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Traveler around laughing – Kommersant

Arkady Arcana, satirist with a quiet voice and good taste, was hospitalized on 14 March. His death was the result of acute heart disease on the background of long-standing problems of cancer.

The future writer was born in 1933 in Kiev. Repressed his father with his mother had to wait at Vyazma. When his father, the supplier by profession, yet released, the family moved to Moscow. I went to school in Krasnoyarsk, evacuated, and then returned to the capital, where in 1957 he graduated from the First Medical Institute and married singer Maya Kristalinskaya, with whom he lived in a marriage just a year. In 1960, together with Grigory Gorin, also a graduate of the first medals, actively wrote texts for a variety of television and radio.

At the same time young authors on the recommendation of the editors changed their names: Steinbock became Arkanov and Ofshteyn – Gorin. In 1966 Arcadia Arkanov works first published in book form: with Gorin, Eduard Uspensky and Felix Kamov he gave his stories in the collection “Four under one cover.”

But the most famous achievement Arcadia Arkanov in 1960 was the text “Orange Song” (1965), written to them again together with Grigory Gorin. “Orange Song”, which was originally sang the young Georgian Irma Sokhadze – unconditional Soviet pop masterpiece that has survived many interpretations. Copyright attended Arcadia Arkanov eventually forgotten mass audience, but with popular music, he kept a many decades, with the singing career of almost the same amount of time as the literary.

In 1970, Arkady Arcana wrote for leading comedians of the country and a regular guest in “Club 12 chairs” – at the legendary 16th page of the “Literary Gazette”. And in the late 1970s was the absolute TV star, thanks to the participation in the comic show “Around the laughter.” Innovation program is that along with professional comedians microphone was made available to the authors, that is those who write for the artists. It turned out that they, too, people are generally nice, although much less smiling, and some – and at all gloomy.

It was also found that the lack of acting skills, quite netelegenichnaya appearance and even speech impediment, like Grigory Gorin, not hinder people’s love. Regularly appearing on these sites loved by the masses, Arkady Arcana was among the writers of stars, which is open to endless resource trips with creative evenings on the vast country. People are impressed his little-Soviet image, fashionable glasses and ties. And like a particular manner of reading monologues with large pregnant pause, during which he gazed at the audience. The spectators were at a loss: whether he meant something anti-Soviet, or some kind of strawberry, or something else, which in the official culture could not be determined. And they laughed even where the author’s intention is to be sad. If Gorin in his career came to a modern understanding of famous literary and historical subjects, his grim companion Arcana often worked to the point of absurdity, with no kinks smehotvorchestvom rather, leaving much unsaid.

As one of the national favorite, thanks to TV program “Good Morning” and the 16th band “Literary” Arkady Arcana sometimes appear in unexpected, and sometimes opposition contexts, ranging from multmyuzikla “Very Blue Beard,” for which he wrote the screenplay, and ending with dissident almanac “Metropol”. But then again returned to the straight-Soviet humor, writing for Vladimir Vinokur and Yevgeny Petrosyan.

If the stagnant time in Arcadia Arkanov came just two books, then during perestroika he began to catch up. He further worked on TV, a lot of singing in the genre of comic songs (enough to mention the unforgettable “Honduras” in a duet with Lolita), the issuing entire albums, one of which music was written by Igor Cool. Arcana sang in a low voice, appeared in films, judged Drink, rooting for the “Torpedo”, commented all fun gentleman from jazz to chess and published until recent years. The number of literary workshop, he was a connoisseur of life in its most severe manifestations and tried his hand in everything that he loved.

Boris Barabanov


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