rented a small one-storey wing of the old manor Savigny-Zakrevsky. This is Spartacus Street 3, in which a very old Moscow area. We will be there with their hands a lot to do.

– Wing clearly running. There’s more work to be?

We were on the street without money, but with the project “Theatre.doc.” Theatre – people. What happened all rallied

– We looked worse places. The room does not leak, it has a floor that is already perfect. Work there is certainly a lot. But when we got their “Theatre.doc”, which is now forced to leave with great pain and sorrow, there really were ruins. Basement big house was in a terrible state. It was all in a much worse condition than what we have now become somehow arrange well. Helps us to one of our viewers, a very famous architect Oleg Carlson. Thank him that he had not abandoned us and took us under its patronage. But, again, pretty much going to do with their hands, because there is no money.

– But you raised money by Crowdfunding.

– This is true . Just one week on the portal Planeta managed to collect 425,000 rubles from the declared 500,000. These funds are needed to move and rent. But still, we understand that in the room, which we took, to be reorganization of theatrical life in a new place. You need to take care of a new ventilation, a new auditorium and so on. Now we were on the street without money, but with the project “Theatre.doc.” In a sense, the theater – it’s people. What happened all united such friendly atmosphere, great mutual. I am sure that we all move on.

– Who donated the money to you?

– do not donate, and it’s called – supported the project, bought the stock . In this case, the action – it’s part of our video archive in the form of three performances. We have all sorts of bonuses. The best way that people interested – this flash drive with recordings of performances “Teatra.doc” in good quality. We have not all, unfortunately, plays well written. But are well written, people will give to a flash drive.


Scene from “BerluzPutin”

A supported us all sorts of people. I was most impressed that they are from different cities. Most, of course, from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but there are people from Blagoveshchensk, from Novosibirsk, from Krasnodar, a lot coming from. I am very pleased that we know about. Of course, we are in some places were on tour. However, it is nice that we need people. The fact that so quickly this week we have collected nearly 425,000, is surprising because, in principle, on theater projects is not very good money going to the portal Planeta. It is much easier to collect music albums, books or some social projects.

– However, you financially supported. How do you explain it?

– We have 12 years of work. People write what they saw our so-and-so performance. You know how much we have performances over the years delivered, how many groups of us left! And some even became artistic director. For example, Marat Gatsalov , artistic director of the new scene Alexandrinka. He put us two performances. Director of the theater “Practice” Ivan Rhythm also started here. People remember where to begin their creative life. Probably has a value and that now we have worked very hard, no matter what.

When you expect to show the performances in the new building?

– We have in January is a program called “Theatre.doc on tour in Moscow.” We show our performances at other sites, something Zverev Centre for Contemporary Art, something “Gogol center” something on stage “workshop”, in general, at different venues. But, of course, at our new location on Razgulyai as only survived the garbage and carry coverage, we immediately make any representation. Maybe it will be on the Baptism in these New Year holidays. In normal mode, the new premises Theatre.doc will work in February – says Elena Gremina .


The President signed a law that increases the maximum amount of compensation on bank deposits twice – first channel

Vladimir Putin signed a law on personal bankruptcy. People who were not able to return the loans will be protected. In particular, the award may be given the opportunity installments. The new rules will apply from July 2015.

Vladimir Putin signed a law on personal bankruptcy. People who were not able to return the loans will be protected. In particular, the award may be given the opportunity installments. The new rules will apply from July 2015.

The citizen will have the right to declare their insolvency. The lawsuit also be able to submit the creditors. The court will hear the case if the amount of the debt is not less than 500 thousand rubles, and the debtor, as a minimum, three months does not pay the bills. After the recognition of an individual bankrupt can be made a new payment schedule for the next three years. If the financial plan will not be executed, the debtor’s property auctioned.

Another law, signed by Vladimir Putin regards the two-year tax holiday, which regions will be set for individual entrepreneurs to start businesses in the industrial, social and scientific spheres.

