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DNR representatives and LC: the date of a new round of negotiations under the Minsk question – TASS

MINSK, 24 December. / TASS /. Meeting of the contact group to resolve the situation in Ukraine ended in Minsk. This was reported by a correspondent. TASS from the scene.

The talks lasted about five and a half hours.

Date of next meeting in question

Date of the next round of negotiations Minsk is open to question. This was announced by the authorized representative of the Donetsk proclaimed the People’s Republic (DNI) Pushilin after a meeting of the contact group. Meeting of the contact group in Ukraine in Minsk wore a preparatory character and took seriously, he said.

“Passed heavy preparatory meeting, disclose the items and the results to the next meeting is not quite correct in relation to the parties,” – quoted him as saying Donetsk news agency.

Earlier it was reported that about the possibility of holding another meeting on December 26. In this regard, Pushilin said that the date and time of the next meeting, “is open to question” and “is in discussion”.

Chapter DNR Alexander Zakharchenko also said that the plenipotentiary representative of the NPT at the talks in Minsk Denis Pushilin informed him on the progress and outcome of the December 24 meeting of the contact group.

“The official representative of the Republic (Denis Pushilin) ​​has informed me about the meeting in Minsk,” – said Zakharchenko Donetsk news agency.

who attended the meeting

At the talks in Minsk attended by ex-President Leonid Kuchma, the authorized representative proclaimed DNI Dennis Pushilin, plenipotentiary representative declared LC Vladislav Dane and a representative of the OSCE in Ukraine Heidi Tagliavini, and the Russian ambassador to Kiev Mikhail Zurabov.

Earlier, on December 24 the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko said that the main issue at the meeting in Minsk will be the situation with the exchange of prisoners.

“The question we (party) will discuss, it still will change if we (the captives format) “all for all” – he said Donetsk news agency.

At the same time Zakharchenko said that did not give any orders to go to the negotiating envoy DNI Dennis Pushilin relatively other possible issues. “After the Minsk talks (Pushilin) ​​I will report those issues that there were sounded. And we’ll make some decisions,” – he said.

Other meetings of the contact group

In the course of 5 in Minsk on September meeting of the Contact Group, which was attended by representatives of Kyiv, regions south-east of Ukraine, OSCE and Russia agreed on a peace plan and agreed on a cease-fire.

Two weeks later, on 20 September, the contact group on Ukraine adopted in Minsk Memorandum defines a mechanism for administration and maintenance of the ceasefire. The document consists of nine items which, in particular, include a ban on the use of all types of weapons and the removal of the contact line of 15 km on each side of weapons with a caliber exceeding 100 millimeters. Control over the implementation of the Memorandum has been entrusted to the OSCE.

In order to get back to doing the Minsk agreement parties to the conflict announced on December 9 “silent mode” in the area of ​​military operation in the Donbass. And in Kiev, and DNR stated the need to start the withdrawal of heavy weapons, to carry out the exchange of prisoners and the demilitarization of the region.

These issues are still on the agenda in the conflict. Thus, the presidential press service of Ukraine Poroshenko, reporting on a telephone conversation the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France, noted that “the sides agreed on the need to carry out all the items Minsk agreements, including the issue of the ceasefire, the yield on the line of demarcation, which is fixed In a memorandum dated September 19, the withdrawal of troops and heavy weapons, as well as the early release of all the hostages “.

At the same time, it is the agenda of the next meeting in Minsk has become a” stumbling block “for a long time to agree a date which prevented her conduct. As reported on December 17, Vladislav Dane, the republic is ready to negotiate only on the condition that the agenda will include questions on the abolition of the decrees Poroshenko on the socio-economic blockade of Donbas, on the enactment of laws on the special status of the region and the amnesty.


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