Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Harry Potter and The Hunger Games – BBC

In the box “divergents, Chapter 2: insurgent” – continuation of the story of the destruction of caste society of the future, with no place for individuality.

At the end of the first film of the saga of post-apocalyptic teen divided into five factions world its balance cracked in several pieces. Firstly, calculating Scholars coup by cutting humble renunciation.

Secondly, the daughter of the head of Renunciation Tris Pryor was divergents – prone to service in all fractions universal soldier, and thus the threat of habitual way of life.

Now, Tris and her lover Faure forced to seek support from the Friendly (smiling farmers send them to hell) and rogue – marginalized underclass, which is headed by the mother Handicap. The leader of the erudite Jeanine meanwhile tries to open a message from the mysterious Founders laid the foundations of the local community, and for this purpose it needs the best divergents, ie Tris.

Novel Trilogy “divergents” was written by a very young Veronica Roth and instantly became a bestseller in the wake of the popularity of “The Hunger Games”, in which a new franchise like teenage entourage.

The first picture of the cycle, which was released a year ago, put Neil Berger – one of the best contemporary genre directors, the director of “The Illusionist” and “Limitless.” “Divergents” under its control debuted on the screen is quite worthy of a novel about the future of education (which, incidentally, for the teenage audience was too much death).

The picture looked like the best films of the Harry Potter saga, directed by Alfonso Cuaron level, able to hide behind cliches scenario visual ingenuity.

In the case of “divergents” in this role effectively furnished vision heroine like whether on a surreal experience, Terry Gilliam, whether on postmodern horror of the “Astral”.

At the site “insurgents” took the director’s chair for the film “RED” and “Time Traveler’s Wife” by Robert Schwentke, that even the most brilliant ideas can make a pretty average movie, but with wonderful actors. This is what happened with the “insurgents.” Kate Winslet in each input frame turns to his own performance, even it is a pity that in the future the two films her character, apparently, will not.

But, obviously, is Naomi Watts, which finally came out of the budget line clone Nicole Kidman and every next film is playing better and better.

However, in these great acting job no director’s merit alone professional experience performers. This is particularly evident by how helplessly looked on screen leading lady Shaylin Woodley – clearly a talented actress, but has no idea that she had to play.

However, the sci-fi blockbuster could do without the brilliant acting, rather it would be visionary and courage that the author “insurgents” is also, apparently, is not familiar. Instead of spectacular visions from the first film Schwentke quite meticulously transferred to the screen all the typical teen movie cliches. As a result, particularly in the opinion of the writers dramatic episodes of the most intolerable “insurgents” is easily calculated on 20 minutes ahead of any audience over 15 years, making the two-hour session in the exhausting struggle with a yawn. Well recommend it, apparently, can only be the teenage dystopia fans who need to kill your appetite at any cost before the finals of “The Hunger Games.”


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