In addition, Vladimir Putin signed into law a two-fold increase in the limit of insurance payments on deposits of funds from the Deposit Insurance Agency. The final document adopted the State Duma and the Federation Council approved. Now, the state guarantees the refund of 700 thousand and one million 400 thousand rubles. Insurance protection to be deposits of individuals and individual entrepreneurs.

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BBC lift series on “War and Peace” – Russian newspaper

In January 2015, the BBC will begin shooting the film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace”. The Corporation stated this on Sunday, December 28 release published on its website.

It is reported that the shooting on the show will take place mainly in Russia, but also in Lithuania and Latvia.

See also

The author of the script was made by Andrew Davies, known for his work on the scripts on the works of Charles Dickens, William Thackeray, Jane Austen and Pasternak’s “Dr. Zhivago “. Davis said he wanted to adapt “exciting, funny and heartbreaking story of love” for the modern British audience. Director of the film will perform Edwin Thomas, Natasha Rostova play Lily James, remember the TV series “Downton Abbey,” Andrei Bolkonsky – James Norton, Pierre Pierre – Paul Dano (“12 Years a Slave”). Was produced by the creators of the series “Sherlock” Faith Petheyl and Bethan Jones.

The film will consist of six episodes; British viewers will be able to see it at the end of 2015 on the channel BBC One. His head Charlotte Moore believes that the series will be an important event for the channel, “” War and Peace “will inevitably become a major dramatic film of the year on BBC One – to work on the adaptation of Tolstoy’s epic masterpiece attracted brilliant team of actors and famous screenwriter Andrew Davies.”

“For me, an incredible honor to participate in this adaptation and play one of the most exciting and controversial characters of Tolstoy – Andrei Bolkonsky – says actor James Norton. – I can not wait to start working with a team of brilliant professionals – Harper, Davis and others “.

According to the Guardian, the budget picture is 10 million pounds.

In addition, the January 1, 2015 Audience fourth program on BBC radio can hear audiopostanovku” War and Peace. “


“Theatre.doc” found new premises, it is necessary to recover from an emergency condition –

Moscow theater documentary play “Theatre.doc”, forced to because of the decision of the Moscow authorities to leave the house in Tryokhprudny Lane, where it was located since 2002, moved to a new location.

The new building – a wing of the estate Savigny-Zakrevsky 1777 buildings on the street Spartakovskaya, 3, page 3. As reported in its Facebook theater director Elena Gremina, “destroyed everything inside the historical, there were only walls and facade.”

“No, we are not the room” gave “themselves looking for, with the help of our viewers found themselves, rented themselves – as you can, in fact, anyone – you will pay,” – said Gremina.

December 27 theater Saturday arranged for clearing the premises. “Today, I had hoped that the new dock on Razgulyai I ever fall in love. Once you were working today. Love creates love. Thank you, my friends,” – wrote Gremina after Saturday.

“The work there is to restore the sea, how much money should be unthinkable. But it’s not insurmountable. The theater can not be closed. Because we are not afraid!” – Wrote on Facebook chief director of “Teatra.doc” Mikhail Ugarov , by publishing the first version of the internal structure of the new premises of the theater.

Recall that in mid-December, the theater announced fundraising on the Internet at kraudfandingovom resource , to continue.

In 2015, in terms of “Teatra.doc” four interactive performance: “The dispute of two saints. St. Joseph of Volokolamsk vs St. Nilus of Sora,” “Eats, Blogs”, “The King and his servant. Running or stay? “,” In Search of the Holy Sacrament. ”

“And in the nearest future” Doc “: Polina Borodina, director Elena Gremina,” swamp thing “, Plato,” Feast “, directed by Seva Lisowski; Artem Mother, directed by Barbara Fair Shopping Centre,” Orphans “; Talgat Batalov Aleksey Krizhevsky, “Khrushchev”, “Philosophy of love and justice”, “The True Story of Medea from T”, “f *** GUSTs Office, Issue 6,” “New Life”, witness the show with former prisoners; ” First night scenes, “the draft of the Festival” Lyubimovka, “- said in a theater.

