Wednesday, September 30, 2015

“Museon” Gorky – BBC

From September 30 in Moscow will be one less than the Museum: Art Park “Museon” joins Gorky Park, whose name and receive a new structure. The decision taken by the Department of Culture of the city – as the report says, according to the order №867 and recommendations of the supervisory boards of the two organizations. Also consider the report on the audit of financial and economic activity “Museon».

Director extended Gorky Park will be the head of the “Museon” Elena Tyunyaeva.

«At the moment, the union is expected staffing and Gorky Park” Museon “. I am not now going to deal with cuts, “- she said” ».

However, the reduction of one already known: a contract with the director of the Gorky Park Olga Zakharova ended on 30 September and will not be extended. Zakharov headed Gorky Park in the fall of 2011, after the appointment of the previous director, Sergei Kapkova, head of the Moscow Committee of Culture. Tyunyaeva also topped the “Museon” in “time Kapkova».

Sergei Kapkov left the department in March of this year; he was succeeded by Alexander Kibovsky about five years by the Cultural Heritage Department of the city government.

Combining the two institutions have started to discuss further with the kapok, a decision that is supported by Sergey Sobyanin, in principle, it was in line with of Gorky Park. Its territory has expanded – it was attached Boring garden, and in November of 2013 – and the nature reserve “Sparrow Hills”. “Museon”, located across the Garden Ring from the Central Park towards the city center, will extend a common recreation area near to the Kremlin.

Tyunyaeva noted that the difference between the two parks only in concepts : in the “Museon” emphasis on museum, exhibition and educational activities, and in Gorky Park more sports activities.

At the decisions could affect different subordination. Central Park is included in Mosgorpak that unites all the parks of the capital, and the “Museon” – it is a museum, but with attached Crimean embankment. But Tyunyaeva noted that the main in the “Museon” was a park element.

«All activities under way” Museon “all activities that are carried out, the improvement that has been made, the main activities – the open space on the territory of the park, “- said Tyunyaeva” ».

Part of the” Museon “takes the Tretyakov Gallery and the Central House of Artists; Gorky Park is also a Museum – Center for Contemporary Art “Garage».

«These areas historically developed in parallel, but in different directions. Association of institutions does not mean that you need to radically change the concept of development. They are well and wisely complement each other “, – concluded Tyunyaeva.

Now the area of ​​Gorky Park is 250 hectares, it annually accounted for 14 million people; the “Museon” performance about 10 times lower – 23 ha and approximately 2 million visitors.

On the near Gorky Park and association “Museon” became known this week. He told the news agency TASS a source familiar with the situation. When Zakharova Gorky Park was the concept of development until 2018, half had carried out the restoration of cultural heritage (in the park of 26). In addition, as described ex-director told the newspaper “Kommersant”, the park has become profitable – in the year he earned 755 million rubles.

Zakharov also said that non-renewal of her contract were not warned; however, there was no proposal for further work in the Park.

According Tyunyaevoy, it is going to work within the existing concept of development and end all to its activities. However, she admitted that she is not familiar with the concept in its entirety.

Creative Director Central Park Daria Beglova told “” that the reasons for dismissal are not clear Zakharova. It also announced its intention to leave the place of work.


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