Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In ROC ask the UK and the FSB to give a legal assessment of the director “Tannhauser” – Kurer.Sreda.Berdsk

Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Berdsk Tikhon initiated check financing Opera House in connection with the production of Wagner’s “Tannhauser»

Novosibirsk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church appealed to the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation and the Chamber of Accounts with a request to give its opinion on the controversial staging of the opera at the Novosibirsk State Opera ( NGATOiB), reported RIA Novosti on March 23.

The situation around Novosibirsk’s opera “Tannhäuser” has caused a public outcry after the Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Berdsk Tikhon said that opera is not used for its intended purpose ecclesiastical symbolism that outraged believers. Prosecutor’s Office initiated administrative proceedings in connection with the “desecration of objects of religious worship” in relation to the director of the opera Timothy Kuljabina and director of the Novosibirsk State Opera Boris Mezdricha, who allowed the opera to be shown.

March 10 court dismissed the administrative proceedings Due to lack of evidence. However, the prosecutor’s office appealed the decision.

The text of the open letter to the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medina, signed by the head of the Department for Church and Society of the Diocese of Novosibirsk Alexander Krasovo, published on the website of the diocese. In the Russian Orthodox Church also asked to consider this letter an official request to the Prosecutor General, the UK, the FSB and the Russian Audit Chamber.

– With the ever-growing resentment of believers and considering the seriousness of the situation – an insult to the religious feelings of believers, provoking destabilization of peace and tranquility in society on a religious basis, and probably misappropriation of budget funds – believe that an objective legal assessment of the actions of those involved in the staging of FGBUK “Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre” probably should give the Prosecutor General’s Investigative Committee , the Federal Security Service and the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation – the letter says.

The plot and setting insulted the feelings of believers, since the opera was introduced character “Jesus Christ”, conducting years of his life in debauchery in the “Grotto of Venus” , the statement says. In addition, it is noted that during the presentation attended poster with the image of the crucified Christ on a background of a naked woman.

In the Novosibirsk diocese asked to Medina to express their position on the situation of “Tannhauser”, as he reports directly to the Novosibirsk theater as FGBUK – Federal State Institution of Culture.

According to the diocese, on Sunday, March 29, at the central square of Novosibirsk will be “citywide prayer standing in defense of the holy places and the religious feelings of believers».

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