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Theatre.doc. A new life in the new year – Radio Liberty

January 29 non-state actors in Moscow Teatra.doc last came on the scene in the room in Trekhprudny Lane. Yule representation they said goodbye to the ground, where he worked for 12 years. However, the theater does not cease to exist. He rented a new building, which already passed Saturday, which was attended and dokovtsy, and volunteers. Begin life in a new place had to clear the room. Trash was so much that needed an impressive container.

On his page on facebook Head Theatre Elena Gremina reports: “In response to the endless questions, as well as for the past contract – one room, we do not “give” themselves looking for, with the help of our viewers found themselves, rented themselves – as you can, in fact, anyone will pay themselves “.

His modest habitable basement documentary theater plays, which is often referred to as abbreviated Theatre.doc leaves not voluntarily. In the fall accidentally learned that, it appears, in May the Department of city property in Moscow has decided not to renew with the independent theater lease. The reasons for initially just silent, then referred to some unconvincing circumstances. As if something is wrong with the redevelopment.

For regular visitors Doc (and he has a core of loyal viewers) no doubts: the authorities simply decided lime theater, whose repertoire, for example, dedicated to the deceased in Moscow jail lawyer Sergei Magnitsky play “18 Hour” or posing with the speaker called “BerlusPutin.” Even when it became aware of the impending trouble when negotiations were held about the possibility still continue to lease the theater continued to bend his line: theatrical reading of the play held prisoner Lefortovo Oleg Sentsova “Numbers”, expressed in relation to the Ukrainian director and playwright solidarity.

The terms of employment premises in Trekhprudny Lane expire on the last day of 2014. When any unsuspecting creative team was under threat of becoming homeless, had to urgently look for a new site. One option is followed by another, and then, finally, says Elena Gremina, the choice fell on the area of ​​the square with a cheerful name Razguliay:

– 25 December I signed a lease. We rented a small one-storey wing of the old manor Savigny-Zakrevsky. This is Spartacus Street 3, in which a very old Moscow area. We will be there with their hands a lot to do.

– Wing clearly running. There’s more work to be?

We were on the street without money, but with the project “Theatre.doc.” Theatre – people. What happened all rallied

– We looked worse places. The room does not leak, it has a floor that is already perfect. Work there is certainly a lot. But when we got their “Theatre.doc”, which is now forced to leave with great pain and sorrow, there really were ruins. Basement big house was in a terrible state. It was all in a much worse condition than what we have now become somehow arrange well. Helps us to one of our viewers, a very famous architect Oleg Carlson. Thank him that he had not abandoned us and took us under its patronage. But, again, pretty much going to do with their hands, because there is no money.

– But you raised money by Crowdfunding.

– This is true . Just one week on the portal Planeta managed to collect 425,000 rubles from the declared 500,000. These funds are needed to move and rent. But still, we understand that in the room, which we took, to be reorganization of theatrical life in a new place. You need to take care of a new ventilation, a new auditorium and so on. Now we were on the street without money, but with the project “Theatre.doc.” In a sense, the theater – it’s people. What happened all united such friendly atmosphere, great mutual. I am sure that we all move on.

– Who donated the money to you?

– do not donate, and it’s called – supported the project, bought the stock . In this case, the action – it’s part of our video archive in the form of three performances. We have all sorts of bonuses. The best way that people interested – this flash drive with recordings of performances “Teatra.doc” in good quality. We have not all, unfortunately, plays well written. But are well written, people will give to a flash drive.


Scene from “BerluzPutin”

A supported us all sorts of people. I was most impressed that they are from different cities. Most, of course, from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but there are people from Blagoveshchensk, from Novosibirsk, from Krasnodar, a lot coming from. I am very pleased that we know about. Of course, we are in some places were on tour. However, it is nice that we need people. The fact that so quickly this week we have collected nearly 425,000, is surprising because, in principle, on theater projects is not very good money going to the portal Planeta. It is much easier to collect music albums, books or some social projects.

– However, you financially supported. How do you explain it?

– We have 12 years of work. People write what they saw our so-and-so performance. You know how much we have performances over the years delivered, how many groups of us left! And some even became artistic director. For example, Marat Gatsalov , artistic director of the new scene Alexandrinka. He put us two performances. Director of the theater “Practice” Ivan Rhythm also started here. People remember where to begin their creative life. Probably has a value and that now we have worked very hard, no matter what.

When you expect to show the performances in the new building?

– We have in January is a program called “Theatre.doc on tour in Moscow.” We show our performances at other sites, something Zverev Centre for Contemporary Art, something “Gogol center” something on stage “workshop”, in general, at different venues. But, of course, at our new location on Razgulyai as only survived the garbage and carry coverage, we immediately make any representation. Maybe it will be on the Baptism in these New Year holidays. In normal mode, the new premises Theatre.doc will work in February – says Elena Gremina .


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