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Leonid Yakubovich revealed shocking secrets of the museum of the “Field of Miracles” – SoftSraze: actual and objectively


Once the gifts brought by the participants in the program “Field of Dreams,” “met” all visitors Television center “Ostankino”. Glass windows are located directly at the entrance, and everyone who came in a television center, just teplelo the soul, says “WG».

After a while, the entire contents of shelving moved at ENEA – Museum “Fields Wonders “decided to create there. It is understandable – in a sense, all that gave leading popular TV show – the achievements of the national economy. But in a year when the program “Field of Dreams” marks 25 years, the permanent exhibition presents decided to open again in the Telecenter – a place of honor – in the central hall. And it was the right choice. And after this exposition will be opened and the Museum. Because all the gifts that are brought to the program, placed in the hall of “Ostankino” – is unrealistic: then would there no room for the passage of anyone.

« We have long thought, looking at gifts, it – Museum or not? But then we decided that yes – it’s a real Folk Museum «, – says the curator of the Museum of” Fields of miracles “Valery Pereverzev.

Leonid Yakubovich, who leads the TV show was almost a quarter-century (up to a leading Vladislav was a sheet), the question browser “RG”, could it be a tour guide at the museum, she said no. Like, tour guide – is a separate profession.

However, there Leonid Abramovich is likely to flirt – who but he remembers all these gifts – he tried on in the studio, these costumes, took their hands often are unseen the first thing and tasted the products … My God, looking at all this, it is clear that the talented left-hander in our country will never run out. What to bring to the program? And Portrait Jakubowicz made on … a grain of rice, and the sword, and the sword, and the costumes and dolls (including face Jakubowicz) and other dolls and drawings, and crafts … One way to join the program – write crossword . Among the gifts there is a wooden hut, one wall of which is a real puzzle. Do crossword puzzles, made on the back of a toy turtle, there are embroidered, there are bound. There are dishes with the image of the master (for example, plates, vases and coasters), handmade lace parasol, little boxing gloves. And, of course, a bottle of vodka and tomato-cucumber in the pot. They are on display in the foreground. However, in a private conversation with journalists Leonid Abramovich admitted that all this – casts:

«Do you think that this brew would remain? How do you imagine that? »


One of the museum exhibit is especially valuable. This – the famous black box. When the program just created, and there was no special tools, instead of the black box to use … the old trunk of the accordion. This is where the prizes are handed down to the studio.

Leonid Abramovich says that not all the participants bring to the program as gifts, come to the museum:
»There are things who gave immediately after the shooting. For example, the icon ».

Cigarette, pierced by a bullet, presented the Hero of the Soviet Union – How can you take a gift? I return to the Order, the insignia.
Part gifts after three years of storage has disappeared. In one case, it flooded the room where he kept the exhibits.

Then, lost a lot of stuffed animals, because it is homemade. Some gifts eat-drink – of course, they are also not included in the exhibition.

In the 25 years of the program the participants were presented with over 75,000 prizes. It machines and kitchen appliances, televisions and … cabbages.
But our people also did not remain in debt. Over the period of “Fields of miracles” in the studio of the master was served about 50 thousand gifts. If they are lined up in one line, it will be longer than eight thousand kilometers. We often criticize our TV shows because they copy overseas, oblivious to the fact that we ourselves have a program (and not one), which we can be proud of. Yes, her idea once Anatoly Lysenko “spied on” the American “Wheel of Fortune.” But in what other country of the world there are people who do not go to the quiz for a prize, and a prize.

The red ribbon Leonid Yakubovich and Alexander Lyubimov, the general director of the TV company “look”, which makes the program was cut by shears. To celebrate the opening of the Museum of “Fields of miracles” pastry baked a huge cake in the form of a drum. To get a piece of the hands of Leonid Yakubovich, lined up wanting. Especially struck by a woman. She trustingly leaned her head on the shoulder of the drive to take a picture that only confirms – everywhere he perceived as his own. Because our television is only three programs, which come to the studio audience, not invited extras: KVN, “Evening Urgant” and “Field of Dreams.” The program in the studio looked more than 187,000 people. About the same number live in a city like Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Participants in all the years of existence of the transfer was 12 thousand. You can imagine how much donated.

But only list the most amazing gifts: Largest – brick oven with a crossword puzzle; the worst – a table of an airplane wing; sharpest – a samurai sword; the longest – five meters long sausage; the strangest – pot; the most frequent – pickles and wine and liquors products.

And the rest – come see for yourself. Probably will tour.

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