Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Teatra.doc room sealed after a search – Lists

In the room Teatra.doc on the night of December 31, police conducted a Search, and then sealed the building. This is « Interfax” said the director and artistic director Elena Gremina. Tuesday night Theatre.doc going to spend the last event indoors in Trekhprudny Lane before eviction. Theatre evicted at the request of the Department of property of Moscow due to unauthorized alterations, he found new premises, has signed a lease and it was going to move.

On December 30 Tryokhprudny planned to show Ukrainian documentary « Stronger than arms” about the events on the Maidan. Gremina said « Interfax” that during the show came to the hall and the police had to evacuate, referring to a call about a bomb planted in the building . In the room also came representatives of the Ministry of Culture, which has required it to explain why the show is held foreign film, which does not permit rolling, artistic director added. She believes that by law, the theater has the right to a show. December 31, it shall submit to the Ministry of Culture of the documents confirming this right.

After the evacuation of the premises of the theater was searched. According Gremina was seized projector, a computer and a screen that shows a movie. Teatra.doc playwright Maxim Kurochkin, director Vsevolod Lisowski and technical director Stanislav Gubin were arrested and taken to the police department « Presnenskiy.” December 31, they were released without charge, according to 1 « ATS-info “. According to the portal, they are searched and interrogated about the purpose of your stay in the theater room.


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