Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The UAE has banned the display of drama Ridley Scott’s “Exodus, Kings and Gods” – RIA Novosti

Dubai, December 30 – RIA Novosti, Anna Chernova-Saliychuk. UAE authorities banned the display of the biblical drama directed by Ridley Scott’s “Exodus: kings and gods” because it contained “erroneous information” about Islam and other religions, said on Tuesday the UAE media. Earlier, a similar decision was taken by the authorities of Morocco and Egypt.

Permission to rent the movie in the UAE has not been issued by the National Media Council, which is responsible for the licensing of all film production.

“We can not show this film because the script contains many errors. Information about Islam and other religions are wrong,” R 11; said the representative of the Board of Ubaid al-Jumaa Lim (Juma Obeid Al Leem).

According to him, the producers and distributors of the film were asked to cut objectionable scenes for the show in the UAE, but they refused. The biggest objections authorities caused the manner in which the film is shown Moses (Musa), considered one of the prophets in Islam.

Cinemas UAE were informed of the ban on showing films in early December. They were required to remove all advertising materials mentioning the movie.

The film is dedicated to the legendary Ridley Scott exodus of Jews from Egypt, led by the Prophet Moses. Earlier, 77-year-old British director made such historical dramas as “1492: Conquest of Paradise,” “Gladiator” and “Kingdom of Heaven”.


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