Thursday, September 24, 2015

In Moscow, brought the work of the controversial sculptor Anish Kapoor modernity –

On passing the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, as a special guest of the works of well-known British sculptor Anish Kapoor, Vedomosti reported. In particular, the exhibition “My Little Homeland”, which is open for visits to the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, to the public are four of the wizard.

«Dirty Corner” Kapoor exhibition in June this year at Versailles, became one of the most talked about works of art of recent months: many considered obscene sculpture and recently vandals have painted it at all anti-Semitic slogans. However, the exhibition in Moscow this story special is not relevant, as presented here work can soon be immersed in hypnosis than provoke aggression.

According to art historians, favorite targets of British artist are convex and concave mirrors of gigantic proportions, embodied in polished steel. Moreover, his sculptures often resemble a certain hourglass, where the sky and the earth periodically reversed. And sometimes it is a common bean, or a drop of polished steel. That is, the master of his work trying to turn the idea of ​​the world, twisting it inside out and playing up to the viewer.

Jewish Museum 4 shows a sculpture dedicated to the relation of the object and space, but the interpretation of them is not important: the work Kapoor important not to understand, and to feel. This can be done by observing the results of experiments with the color of the artist, who from his property becomes subject matter itself. A strong argument in favor of such experiments became titular work “My scarlet homeland” – 25 tons of red wax, which leveled slowly moving steel cube. Homeland in this case, becomes a metaphor for the body, and the contemplation of how it changes under the inexorable progress of the cube-time fascinating.

Contrast wax bulk constant transformation of the” Refuge. ” Standing in front of this yellow concave steel discs, it is impossible to determine its size and shape, and color, which exists outside of space as if sucked into itself. Job “My body – your body” uses the same technique: the “hole” in the wall absorbs the viewer and gives a new experience of the matter.

It is believed that the work of Kapoor are a mirror image in the sculptures by Jeff Koons – the same material, the same game with the scale, the same ability to puzzle the viewer. Meanwhile, far from it, as Koons appeals to viewers of immaturity, returning it to the world of childhood. But Anish Kapoor no longer work with the object of desire, but with the look and its possible limits. In fact, it works with the space, allowing the viewer to see yourself next to this space, at the same time protecting and closes it.


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