In the middle of October, it was announced that the Department of city property of Moscow unilaterally terminated the lease agreement with the theater because of” illegal redevelopment ” of the room in the basement of an apartment building in the alley Tryokhprudny that “Theatre.doc” shoots for 12 years.

In defense of the theater were artists from different countries, including British playwright Tom Stoppard and Russian director Ivan Rhythm, American theater critic John Friedman Russian actress and her band, Union of Writers, artistic director of academic theaters, 200 Russian playwrights, including Alexander Gelman, Nikolai Kolyada and Eugene Grishkovets appeal to the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin to support the theater signed on the Internet more than 6,600 people .

Director “Teatra.doc” Elena Gremina wrote a letter to the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin with a request to renew the lease and allow time to correct violations of redevelopment, but the answer was in early December another injunction to vacate the premises signed by the deputy head of department property.

“The Moscow authorities so people do not care about culture and theater, even if there was no response respectful to all those ardent letters respected in the community for people of culture trifling matter – renting the basement in the 172 meters? The rumors going around that this is a political decision. “18 Hour”, “Berlusputin” played Blogs by Maidana you read? At Occupy Abai played? At a rally in defense of prisoners on May 6 were? Readings prohibited Ministry of Culture plays do? Another list? ” – Wrote in early December in its Facebook Gremina.

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Information Internet resources

Culture Theatre // // Theatre.doc


“Theatre.doc” got a new location – BFM.Ru

It is expected to open in February

«Theatre.doc”, which was no room on the decision of the Moscow authorities, moved to a new site. This is on Facebook Contact Director Elena Gremina institutions. See also: to abandon the house. Theatre.doc left without placing

«Little mansion to clear up, between Bauman and the red gate. Outbuilding manor Savigny-Zakrevskogo 1777 building. Inside destroyed all the historical, there were only walls and facade. December 25 I signed the contract, this time we are not tenants and sub-tenants “- she said.

As stressed Gremina, theater” no room is not “given”: “Sami searched by our viewers, themselves found themselves rented. ” The opening is scheduled for February. Earlier, Director-General notes that the contract unilaterally severed without explanation.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

BBC begins in Russia shooting the film adaptation of “War and Peace” – Kommersant

 - & Gt;

British Broadcasting Corporation BBC in January 2015 in Russia begins shooting the film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace.” Work on the film will also take place in Lithuania and Latvia. It is reported by 29 December TASS. A screen adaptation will be shown on the first channel BBC television at the end of next year. It will consist of a series of six. The duration of each will be one hour. Author of the script of the film was made by Andrew Davies, the author of adaptations for film and TV screen novels of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, Charles Dickens ‘Little Dorrit’ by William Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair,” Evelyn Waugh “Brideshead Revisited,” Boris Pasternak’s “Doctor Zhivago “. He is also the author of the script of the popular series “Mr. Selfridge” and the film “Room with a View” on the novel by Edward For ster. Director of painting becomes a young British director Tom Harper. In the near future, the screens will be his last work – the horror film “The Woman in Black 2: The Angel of Death.” In the role of Andrei Bolkonsky will star British actor James Norton, known for his participation in the recent film by Mike Leigh “William Turner”. Pierre Bezukhov play American actor Paul Dano, starring in the role of a carpenter John Tibbits in the movie “12 Years a Slave.” The image of Natasha embodied a British actress Lily James, familiar to viewers around the world on the TV series “Downton Abbey,” where she played Lady Rose McClair, niece of the hero and his cousin Lord Grentama his daughters.



On Zaporizhzhya happened again unscheduled shutdown of one of the energobolkov – Prestupnosti.Net

Unit №6 of Zaporizhzhya NPP on Sunday, December 28, at 5:59 am disconnected from the network effect of protection against internal damage to the generator.

It is reported NAEC “Energoatom».

«Reactor installation is at 40% capacity. Causes tripping clarified “, – stated in the release.

Zaporizhzhya said that currently are in operation five units with total capacity of 4530 MW.

