Saturday, December 20, 2014

That’S Great! In Moscow, opened the first museum of art deco collection Mkrtich Okroyan – Softcraze

Mkrtich Okroyan collection In Moscow will be another private museum. This will be the first Russian museum of Art Deco.

The idea and the person who will fund the museum made Mkrtich Okroyan. Building for the museum selected with a very interesting history, ancient, before it belonged to the Imperial Mint. Area of ​​the museum about 2 thousand square meters.

Mkrtich Okroyan famous collector and owner of the most famous art collection, which belongs to the era of Art Deco. He also wrote a book dedicated to Favorite “Sculpture Art Deco: The Origins and flourishing»

The collection assembled Mkrtich Okroyanom unique, it contains the works of such authors as iszvestnyh Ferdinand Preiss, Dimitri Chiparus, Jean Dunand, Edgar Brandt, Paul Follo and many other talented writers who create in the Art Deco style.

Collector for many years collects and carries around the world showing people their koollektsiyu beautiful. And for the last 10 years to carry out educational and research activities based on the collection.

Open Museum on December 19 this year, but to the public it will open its doors on December 23.

To Visitors to the exhibition will be open from 23 December this year.

Address of the exhibition. Moscow, Luzhnetskaya embankment, 2/4 p. 4

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