Monday, September 21, 2015

The verdict in the case of the death of “Locomotive” will read three days – Russian newspaper

The verdict in the case of the collapse in September 2011 of the aircraft with HC “Lokomotiv” on board last Yaroslavl until Wednesday.

The sentence announcement which, like the beginning the process of resonant case was transferred to the city’s largest courtroom in the building of the Dzerzhinsky District Court, called interest-only media: the announcement of the victims came to no more than two or three people. However, in the process also involved units.

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According to prosecutor Helen Ronzhin, during the preliminary investigation, which lasted three years, was a tremendous amount of work: a large number of examinations conducted, analyzed thousands of pages of various documents. During the trial, questioned more than a hundred witnesses, examine all 60 volumes of the criminal case. And all the investigated materials, according to the prosecutor, confirmed the guilt of the former deputy director general of the organization of flight operations of airline “Yak-Service” Vadim Timofeyev, who made an untrained crew to fly, which led to the tragedy.

In addition, prosecutor reported that the main criminal investigation of the crash of the Yak-42 hockey players is still in the production of IC, that is, the investigation of him continues.

In contrast, victims clear idea of ​​what happened September 7, 2011 near the airport “Tunoshna” and, most importantly, why, even after eight months of the trial and did not happen. But this nuance – the continuation of the investigation of the main criminal case – has caused them a lot of questions, the answers to which they have not received. Relatives of the dead hockey players interested, in particular, why the head of the pilots accused it of badly prepared, if the fault of these pilots have not yet been established. More or less logically thinking person this question did not ask can not.

– How can you distinguish the case where nothing is finished, nothing is not clear to you or to us ?! – I asked at a recent meeting of the court Angelica Yarchuk. – If we do not know the degree of fault of the pilots in bad preparation accused Timofeev that this man doing here?

As you can see, it’s got a resonance not only because of the death of an entire hockey team, but also because of the diametrically the opposite position, which eventually turned out to be the state prosecution and the victims. The first asked for the defendant six years of imprisonment in a penal colony, the second (lost in the disaster sons!) The defendant sympathized with and spoke against the fact that he was deprived of freedom.

Because of the large volume of evidence base and evidence the verdict turned out extremely voluminous, so reading it will take three days. The court was told that the operative part will be announced on Wednesday, September 23.

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