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Russian Santa Claus gave the Finnish book with a portrait of Putin – a REGNUM

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Santa Claus and Joulupukki traditionally met at the border cranberry (Vyborg district of Leningrad region) and gave each other gifts and children. As it is today, December 23, the correspondent of IA REGNUM , the Russian grandfather gave the Finnish book with Putin’s portrait on the cover, and the Finnish Russian – Gadget – Universal charger for your phone, which, by mutual agreement, will facilitate communication. Following the “fabulous” protocol, each of the wizards came to the meeting place at the appointed hour: Santa Claus and Snow Maiden – the Russian side, and Joulupukki – the Finnish.

After a short concert and the traditional dance of participants responded to questions journalists, and then the Russian grandfather went on a visit to the Finnish, where Russian Santa Claus will meet with Finnish children and training to harness these deer.

Santa Claus spoke about the November online conference in which grandparents tried to find out what gifts meetings and waiting children. And on the issue of sanctions and the difficult economic situation, replied: “There are things that, like the weather, we can not influence. But where a good winter tale begins, and it is a place for you every heart, there is no place for hatred. ” He added: “I understand that you are referring to the currency exchange rates, but I think, as usual, – accept the situation and live on, hoping for the best».

Present at the meeting of Santa Clauses vice-governor of external and regional Relations of the Leningrad region Hermann Brain is a traditional pre-holiday called the message “a shining example of public diplomacy”, noting that Russia and Finland have long-standing partnerships. “Do good deeds and magic has no boundaries. We sincerely welcome Finnish counterpart on its territory, but today Joulupukki and our Santa Claus sent in Lappeenranta on the big city festival. More fifteen years ago, we came up with the Vologda Region program, which is called “Christmas without borders” – he said.

«By the way, this is the wish of Santa Clauses countries signed an agreement on long joint congratulation children “, – said the head of the Vologda region in the North-West Federal District Vladimir Medvedev .

As the head of the City Council of the city of Lappeenranta Heikki Järvenpää ,« regardless of the situation in the world – political and economic – we want to continue to meet annually, to delight children ».

Recall that in the past year were more gifts household and not politicized: Finnish colleague has presented a set of Russian sauna, and Our Santa Claus Joulupukki – boots.


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