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“Theatre.doc”: police interrupted screening of the film about Ukraine – BBC Russian

  • December 31, 2014


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The audience managed to see only the first few minutes of the film, after which the police showed up at the theater

Police and officials of the Ministry of Culture interrupted documentary film about the events on the Maidan in Moscow “Teatr.doc” on Tuesday night, according to the management of the theater.

The film was stopped four minutes after it began – as stated by the police, based on the signal of the mortgaged building an explosive device.

“After they rewrote all the participants, about the bomb they forgot and the Ministry of Culture brave officers were sitting in the room and allegedly mined together with our technician watched the movie “- told BBC BBC director of the theater Elena Gremina.

Grameen summoned on Wednesday at the Ministry of Culture, which accused the show film without rolling identity.

“Representatives of the Ministry drew up a report on administrative offense. Director of the theater Elena Gremina today was invited to the Ministry of Culture, where she cautioned against such violations in the future, “- said the Ministry of Culture, in response to a request Bi-bi-si.

In this case, the head itself” Teatra.doc “said the incident” an attempt to intimidate “and states that for a single club show, held free to discuss, rolling certificate is not necessary.

” Innocent movie “

Police arrested playwrights Kurochkin and Vsevolod Lisowski, as well as the technical director Stanislav Gubin, allows you to display the movie.

According to Gremina, police, first claimed the alleged explosive device in the building, later reported finding “signs extremism. “However, at the police station this accusation they will not be met and talked about the lack of rental license. Later, the detainees were released.

” The film was completely innocent, as it turned out. Even people from the department of “E” told our lawyers, I did not find any extremism, which is the same as that shown on television, “- says Gremina.

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Despite the “signal bomb” instead of evacuating the police started to record passport data present (photo – screenshot from the video Askold Kurova)

The painting “Stronger than guns” creative association # BABYLON’13, which in late 2013 sormirovali 10 Ukrainian filmmakers to create a “chronicle of civil protest “.

” The film shows the evolution of Ukrainian realities: from spontaneous attempts to capture the Presidential Administration on December 1 to bloody battles on the ruins of the Donetsk airport “- said in the description of the film.

During the show in “Teatr.doc” viewers saw only the first few minutes of the film, which begins with the famous televised ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, during which he broke the handle.

The film was free, but the theater was a box raise money in support of filmmakers from Crimea Oleg Sentsova, which is in Moscow jail.

Earlier in December in Moscow showed several documentaries about the topic change of power in Ukraine. Fashion Almanac young directors “Euromaidan. Rough cut” and the painting “Maidan” Sergei Loznitsa held during the festival “Artdokfest” without incident.

The Ministry of Culture BBC BBC announced that its representatives came to the theater “at the invitation of law enforcement officers to check the rolling certificate from the organizers of the event”.

“The organizers could not in place to give any explanation,” – added to the Ministry of Culture, explaining the need to call the theater management the next day.

Rolling license?

Claiming that rolling license to show the film was not necessary, Gremina refers to media manager Helen Lapin, occupy, including positions in the Ministry of culture.

When the film show once, free of charge and in a format of club show, no rolling identity – traditional practices, quotes Lapin head “Teatra.doc”.

According to Gremina, display documentaries with discussions prescribed in the statute of the theater. Besides, nowadays even impossible to prove that they planned to show the entire movie, she added.

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“It looks as though there have passed the stage of some animals,” – said the head Theatre Elena Gremina

Head Theatre argues that went out of the room, where it talked employees Ministry of Culture, slamming the door.

“I thought I was made a courtesy, when I came. I thought that these people will regret and apologize [for damages], but in the end was a man who was rude to me and said: “Admit it, you want to show the entire movie.” In addition to the threats they were nothing to show, “- she said.

In this case, the Ministry of Culture said in a statement that the agency staff only limited to warning of” the inadmissibility of violations in the future “.

“trampled props”

As the Gremina, the police not only sealed the premises, and welded shut the door to the theater. However, they did not notice another entrance, which is why the staff of the theater could later get into the room and take a picture of scattered things.

“When I arrived, I saw a complete rout. Break down the door, open the safe, scattered documents trampled props. And it is not called “search” and “inspection of the scene.” Supposedly when they receive information that a bomb, then they have the right to do it all “, – the head of the theater.

As mark in the theater management, inventory has been expanded in the box and prepared to move. In October, Moscow authorities decided to terminate the lease agreement with the theater room in the basement of an apartment building in Trekhprudny Lane, and the theater is going to move into the mansion of the XVIII century between the metro station “Red Gate” and “Bauman”.

“I ask – where the notion of where seizure protocol? muddy answer me that everything would be then – described in the “Facebook” situation artistic director Michael intoxication. – And what about the bomb, evacuation, etc. – the question. moo. Apparently, this topic has disappeared. ”

According to Gremina pulled up to the scene lawyers said that the police acted relatively gently.

“What do you mean, you have to thank that the warning was so soft” – quoted by them director of the theater. – I do not want to accept that it’s okay. This is pure arbitrariness. We are not to blame, they did not find anything “.


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