Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Eugene died Tatar – TV channel “TV 100″

Petersburg kinotseh bereaved. On the 77th year of life left director and screenwriter, People’s Artist of Russia Yevgeny Tatarsky. Farewell to the honored worker of arts will take place on Friday in the first pavilion “Lenfilm”. On the same day the funeral Tatar in the cemetery in the village Komarov. About legacy, master – “Neva time”.

This 19-minute short film, which begins after the director Yevgeny Tatarsky became known not only in the Soviet Union, but also beyond. Thesis “The fire in the lodge” in ’73 on the move has won the Grand Prix of the festival in Munich. If there had been a failure in Eugene Tatar attempts to enter the Theatre Institute, working as a loader at the studio “thumbnail” and severe post-war years of life.

From the first to the last scene in the Tatar never had any problems with the cast member. He starred stars of Russian cinema: Michael Gluzsky, Alexander Abdulov, Oleg Jankowski, Donatas Banionis and, of course, Oleg Dal. Psychological detective “Gold Mine” has long been in the rank of cult films. Several years ago, Yevgeny Tatarsky confessed that this film in his filmography might not be.

When one success followed another, colleagues kinotsehu became known as Eugene Tatar “lucky director.” Evgeny Markovich in such cases is usually applied one of its main qualities – an incomparable sense of humor.

At the dawn of the ’90s is not the easiest year for domestic cinema famous director takes on the low-budget series about the everyday life of the employees of criminal investigation. The first series “Cops” turned the idea of ​​Russian serials. Actor Yuri Kuznetsov, long before the “Streets of Broken Lights” was filmed in Eugene in the Tatar detective “Necklace Charlotte.” For the role of the criminal, as he says Kuznetsov, he did not come out face. But the director really believe in it.

In his memoirs that have come out recently, Eugene Tatar recalls its brightest pages of biography and movie remains true to himself, when in the book prefers to tell more about their friends and colleagues, and only a little about yourself.


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