Monday, March 23, 2015

ROC asks to check the staging of “Tannhauser” in the presence of pornography – News project

Source: AP Photo / Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Hans Joerg Michel


In the Russian Orthodox Church want Novosibirsk to the opera "Tannhauser" was tested for its content of pornography and promotion of homosexuality among minors.

«If the management of the theater talking about the good will in dialogue with believers, as
 it can ignore the fact that believers say Christ's image, and the director
 recognizes that it is Christ depicted on the background of scantily clad women,
 kissing each other - this, of course, the desecration of venerated by Christians
 symbol - the face of Christ, His image, "- said to" Interfax "head of the Synodal Department for
 Church and Society, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin.

According to him, the faithful clearly say to them, such a comparison
 "Sacred to bogomerzkih unacceptable in the public space, which we
 general and in which freedom of creativity is limited to law and morality. Priest
 convinced that "the withdrawal of blasphemous poster totally inadequate».

«It would be good to get the answer to the question is whether this scene
 pornography, as well as whether it violates the norm of the law banning promotion
 homosexuality among minors. Yes, the production has a sign "18+", but
 Media wrote that it looked and minors. Moreover, some viewers
 argue that minors are involved, and in the formulation. If this
 so, the question of the violation of the law, of course, must not go unanswered, "-
 he said.

According to Chaplin, there is no mistaking the Orthodox people who express
 peaceful and legitimate protest in connection with this performance. His surprising position
 some public and creators, "which literally calling
 deprive believers of speech and the right to social action. " "Religious
 world we can not discriminate and can not be discriminated against
 in relation to the secular, so their views, faith-based, including
 evaluation of works of art, believers can and must speak - of course, in
 peaceful and lawful forms "- said Father Vsevolod.

Check from the Ministry of Culture

Earlier, the Ministry of Culture announced that due to the large number of
 The amount of funding requests for performances, fees directors and actors,
 organizes the audit of financial and economic activity of Novosibirsk
 State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Initially against the director of the Novosibirsk State Opera
 theater and film director Boris Mezdricha statement was filed Timothy Kuljabina
 administrative action, theatrical charged with "desecration of objects
 religious worship. " However, the court dismissed the case due to lack of
 corpus delicti. Then the conflict moved to another plane.

For - Zakharov - against Kehman

The premiere of the opera "Tannhauser" on stage NGATOiB held at the end of last
 year. Action drama moved to the present, and Tannhauser appears in the image
 director, filmmaking, "Grotto of Venus" is ostensibly about the unknown, sinful life
 Jesus Christ in his youth. Earlier protection statement expressed Mark Zakharov,
 Galina Volchek, Yevgeny Mironov and others.

However, in a theatrical environment there were also those who condemned the statement. Like This,
 General Director of the Mikhailovsky Theatre Vladimir Kehman said: "What has been
 made at the Novosibirsk Opera - is sacrilege. I like a man
 believer baptism, Orthodox, as a Jew, take it as an insult. I
 talked to Mezdrichem, and he told me that this show will not give and
 go to the end. I think that he is obliged to resign, and the performance you need
 removed from the repertoire ».


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