Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ministry of Culture Theatre.doc warned about the inadmissibility of film screenings without rolling certificates – Bulletin

The Ministry of Culture has warned the artistic director of the Moscow Teatra.doc Elena Grameen on the inadmissibility of film screenings without rolling license. It is reported by TASS referring to the press service of the Ministry of Culture. December 30 representatives of the Office arrived at the theater « at the invitation of law enforcement officers to check the rolling certificate from the organizers of the event, which is on the site of the theater was named « screening of the film.” At the site of the organizers of the show could not give any expl anation, said the press service. In fact the report was drawn up an administrative offense, and Grameen invited to the ministry.

Putting Teatra.doc sealed after the search →

On December 30 Tryokhprudny planned to show Ukrainian documentary film « Stronger than arms” about the events on the Maidan. Gremina said « Interfax” that during the show came to the hall and the police had to evacuate, citing the call of the pledged bomb in the building. In the room also came representatives of the Ministry of Culture, which has required it to explain why the show is held foreign film, which does not permit rolling, artistic director added. She was of the opinion that under the law the theater is entitled to a show.


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