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“Theatre.doc” was released on Saturday – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Elena Gremina: “Moving to us – a real financial disaster. It is necessary to throw all that established and start life from scratch »

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« Theatre. Doc », with which Moscow Property Department terminated the lease agreement unilaterally and without explanation, found a new roof over your head.

Recall that created this popular among intellectuals team in 2002 playwrights Gremina Elena and Mikhail Ugarov. It was located in Trekhprudny Lane, but will soon be moving to new premises. Photographs, which capture all those who came out on Saturday to bring it in order, are impressive, as well as the state in which the building is situated. We talk to the artistic director of the theater Elena Gremina.

– How you got a new building?

– We did not get it. We rented it. Having lost the right to rent our previous room, we were looking for another two months, saw a lot of options and finally found it. Signed a lease, repair and getting ready for the move.

– Judging by the photos, it’s killed structure?

– We do not get used. That the room in which we entered 12 years ago, it was still in a worse condition.

– And where is the new?

– Between the red gate and Baumanovskoy at the beginning of Spartakovskaya street, next to the church Yelokhovsky. This roam. The location is good. Very Moscow region with authentic buildings. There is a house of his uncle Pushkin – Basil L., house of Bruce, the famous restaurant “Razguliay».

– On what basis you are looking for a room?

– They were looking for a where landlords are not opposed to the fact that rent it for the theater. It was important that the theater was located in the non-residential premises, and where it is not necessary to keep the desk system, and the price would be available to us. Happened so that the space is suitable, and the ceilings were low for the theater. The hall will be larger than the former.

– what to do on a volunteer?

– We have come to spend the very first work, making space, filled with debris huge container. Before anyone came playwright Maxim Kurochkin. As a volunteer participated playwright Mikhail Durnenkov, director Vsevolod Yuzovsky, our artists.

– Why did you decide to do everything on their own? It was possible for someone to hire.

– Moving for us – a real financial disaster. It is necessary to throw all that established and start life from scratch. All about money.

– When expects to finish the repair?

– to be baptized, I hope, be discovered. We will do everything in parallel. The room, though the 18th century, but nothing inside the historic anymore. Some recent rotten structure.

– How to respond to your situation officials?

– Premises Department is engaged in property that is subject to the Moscow City Hall. In the mayor’s office turned a lot of people who wanted to help us. And, please do not was huge. Required just simply renew the lease with us. Wrote the Writers’ Union of Moscow, known artistic director Konstantin Raikin, George Taratorkin, Chulpan Hamatova two hundred known playwrights, such as Alexander Gelman. All were asked to leave our former premises. But it had no effect. All letters were answered and the Department of Culture said that it is not the state theater, and it has nothing to do. Astorgnut contract, and all we can do is to participate in the auction for the right to rent another room. The answer is quite opredelanny: you – not the state theater, so be on the same basis to fight rubles per room together with commercial organizations.

– You did not analyze who are the people who have made donations to support you?

– There are among them familiar names – directors, theater fans, but mostly strangers from different cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Blagoveshchensk, Krasnodar, many other cities. Donations ranged from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. The spread is huge. And this is very excited about us, because we are so quickly collected 500 thousand rubles.


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