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In rolling out the film on a main rock idol 90 Kurt Cobain – Russian newspaper

Premiere “Devil’s installation” – a biographical film about Kurt Cobain – was held in February: at the Independent Film Festival “Sundance” film has great reviews. Now he goes into limited release in Russia.

Although it is not the first documentary about one of the main heroes of the youth 90s, but certainly the most interesting. On the one hand, no sensational details from the life of an idol of his fans do not know, but on the other – an incredible openness of the narrative, built on the rare documentary evidence, has the effect of “full immersion” in Cobain’s head, staggering at times.

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The director Brett Morgen worked on the film for eight years collecting rare, including previously unknown archival records: drawings, diaries Cobain, his dictaphone recordings and home movies, memories of friends. Morgan has received unprecedented access to the personal files of the musician, who after his death was divided between the parties and relatives Cobain Nirvana. It is known that precursor Morgen had problems with this – after the scandalous film-investigation, “Kurt & Courtney” in which the creators have put forward the version that the widow of Cobain – Courtney Love, could have ordered the killing of the actor, Love reluctant shared information and documents related to the dead man, but co-produced “Devil’s installation” made the daughter of Cobain and Love – Frances Bean Cobain, which clearly facilitated the task of collecting information for the director.

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Morgen tries to reconstruct the inner world of the artist in his development – from early childhood to the last days before his suicide . The film is largely built on the animated inserts made on the basis of drawings and poetic passages in the notebooks of the musician, and the world that produces a terrible impression – predatory babies in the womb, demonic creatures, blood, eyes glazed in terror – these pictures come to life imposed on Cobain’s songs . But the most sinister impression, perhaps, produce endlessly repeating lines derived close handwriting Kurt – “kill yourself, kill yourself …”. On the last album there’s a song Nirvana “I hate myself and want to die” – the musician said it was “a joke”.

In the film, Cobain appears the man doomed to suicide. Eternal difficult teenager who hates the world, suffering from daily unbearable stomach pains – at some point he just tired to suffer.

However, the film does not produce depressing – it lacks moving, sentimental music – on home videos made by couples and friends Courtney, Cobain many jokes, playing with the child – year-old daughter Frances, and in general, a man appears light and ironic. “I love my daughter so much that she is willing to give up for the sake of the music – if music begins to hurt her,” – he says Cobain and Love says that if Kurt did not die, they certainly would have got many more children. Cobain wanted to create a normal family, which he never had, and the image of Kurt-family man in the film adjacent to the organic way Kurt-sociopath and a drug addict, or even contradict it.

“Devil’s installation” – a documentary film of incredible power with drama and successfully constructed with high-quality editing. On the downside can be attributed unless insert animated Cobain, by means of which the director is trying to re-create any visual undocumented episodes from the life of Kurt – these scenes are stylistically somewhat out of the story, but the overall impression is, of course, do not spoil.

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