« The radiation background at the site and in the buffer zone (the area around the nuclear power plant radius 2.5 km) – 8-12 micro-roentgen per hour, which corresponds to the natural radiation background at the location of the Zaporizhzhya NPP, “- said in a statement.

Recall that in early December, “Ukrenergo” reported that due to emergency repairs Unit №3 Zaporizhzhya and low coal stocks in warehouses of thermal and hydro power system failure Ukraine lacks 10% of capacity. In different regions of the country continue rolling blackouts.

As you know, on December 1, throughout Ukraine, including in the Mykolaiv region applied graphics power outages due to the difficult situation in the energy system of Ukraine with the purpose of compliance targets for limiting power consumption.


Zaporizhia nuclear power plant – the largest energy facility in Ukraine and Europe with an installed capacity of 6,000 MW: the plant operates six power units of 1000 MW each .


“Theatre.doc” was released on Saturday – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Elena Gremina: “Moving to us – a real financial disaster. It is necessary to throw all that established and start life from scratch »

Today, at 18:53, Views: 13965

« Theatre. Doc », with which Moscow Property Department terminated the lease agreement unilaterally and without explanation, found a new roof over your head.

Recall that created this popular among intellectuals team in 2002 playwrights Gremina Elena and Mikhail Ugarov. It was located in Trekhprudny Lane, but will soon be moving to new premises. Photographs, which capture all those who came out on Saturday to bring it in order, are impressive, as well as the state in which the building is situated. We talk to the artistic director of the theater Elena Gremina.

– How you got a new building?

– We did not get it. We rented it. Having lost the right to rent our previous room, we were looking for another two months, saw a lot of options and finally found it. Signed a lease, repair and getting ready for the move.

– Judging by the photos, it’s killed structure?

– We do not get used. That the room in which we entered 12 years ago, it was still in a worse condition.

– And where is the new?

– Between the red gate and Baumanovskoy at the beginning of Spartakovskaya street, next to the church Yelokhovsky. This roam. The location is good. Very Moscow region with authentic buildings. There is a house of his uncle Pushkin – Basil L., house of Bruce, the famous restaurant “Razguliay».

– On what basis you are looking for a room?

– They were looking for a where landlords are not opposed to the fact that rent it for the theater. It was important that the theater was located in the non-residential premises, and where it is not necessary to keep the desk system, and the price would be available to us. Happened so that the space is suitable, and the ceilings were low for the theater. The hall will be larger than the former.

– what to do on a volunteer?

– We have come to spend the very first work, making space, filled with debris huge container. Before anyone came playwright Maxim Kurochkin. As a volunteer participated playwright Mikhail Durnenkov, director Vsevolod Yuzovsky, our artists.

– Why did you decide to do everything on their own? It was possible for someone to hire.

– Moving for us – a real financial disaster. It is necessary to throw all that established and start life from scratch. All about money.

– When expects to finish the repair?

– to be baptized, I hope, be discovered. We will do everything in parallel. The room, though the 18th century, but nothing inside the historic anymore. Some recent rotten structure.

– How to respond to your situation officials?

– Premises Department is engaged in property that is subject to the Moscow City Hall. In the mayor’s office turned a lot of people who wanted to help us. And, please do not was huge. Required just simply renew the lease with us. Wrote the Writers’ Union of Moscow, known artistic director Konstantin Raikin, George Taratorkin, Chulpan Hamatova two hundred known playwrights, such as Alexander Gelman. All were asked to leave our former premises. But it had no effect. All letters were answered and the Department of Culture said that it is not the state theater, and it has nothing to do. Astorgnut contract, and all we can do is to participate in the auction for the right to rent another room. The answer is quite opredelanny: you – not the state theater, so be on the same basis to fight rubles per room together with commercial organizations.

– You did not analyze who are the people who have made donations to support you?

– There are among them familiar names – directors, theater fans, but mostly strangers from different cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Blagoveshchensk, Krasnodar, many other cities. Donations ranged from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. The spread is huge. And this is very excited about us, because we are so quickly collected 500 thousand rubles.