Monday, March 30, 2015

“Tannhauser” outraged Novosibirsk – Dni.Ru

About three thousand people disagreed with the statement “Tannhauser,” directed by Timothy Kuljabina during a rally in Novosibirsk. Released per share people believe that staged were trampled Christian values.

Photos Eugene Kurskov / TASS

About three thousand people took part in the rally today, “In Defense of shrines and religious feelings” in Novosibirsk, expressing their opposition to the performance of the opera “Tannhauser “directed by Timothy Kuljabina. Rally in front of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet conducted residents, according to which the staged version Kuljabina were trampled Christian values ​​.

“We are against the blasphemous statement Kuljabina” – said the rector of the cathedral Alexander Alexander Nevsky Novopashin. In turn, the State Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev, who also came to the meeting, said that the main thing in this situation – “to prevent a split in society.” “Art ennobles, but it can not offend, – he said. – We are not talking about the attacks on the theater and not even the most opera” Tannhauser “and its interpretation, which allowed certain people. And it is these people and must answer before the law “, Tass quoted parliamentarian.

Setting the opera” Tannhauser “at the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre insulted the feelings of believers and offended many people, said State Duma deputy Olga Kazakova.

“I can not relate positively to the production of” Tannhäuser “. Things that offend the religious feelings of people who may not deserve respect,” and the opera “Tannhauser”, “playing at a very vulnerable topic, offended many “, said the deputy.

According to the legislator, the work of other filmmakers show that it is possible to create interesting things, not playing” on the verge “. “We can do without nude scenes, mat, without violating moral principles. You can do all this without good performances and they will go to the audience,” – says the MP. “Why are our directors do not use moral compass? Why in favor of cash collection should be done such inclusions that break all moral principles ?”, – Asks Kazakova.

A member of the Federation Council Science, Education and Culture Sergey Scheblygin in an interview with Dnyam.Ru said that he fully shares the indignation of outraged people. “What is happening on the stage in this production, makes thoughts be with the protestors “, – said the senator.

The legislator said that people are protesting because they saw on stage, distorted the original meaning. “People do not take when classical formulation has no relation to the director fantasies that suddenly voluntarily converts it. Postmodernism is not just simply goes beyond common sense, as is often the case, and the scope of some even the rule of law, “- said Scheblygin.

Recall performance opera” Tannhauser “was staged at the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre in December 2014. Action postponed it today. In the version of the director Kuljabina knight Tannhäuser was changed to a filmmaker, and Jesus Christ became a hero erotic film , which he takes off.


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