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Soviet-era cult film “Guest from the Future” celebrates its 30th anniversary – Express-News

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25.03 | 20:15

Exactly 30 years ago, 25 March 1985, began showing of a five television movie “Guest from the Future,” directed by Paul Arsenova.

The film was shot on the novel by McGee “One Hundred Years Ahead”, tells the story of the end of the XXI century schoolgirl Alice Selezneva.

According to the scenario of “guests”, Alice is in the past, followed by a schoolboy from 1984 Kolya Gerasimov, who saved mielofon by space pirates.

For the current 35-year-old viewers, this series has become perhaps the most important film of childhood, along with “The Adventures of Electronics».

Almost at the same time, in late 1984, Hollywood gave ” Terminator “by James Cameron. The future in this film was far from rosy, but all ends well: seized power robots defeated, mankind is saved.

Unlike the “Terminator”, Soviet film “The Guest” was much kinder, although presented in the end of it XXI century is shown not quite idealistic.

Of course, describe the future, it is almost impossible. An example of this is the second part of the trilogy “Back to the Future.” Featured in 2015 bears no resemblance to our: no flying cars and teenagers on skateboards. World TV series is from us today to 70 years in advance.

The dissonance arising from comparing the end of the film with a real life today, demanded, of course, out.

The result was a parody, where Alice predicts your friends future prostitutes, bankers and other representatives of the world today.


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