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Joe Cocker gone into eternity – Moskovsky Komsomolets

A deadly disease took hero Woodstock

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Speaking frankly, this artist got into eternity while still alive. When Joe Cocker was healthy and appeared on stage, being physically close to their fans, it was already called great. No skeptic, none even the most sharp-tongued and snappy music critics could not argue with that. Actor rightly called one of the few most powerful vocal rock and blues artists, whose hits have become world famous.

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On the music Cocker grown for several generations. The famous soundtrack for the film “9 1/2 Weeks» «You Can Leave Your Hat On», ballads «Unchain My Heart», «My Father’s Son», later «N’Oubliez Jamais» French still listen to blues lovers harmonious music from small to large. And this is not the whole list of well-known songs of the master. For example, one more thing that deserves attention – composition «Up Where We Belong», which is heard in the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman,” won the “Oscar” as the best song of the year and was also awarded the “Grammy».

The last few years, Joe Cocker struggled with lung cancer, and eventually illness, alas, I conquered. He died in the US state of Colorado, in the town of Crawford. Overcoming the pain, he went to the site to the last and, until recently continued to compose music. Over the past ten years, he has released five studio albums and a lot of traveling with a tour of the countries of Western and Eastern Europe. Last year he came to the concerts in the Baltic States, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. And while fans knew about his illness, looking at him during performances, they could not imagine that their idol will not soon.

It is no accident once, after Joe Cocker at Woodstock festival site , he was nicknamed “dispersing clouds”: people told me that over the field was going to rain, but strong Joe supposedly disbanded storm clouds his voice. This beautiful legend was not born in a vacuum: husky baritone Cocker really sounded like the voice of Zeus, blues, which can control the elements. By the way, remembering the same Woodstock, largely thanks to the name of this artist festival subsequently joined the list of legendary: his speech at the open-Eire in 1969 still referred to it as “a triumph”. After this he received another his famous nickname – “white master black blues».

From an unknown humble guy that made its debut with a cover of The Beatles «I’ll Cry Instead» in the midst of the golden age of rock and roll in 1964, when the sample to its place in the sun was very difficult, Joe Cocker is not just become a well-deserved musician, he was awarded the OBE.

He started with The Beatles compositions and it so happened that it was a soloist of the Fab Four, Sir Paul McCartney, one of the first to express its sincere condolences to the family, friends and all listeners Cocker orphaned without his idol, about his death. “Really very sorry, he was a great guy from the north, I loved it as much as many – Paul said in an interview with a foreign media – I like the way he sang. I was also pleased when he decided to perform a cover version of our song «With A Little Help From My Friends». I remember them with producer Danny Cordell came to my studio on Savile Row and gave a listen to your record. It was awesome, they completely transform this song and turned it into a real anthem style soul. I have always been grateful to him for that. ” “Goodbye and God bless you. Joe Cocker from one of his friends – peace and love “- wrote in his blog another ex-member of The Beatles Ringo Starr. Many coll eagues have already left the scene on the web kind words in memory of Joe, shared their memories and the most vivid stories about him.

Despite the natural talent and strength of character, not easy Cocker were given his laurels. Artist of the way was difficult, rough and thorny. He was born in the English town of Sheffield in the family clerk, was the youngest child in the family, the future of which the parents are somehow not particularly thought of. When the boy grew up, he spent some time assistant gas welder, and then threw a boring thing, came up with a nickname Vance Arnold and began performing in clubs with the songs of Ray Charles and Chuck Berry. His team of musicians he romantically named “The Avengers.” In 1963, in their street had a feast: the band performed at City Hall the opening act for the legendary Rolling Stones. But after that the actor had to work hard even before it fell first success. Soon, he assembled a new team of Joe Cocker Big Blues, which did not last long and was disbanded after the accident, when, during a speech at the scene failed musicians. Next was a collab oration with Chris Stainton, who Cocker later called “the greatest musicians of our time».

It is in their overall team The Grease Band Coker began to show itself as an original artist, working not only with songs by other artists, but also with copyrighted material. Yet the hallmark of Joe Cocker for the passage of a large musical world was just a cover of The Beatles, which remembered and Paul McCartney. When the released version of the composition Cocker «With A Little Help From My Friends», she was immediately appreciated and listeners and critics with her, he spoke to the accompaniment of Jimmy Page in America at the Ed Sullivan Show, which was at that time a launching pad for many stars. His performance he fall in love with the public.

After that, everything went like clockwork: participation in television programs, the largest rock festivals, endless touring. Very quickly Joe Cocker became a millionaire, his first three albums certified platinum. Inspired by fame, he made records one after the other, but there was a downside – a musician addicted to drugs, which is why he started having problems in work and personal life. A little later, getting rid of one addiction, he went to the other and began to drink very much. For many years he fought addictions. He later recalled that he was destroying himself mentally, physically, and very sorry about this.

Joe Cocker helped to get out of his beloved woman, Pam, who in 1987 after several years of relations became his wife. In the same period, the group The Crusaders Joe invited to sing a song «I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here Today», which was written especially for him. In 1992, he made his triumphant speech at the ceremony, “Grammy” when standing ovation.

In Crawford, where Joe Cocker and spent the last years of life, he moved to the 90s. Although it was rumored that the actor settled down and focused solely on invested capital, the actor did not justify these assumptions, continuing still actively engaged in music. Legends continue to leave one after the other, that the saddest thing – not leaving a replacement. Last year was not Lou Reed, now gone, Joe Cocker, and if you try to ask yourself the question: “Who of young musicians claims to rise to their level?” – This question, alas, may remain unanswered.


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