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“Fir-1914″: the last peaceful holiday – Dni.Ru

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December 25, rolling out another sequel almanac” Christmas trees “- “Fir-1914.” Despite the claims of the genre – comedy, the film turned out quite disturbing and not at all like the previous part of the New Year’s franchise.

Photo: A scene from the movie “Christmas Tree 1914″

For the director’s chair in the continuation of the most popular New Year’s Russian kinofranshizy four years later returned Timur Bekmambetov. It was he who decided to move away from traditional schemes and transfer the film to 100 years ago – on Christmas Eve 1914. The painting consists of six short stories, whose action takes place in towns and cities across Russia, noble estates and peasant huts, at rest balls and harsh fronts of World .

Summary – called “King’s Christmas tree” – tells the story of how the cadet Ivan Filippov (Alexander Pahl) at the Christmas Ball is trying to care for a medical beauty Tatiana (Vera Panfilov) gets rebuffed, but not discouraged, and takes her promise to dance on the same tree one year. Plans hero prevents onset of the First World – trees not just relegated to the background – they are legally banned from power. But Ivan and then hands down and decide not to collect a million petitions in support of the festival.

This story runs through five other novels “trees.” While in Petrograd save trees in sunny Anapa zapravsky dandy Boris (Ivan Urgant) tries to evict a hapless businessman Eugene (Sergei Svetlakov) bought out of the family estate, and the royal gendarme Peter (Arthur Smoljaninov) is torn between service and love for figure skating, to be exact – to his charming partner Elizabeth (Catherine Spitz). At the same time, the famous singer Feodor Chaliapin (Ildar Abdrazakov) helps children Nastya (Sophia Hilkova) and Gregory (Daniel Izotov), ​​begging for medicines for my mother, a peasant Senya (Anton Bogdanov) and yard Bear, whom he trained, trying to separate the extravagant master (Jan Tsapnik), got a beast hunting, and fellow students Grisha and Dima (Alexander Domogarov ml. and Alexander Golovin) are recorded in parallel and volunteers fighting for the attention of a beautiful lady Catherine (Anna Khil’kevich).

Call historical movie still can not – too much in it for this genre of fiction. If only because that tree in 1914 no one in our country is not prohibited. But we have to admit: tape came out, maybe not so funny, but it is sincere, honest, and the level of drama is much greater than the previous part of the “trees” . And helps the selected time – the events unfolding on the eve, objectively speaking, the last peaceful Christmas and a heavy foreboding future unfortunate events does not leave throughout the film. It seems – why take such a hard period for the country, and even before the New Year, when the Russians anxiously watching the immersion of the country in crisis, on the contrary, they want to escape?

But do not be disappointed in advance – “Christmas trees in 1914,” in spite of everything, drenched optimism . And my mom is recovering, and the bear is saved, and the skaters win, and most importantly – allow tree and light across the country despite the hunger and devastation. It was very patriotic and it is suitable to create a Christmas mood , and positive emotions in our difficult times, and have fun on holidays without impacting hangovers head. Total – seven points out of ten.


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