Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In Moscow, presented the award “Nika” – Russian newspaper

Furious spring snow did not stop the filmmakers who have gathered for their holiday in the theater “Russian Song”. After all, in a new place in the 28 th time awarded the prize “Nika”.

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Theatre – spacious instead of everyone, were scored and balconies, and an amphitheater, and takedowns. The main difference between “Nicky” this year – that the ceremony took place faster than usual. The first on the scene rose president “Nicky” Andrei Konchalovsky and welcomed the guests. I must say that the guests on “Nick” as usual gathered nobles: Xenia Christmas, Stanislav Sadalsky, Pavel Astakhov, Alexander Rodnyanskii, Vyacheslav Telnov, Boris Berman, Cyril Razlogov, Vyacheslav Fetisov. Already begun prize and they all arrived and arrived Maxim Dunaevsky, Inna Churikova, Yuri Grymov, Daria Moroz and others.

“Year of funky we have. How many paintings Well, it started last year. How many artists both young and independent, which is removed and iPhone, and with his own money. The Academy has chosen this year, not without difficulty, “- said Andrei Konchalovsky.

The second innovation in the” Nike “- each of five films, caught in the category “Best Film of the Year”, presented at this time especially. For example, Alex Kortnev sang one of his greatest hits, introducing the film Yuri Bykov “Fool”. Actress Lisa Arzamasova rose into the air, like a real gymnast, presenting a picture of Alexander Kott “test”. Mikhail Efremov presented the film “Hard to Be a God” in verse. I must say that it is “hard to be God” was the triumph of the first part of the ceremony. The first prize for the best non-fiction film, was awarded the film “Koktebel stones,” directed by Andrei Osipov. The second – for the best music for the film – was awarded to Alexei Aygi for the film “Test”. And already the third “Nick” gave the film “Hard to be a God.” Award for best sound got Nikolai Astakhov. On stage to receive the prize went Alexei German Jr. and Svetlana Karmalita. Alexei German Jr. said that it Astakhov “pulled the film, when the pope was gone.” Svetlana Karmalita also admitted that the scoring pattern was given not only.

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The film “Hard to Be God “was recorded in the category” Best Actor “and” Best Costume Designer “. Award for Best Supporting Actress Darya Moroz received for her work in “The Fool”. “Nick” for Best Supporting Actor Roman Madyanov received for the film “Leviathan.” Recall that it is in the same category was awarded to the film awards and “Golden Eagle”.

In the “Discovery of the Year” goddess of victory was marked by a young director Ivan I. Tverdovskiy – for the film “Class of correction.” In the “honor and dignity” prize was Leah Akhedzhakova – famous actress award handed Naina Yeltsin and Inna Churikov. During the presentation Akhedzhakova shown a video message by Eldar Ryazanov. This point was one of the most moving in the ceremony.

By the time the reader will get a newspaper, has all the nominees will be announced. In the category “Best Director” declared Herman Sr., Zvyagintsev and Konchalovsky. In the category “Best Actor” put forward Artem Bystrov (“Fool”), Alexander Zbruev (“Movies about Alexeyev”), Alexei Serebryakov (“Leviathan”), Leonid Yarmolnik (“Hard to Be God”). Among the contenders for Best Actress Agnes Kuznetsova (“Yes and yes”), Elena Liadov (“Leviathan”), the North Yanushauskayte (“Star”).

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